Thursday, February 26, 2015

Never Is A Long Time

Still kicking!
In today's show new Kiki debuts as a tall blonde girl, Nina cooks up a plan to stay with Franco and Ava is found alive!

Here's What Happened - 

Nina goes to visit Franco in his room at Shadybrook. Franco thinks her name is Phyllis (ha ha that was her character's name on Y&R). Nina isn't happy to hear it and corrects him. Meanwhile at the courthouse, Michael arrives for his custody hearing early. Alexis greets him there, but warns him that Sonny is going to fight hard for Avery. Later Michael heads to Kelly's and Nathan comes to meet Alexis at Shadybrook. Alexis and Nathan tell Nina that the judge is releasing her. Nina is excited until Alexis says she won't be able to visit Franco. Alexis says she'll head to the courthouse to wait for them. Nathan lets Nina say goodbye to Franco. Once alone, Nina asks Franco tell her what to do. Franco says Phyllis always finds a way.

New Kiki enjoys breakfast at Kelly's with Silas and Morgan. Nathan sits nearby and Silas chats with him about Nina. Silas asks if Nathan thinks Nina is ready to be released. Nathan says yes he thinks she's ready. Meanwhile Kiki and Morgan discuss Michael going after Sonny for custody. Then Silas returns to the table and Kiki talks about planning a memorial for Ava. Michael walks in and Morgan and Kiki end up arguing with him about Avery. Morgan ends up punching Michael in the face. Silas breaks it up and Kiki thanks Silas for being a good dad. At the end, Morgan says they need to put Ava to rest.

Sonny dresses for court at his house. Carly comes by and tells him that Spencer was hurt in a fire. She explains that Spencer tried to save the boxing robe Sonny gave him. After Ric walks in and says he's filling in for Diane in the custody case. Carly isn't happy to hear it, but Ric asks Sonny to give him the benefit of the doubt. Carly says that Ric misrepresented Jake and accuses him of trying to get Jake out of Liz's life. She thinks Ric is the same as he always was. Sonny decides to trust Ric and shakes his hand.

Back at the courthouse, Michael returns and meets up with Alexis again. She tells him to calm down, because this type of family war could make it impossible for him to reconcile with his family. She says, "Never is a long time!" Then Carly, Sonny and Ric walk in with baby Avery. Carly offers to let Michael hold Avery hoping it will soften him. Michael takes the baby and Carly works on making him guilty. Then Nina walks in, sees Avery and says, "That's my baby!"

Liz finds Nikolas in the hospital. Nikolas is emotional about Spencer and hugs her. Nik gives her the details on what happened and how Spencer was burned. Seeing how Nikolas get emotional, Liz gets choked up. Then Dr. Obrecht walks over and says she has news about Spencer. Nik doesn't want anything from her, but Dr. O says she can help. She says there is a facility in Boston where Spencer can get the best care for his burns. Liz thinks it's a good idea so Nikolas says he'll take Spencer there. Nik goes to see Spencer to tell him and Spencer says he's scared. Nik assures him he's going to be okay and says they're going to Boston together. Spencer tells Nik that he loves him and Nik gets more emotional and says he love him too! 

At very end, Silas walks into a hospital room and we see Ava alive in a hospital bed. 

End of show!

Have a great night!


  1. One of the best scenes ever on GH. Nik and Spencer!!! Haven't seen such good performances on GH in a long time. Definitely Emmy material for both Tyler and Nicholas. Great scene with little Emma and the Prince cried my eyes out.

  2. The Prince Nikolas and Spencer storyline has been the best thing that has been on GH in quite some time. Tyler and Nicholas were amazing. Great storyline for both of them. Keep up the good work.


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