Monday, February 2, 2015

GH February 2015 News, Rumors & Spoilers

According to General Hospital Happenings here's what coming up for February!

The News

The role of Kiki has be recast by Hayley Erin, formerly know from the Young & the Restless.

The part of Kyle Sloane has been recast with soap veteran Grayson McCouch. formerly from As the World Turns.

The Rumors

Sam may be kidnapped by Jake who is trying to keep her safe.

Jake ends up shot and arrested.

Someone else besides Jordan is undercover in Port Charles.

Johnny Z. is expected to exit in February and Dante will be a suspect in Johnny's apparent death.

The Spoilers

Johnny holds someone at gunpoint.

Sonny attempts to save Ava as she is hanging by a thread to the rail of a bridge. Unfortunately, she slips away and plunges into the water below. It will be believed that Ava has perished.

Nina realizes she is endangered by Heather.

Franco risks it all to save Nina.

Morgan and Kiki receive shocking news.

Julian is shot.

Tracy goes to look for "Luke" and makes a startling discovery.

Liz and Sam attempt to warn the party goers of impending doom.

Nathan finds Dante and the pair hurry to the Haunted Star to stop the bomb.

Sonny manages to get to the Haunted Star and plays the hero!

Expect some interesting fall out after Sonny takes desperate steps to protect Michael and confronts Fluke.

For extended spoilers, see here ---> GHH Spoilers

Happy February!


  1. So glad Tyler Christopher (our handsome Prince Nikolas) got an emmy nod for best actor. It is about time, Tyler is one of the few soap actors who has crossed over to regular TV and into movies and has done an excellent job. The writers on GH don't give him enough or stronger storylines I think if they did many people would be surprised. I am not, I have seen him in quite a few outside GH projects and he is excellent. He is underused on GH. He needs stronger story lines and he needs a new love interest that is equal to him and not so much angst. I say CONGRATS TYLER you deserve it finally TPTB may be smartening up. STOP UNDER UTILIZING THIS EXCELLENT ACTOR!!! You've got a gem in your possession use him,

  2. thank you it was about time!!!! I am not a robot!!

  3. Agreed Tyler is terrific and underused, but I get the feeling Tyler is more family oriented these days and not as into GH.


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