Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's over with Ellie!
In today's show a friend from Bensonhurst arrives to give advice, Spinelli returns to town and Olivia gets shocking news!

Here's What Happened - 

Brad notices Patrick getting ready in the hospital locker room. Patrick wishes him a nice Valentine's day and leaves. After a giant shirtless hunk walks into the locker room named Derek. Brad can't help but notice how hot Derek is. Later he tells Felix at the nurse's station that he's frustrated with Lucas for not responding to his declaration of love. Felix says it's hard for him to listen it. 

Nathan is questioned about Johnny and Carlos at the PCPD by a female district attorney who works with Scotty. He tells her Johnny broke into Maxie's apartment and took her car. The DA asks why he's not home supporting Maxie right now. He says they had a disagreement. The DA advises him that it's important to be together on Valentine's Day.

Sam and Lucas visit Julian in the hospital. Julian asks about their Valentine's day plans. Lucas mentions that Brad told him he loves him, but he didn't respond to him. Julian advises Lucas to let Brad know how he feels. Sam heads out to meet Patrick, but finds out that Patrick got called on hospital business for Dr. Obrecht. Derek offers to take Sam to the Metro Court and keep her company until Patrick arrives. At the end, Lucas declares his love for Brad to everyone at the nurse's station and says he'd love to live with Brad.

Olivia gets a visit from her Bensonhurst friend Melissa at the Metro Court. They catch up on things and Olivia tells her about Ned. She also tells her about sleeping with Julian on NYE. Melissa advises her to be honest with Ned. Later Sam and Derek arrive at the Metro Court, but Sam thinks Derek should be with his girlfriend and sends him off. At the end, Patrick finally arrives for his date with Sam and they hug.
Maxie waits at her apartment thinking of her last conversation with Nathan. Then Spinelli knocks on the door with baby Georgie. Spinelli says Ellie couldn't come and asks where Nathan is. Maxie explains to what happened with Johnny and that Nathan is mad at her. After Spinelli admits that he and Ellie broke up. Spinelli says Ellie dumped him because of Maxie.

Ned prepares a romantic dinner at the Q's for Alexis. He has J.L. (a famous fictional chef) cook them dinner. Alexis arrives late. Ned is upset at having seen Alexis with Julian and questions her about it. Alexis accuses Ned of spying on her. It leads to a disagreement and Alexis ends up spilling J.L's food on herself. Alexis storms out and later Olivia's friend, Melissa, shows up. Turns out she's J.L.'s mother and she gives Ned her thoughts on Olivia. She tells Ned he should go for Olivia and forget about Alexis. Meanwhile Alexis heads to GH to see Julian and Ned goes to find Olivia at the Metro Court. As he arrives, Olivia gets news from the doctor that she's pregnant!

End of show!

Kind of a boring V-Day if you ask me. 

Have a great weekend!

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