Thursday, February 12, 2015

Not Guilty

I would help anyone!
Today's Show - 

Helena has a discussion with Agent Sloan and Nikolas in the interrogation room. Nik wants to know about Helena's "influence" over Jake. He also thinks she's controlling Luke. Nikolas demands that Scotty release Helena and in return she'll release Jake Doe. He pressures Scotty into agreeing. After Helena writes down all she knows about Jake and Luke. At the end, Lulu sees Helena being freed. Nik explains that he's trying to get to the bottom of what Helena is up to.

Sonny and Carly continue to reunite at his place. Sonny brings up Jake planting the bomb. Carly tells him she's certain Jake wasn't in control of his actions. After Carly promises to help Sonny with Avery. Meanwhile Alexis stops by to see Kiki to discuss her options with Avery. Alexis says Kiki could sue Sonny. Then Sonny and Carly knock on the door. He tells Kiki she can visit Avery any time she wants. Kiki gives him a blanket from Ava for Avery to sleep with and then Sonny and Carly take Avery home. At the end, Sonny forgets to bring Avery's blanket to bed and Kiki wants Avery back.

At the courthouse, Jake pleads not guilty. Ric gets annoyed, because he wanted Jake to plead guilty. Jake says Liz believes in him unlike his lawyer. Scotty rallies against Jake getting bail and the judge agrees. After Elizabeth questions Ric for telling Jake to plead guilty. Ric thinks its Jake's best shot is a plea bargain. Liz thinks Ric is jealous. Ric admits he convinced Jake to move out of her house. Liz gets upset and says Ric is acting like a stranger.

Lulu goes to visit Fluke in jail. She wants to give him a piece of her mind for his actions. She also mentions that Sonny was pardoned by the governor. Lulu thinks Helena is behind Luke's personality switch, but Fluke denies it. She promises not to give up until Luke is himself again. Then Jake is brought to the neighboring cell. Fluke tells Lulu her theory about Helena is flawed. Jake jumps to defend her. Lulu says she doesn't know what to believe and storms off. At the end, Fluke tells Jake he needed to teach Lulu about reality. Then Agent Sloan comes to get them and says their going on a field trip.

Nathan demands to know why Maxie helped Johnny at her apartment. He says that Maxie made herself an accessory to Johnny's crimes. Nathan thinks Maxie also jeopardized her chances with Georgie. He agrees to cover for her, but hopes Judge Walters never finds out. Maxie says Johnny is her friend and she didn't want to abandon him. At the end, Nathan ends up leaving to report her car stolen after angrily saying he's in love with her.

End of show!

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