Monday, February 23, 2015

Slammin' Spencer

Birthday Boy!
Monday's Recap - 

Maxie walks into Kelly's just as Spinelli is telling Nathan he wants Maxie back. Nathan isn't happy with Spinelli and assumes Maxie is just as surprised to hear about Spinelli's desires as he is. Maxie gives Spinelli a look and says he should have let her talk to Nathan her way. Realizing she knew, Nathan gets annoyed that Maxie didn't mention it to him already. Nathan asks why she left him in the dark. Maxie says she didn't want make an issue out of it, because Georgie was coming for a visit. Nathan asks if Maxie still loves Spinelli. She unconvincingly says of course not, but Nathan says she needs to decide who she wants to be with and walks out.

Jordan talks to TJ on the phone in her motel room when Anna knocks on the door. Anna tells Jordan that she's now an FBI agent and she's going after Agent Sloan. They discuss the election debacle and wonder who's working with Agent Sloan. Jordan wonders why Anna is more suspicious of Nikolas, since he was found with the ballot box. Anna says Nikolas is one of the good Cassadines. Later Jordan talks to Anna about Shawn and says lying to him is eating away at her. Anna relates to it and says she still has feelings for Duke, but they both have jobs to do.

Spencer visits Sonny to see Avery. Spencer hints about his birthday present so Sonny pulls out a gift for him and says he can wear it at his party. Later Sonny is alone and Shawn comes over. Shawn brings up the assignment Duke had given on NYE for him to dumb the ballot box. Then Sonny asks what Shawn knows about Jake and asks Shawn to keep an eye on him. At the end, Shawn goes to visit Jordan just as Anna is leaving. He asks what Anna was doing there. Jordan claims that Anna came to harass her, but Shawn seems suspicious.

Agent Sloan comes to Wyndermere to chat with Nikolas. He wants to talk about Jake Doe, but Nikolas says that's not his real name. Nikolas also says that Helena is hopefully gone for good. Then he asks Agent Sloan to drop the charges against Jake. Spencer returns home and Agent Sloan leaves. Spencer peeks into the living room and sees his birthday party set up. Spencer tells Nikolas he's the best father ever, which makes Nik feel guilty for his dubious behavior.

Carly and Sam wait for news on Jake at GH. They talk about who he might really be and wonder why his family isn't looking for him. Sam thinks Jake might leave town if he remembers his real life. Carly gets quiet. She tells Sam that Jake is her friend and she'd miss him if he leaves. Then Patrick comes to tell them about Jake's progress and Carly decides to go visit. After Sam realizes that Patrick is down in the dumps since he was able to save Jake but not Rafe. At the end, Patrick heads off to Wyndermere to pick up Emma and Sam stays at this hospital.

Liz and Patrick check on Jake in his hospital room after surgery. Liz asks if he knows his real name now. Jake answers that he remembers saying he knew who he was, but says he doesn't remember his name now. Jake asks Patrick if his memory will ever return, but Patrick doesn't know. Elizabeth says that he's a good man regardless of his name. Then Carly walks in. Liz gives them a moment together. Carly apologizes for turning him into the police. Jake forgives her and says they are still friends. At the end, Carly goes to Sonny's and tells him she visited Jake. Sonny looks concerned, but Carly says there is no reason Jake can't be her friend.

At Wyndermere, Spencer's birthday party begins. Jocelyn and Emma argue over Cameron. Then the DJ announces Spencer as "Slammin' Spencer" and he comes out with a boxing robe on. Spencer thanks Nikolas for the party and says Emma is the love of his life. Later Emma and Cameron end up arguing over Jocelyn. Cameron ends up dumping Emma and leaves with Jocelyn, but not before he accidentally knocks a goodie bag into a candle. Meanwhile Nikolas talks to himself and feels guilty about keeping the secret that Jake is really Jason. At the end, Spencer asks Emma to dance just as a fire starts. They get caught up doing the waltz and don't realize the fire is burning out of control!

End of show!

Sonny looks hot with a beard!

Have a great night!

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  1. Love Nik and Spencer. Definitely want Emma with Spencer and not that fickle brat Cameron. Great episode. Love seeing the Prince.


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