Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Lawyer Up!

Everyone deserves a good defense!
Here's What Happened - 

Duke runs into Anna at Kelly's and they talk about Julian. Duke wants to know what Anna's going to do to get Julian back in prison. He tells Anna that he'll do what he has to and will take care of Julian if she can't. Meanwhile Alexis tells Julian she's representing Nina is her court case. She also mentions that she's representing Michael in his custody pursuit to get Avery. Then Alexis gets called to the hospital about Spencer and after Duke comes to visit Julian. Duke says he wants to take over Julian's territory, but Julian's not interested. Duke storms out angrily saying he's going to bury him.

Fluke is taken to the PCPD and surprises Dante.  Fluke says he'll take another shot at killing everyone someday. Dante wants to kill him, but Nathan pulls him off. Later Diane comes to represent Luke. Nathan asks why she doing this, because he thought she was one of the good guys. Diane says everyone is entitled to a good defense. At the end, Fluke threatens Diane not to fail him and she realizes that something is very off with him. Then Fluke threatens Nathan and condemns him Cassadine side.

At Maxie's place, Maxie tells Spinelli he can't sleep at her apartment. Spinelli asks if she's worried that something will happen between them if he stays. He thinks maybe she's in denial about her feelings for him. Maxie gets annoyed and says he's been disrupting her life since he returned to town. Then she kicks him out. At the end, Maxie looks at pictures of both Spinelli and Nathan and thinks about her choice.

Lulu, Tracy and Bobby discuss Patricia at Lulu's place. Tracy wants to know what Bobby learned about her sister. Bobby doesn't remember much, but says Patricia never came to Florida with her and Luke as kids. She remembers that Ruby and Luke told her to forget about Patricia. Lulu says they need a private investigator to uncover more. Then Spinelli knocks on the door.

Spencer is taken to General Hospital and treated by Lucas for burns and smoke inhalation. Emma blames herself for not getting help sooner. Nikolas waits as Lucas treats Spencer in the ER with Patrick. Anna comes to look after Emma and Alexis arrives to console Nikolas. He panics that he's going to lose Spencer and Alexis hugs him. After Patrick comes to tell Nikolas that Spencer is stable, but has a bad burn. Nik goes to visit Spencer. Meanwhile Duke comes to check on Emma, which impresses Anna. At the end, Nikolas promises Spencer that he'll doing whatever he has to keep him safe.

End of show!

Could Patricia be Luke's first alternate personality?

Have a great night!


  1. Tyler knocked it out of the ball park today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The scene with little Emma and Alexis were great. The little boy Nicholas (Spencer) did a great job as well as the little girl who plays Emma. Tyler should submit this for an emmy he was GREAT!!! I would like to see more family like Sam and Lulu be around for moral support Nikolas is always there for them. I hope TPTB have little Spencer make a full recovery and from his suffering make him just a little kinder. He does have a good heart and is a loyal friend unlike that little brat and sneak Cameron. Want to see Emma with Spencer not Cameron he definitely belongs with Joss. Love the little boy who plays Spencer he is an excellent actor and so is the little girl who plays Emma. Little Spencer and Emma should win an emmy for best child actors. Again kudos to Tyler the Prince was great in todays episode!!!! TPTB need to give the Prince a new love interest and someone who will be a mother to Spencer, someone Spencer will love and she will love him, not Elizabeth she is only interested in her little brat Cameron kid needs to learn not to fool around and have temper tantrums near fire he has already gotten into trouble before for it. Again, Love Tyler and Nicholas(Spencer) they were great!!!!

    1. Tyler definitely rocked it in those scenes! Good to have him flex his talent with some emotionally meaty material.


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