Friday, February 27, 2015

I'm Faking Too!

Guess What?
In this episode Michael rips Sonny up in court, Silas fills Ava in on all things Avery and Franco and Nina admit they're both faking mental breakdowns!

Friday's Recap - 

Nina screams that Michael is holding her baby at the courthouse. Nathan tries to restrain her while Carly, Michael, Alexis and Sonny try to make sense of the situation. Nina tells Sonny he's crazy for thinking Avery is his baby, because she's really hers. Michael gives Sonny the baby back and they go into the courtroom. Alexis says she'll get the hearing postponed for Nina. Nathan tells Nina he'll take her back to Shadybrook. Nina agrees and says she'll do what Nathan thinks is best.

Meanwhile in the courtroom, Carly tries to reason with Michael again. He ignores her and court begins. The judge asks Michael to tell the court why Avery would be better off living with him. Michael takes the stand and tells the court about Sonny taking him from AJ as a baby, being kidnapped as a kid and being shot in the head. He also says Sonny shot Dante. Ric argues there is no proof of that. Later Michael brings up Sonny's bipolar disorder and says the Quartermaine's would make a better home for Avery. At the end, Ric is ready to question Michael.

Jake has disturbing dreams in his hospital bed. Liz comes to check on him and he tells her that he dreamt of her. After they talk about his legal situation. Liz says she'll get him a new lawyer instead of Ric. Liz says she and Ric are on shaky ground. Jake hopes it's not because of him, but Liz replies that she's questioning if Ric is really the man for her because of Ric.

Silas goes into a unknown hospital room and wakes Ava as she recovers. He tells her that she's making a remarkable recovery. Ava recounts her fall from the bridge and says she managed to get to the shore and wondered through the woods to a gas station. There she called Silas for help and he checked her into his old Methodist hospital in the city. Later Ava asks about Kiki. Silas says Kiki is planning her memorial. Then Silas tells Ava that Sonny is raising Avery now. Ava is shocked so Silas explains that Sonny was pardoned. Ava is upset and says she doesn't want Sonny to raise her daughter. Silas tells her that Michael is fighting for custody of Avery. Ava doesn't like that either. At the end, Silas tells Ava to stay put and get better for the time being. Then she can worry about Avery.

Nikolas and Spencer arrive at the children's hospital in Boston. The doctor's prepare Spencer for surgery and the head doctor talks to Nikolas about the procedure. He gives him a detailed account of the surgery they're going to perform. Nikolas is a little over whelmed, but the doctor promises that they will give Spencer the very best care.

Julian prepares to take charge of his territory outside of Kelly's. After he goes inside and talks to Morgan and Kiki. Julian suggests they wait a little longer for a memorial for Ava. Kiki says her mother is gone and she's never coming back. Morgan agrees and gives Julian attitude. Then Morgan tells Julian about Michael's custody case for Avery. Julian thinks Sonny will fight hard for his daughter. At the end, Kiki says she misses Ava. 

Franco gets a visit from Olivia at Shadybrook. He asks where Phyllis is. Olivia says she doesn't know where Phyllis is, but asks if he knows who she is. He says Mama Celeste from the freezer isle. Olivia says she came to talk to him about Heather's LSD. She tells him from her experience it gets better over time. Olivia tells him about how it gave her visions. Then Olivia tells him she's pregnant. Franco asks if the father is Papa John. She laughs. Thinking Franco is so out of it he'll never remember, Olivia tells Franco the truth about Julian being the father of her baby. However he remembers her name is Olivia after she leaves. At the end, Nina returns to Shadybrook to see Franco. She tells him that she faked a mental breakdown so she could get back to him. Franco is impressed and replies,  "I'm faking too!"

End of show!

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  1. The Nikolas/Spencer storyline is amazing Tyler and Nicholas are doing a fantastic job. This is so emmy material for both. I hope so. So tired of the same actors receiving awards for average performances. Both Tyler and Nicholas have rocked their scenes TPTB really need to know that they have two powerful actors and they deserve emmys. Love this storyline. Hoping all works out for Little Spencer and it helps to make him a little more well mannered. Although I really like the character and the little actor who plays him. Kudos to Tyler and Nicholas!!!!!!! Emmys for both of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Love the Nikolas/Spencer storyline. I say emmys for both of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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