Friday, February 6, 2015

The Truth Is Coming Out

Luke all along? 
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Kiki leaves a message for Michael pleading with him to call her, because Ava might be dead. After Silas comes home and hugs Kiki. They discuss the chances of Ava being alive. Kiki thinks Sonny might have dropped Ava on purpose. Silas thinks she should focus on Avery instead. She says she needs Sonny to convince her that he tried to save Ava. At the end, Agent Sloan knocks on the door and says they're calling off the search and Ava is presumed dead.

Olivia wheels Dante out of GH and they run into Lulu. She tells them she can't get any information about her father. Meanwhile at the Q's, Michael looks at a newspaper headline about Sonny saving the town. Tracy walks in and they start to talk about Fluke. Later Dante stops by and tells Tracy they think Luke is really Bill Eckert and the skeleton in the basement could be Luke. After Dante tells Michael to go visit Sonny and thank him for saving his life. Michael is reluctant and says he's staying put.

Ivy stops by Wyndermere to give Nikolas a piece of her mind for ditching her on their date. She tells him to lose her number. Then Lulu walks in right as Ivy is leaving. Lulu is pissed at Nikolas, because she thinks he knew what Helena's been up to. Nikolas swears that he didn't know about the bomb, but admits that Helena has been around since Thanksgiving. Lulu accuses him of choosing Helena over her. Nik swears that he didn't know Luke wasn't Luke. Lulu doesn't believe him and says he's not the Nikolas she knows. Then she storms out.

Fluke and Helena find themselves in neighboring jail cells at the PCPD. Helena blames Sonny for their situation, but Fluke is more concerned about getting out of jail. Helena says she has a get out of jail free card. Then Agent Sloan walks in. Helena assumes Sloan will release her, because of what Nikolas did to rig the election. Agent Sloan explains that he can't just release them without a public out pour. Fluke tells him to run his fingerprints and says the truth is coming out. Helena isn't happy. However Fluke says he knew he couldn't keep his identity a secret forever and he can't wait for the next chapter. 

Carly and Morgan anxiously wait for Sonny to wake up at GH. Shawn assures them Sonny will bounce back. Shortly after Sonny does wake up. He asks about Michael and Carly tells him that Michael helped perform CPR to save him. Sonny talks about how heroic it was of Michael to carry the bomb off the boat. Morgan gets annoyed, because he thinks Michael should be there supporting Sonny in the hospital. Later Sonny tells Morgan that he really tried to save Ava. Then Morgan shows Sonny a picture of baby Avery and says he'll bring the baby by before Sonny goes back to jail. 

Shawn returns to Sonny's room to provide him with updates on business matters. Then Dante stops by. Sonny gets choked up thinking about Dante almost dying in Bill's basement. Dante says he's impressed by Sonny's heroics and they hug. Then the police come to take Sonny back to Pentonville. On Sonny's way out, Michael arrives. They start to talk, but then Ivy interrupts and thanks Sonny for saving everyone. She says her father, the governor, is also very pleased. Then governor arrives and pardons Sonny for his heroism. 

Dr. Obrecht and Nathan talk in the morgue about the skeleton found in Bill Eckert's basement. She shows Nathan some of the bones while suggesting that he find a safer line of work. Nathan wants to focus on the remains and asks how long the body has been dead for. Tracy storms in and wants to know who the bones belong to. Dr. O answers that she's been blocked from doing any tests, but later Agent Sloan gives her the okay to identify the body. Later Lulu bursts in wondering if the skeleton is Luke. Dr. Obrecht confirms that it is Luke's body and says he's been dead for at least 20 years. Then Nathan returns and says the fingerprints of they took from Fluke are a match for Luke Spencer!

End of show!

So Fluke is Luke or not, who knows? This storyline gives me a headache!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Good recap! This story with Fluke blows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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