Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Empty Shell

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In this episode Alexis tells Julian she'll be his lawyer, Johnny asks for Maxie's help and Franco thinks he's James Franco at Shadybrook!

Here's What Happened - 

Maxie and Nathan put together a crib for Georgie at her apartment while discussing the Fluke situation. Then Nathan says Carlos and Johnny need to be brought to justice. Maxie wants to think the best of Johnny. Nathan says he needs to go see Sabrina to ask her about Carlos. Meanwhile at Sabrina's place, she nurse's Johnny back to healthy reluctantly. Carlos thanks her, but Sabrina snaps that she's only doing this in the hopes that Ava is still alive. Johnny snaps at her and says Ava isn't innocent and she knew the stakes. Sabrina feels guilty for trying to hurt Ava and says she hopes she is alive. Later Nathan knocks on the door. Carlos and Johnny hide. Then Sabrina opens the door and Nathan tells her the police called off the search for Ava. He looks around the apartment and notices blood on her couch pillow. Nathan pretends to leave and after Carlos walks out thinking the coast is clear. Nathan immediately arrests Carlos and demands to know where Johnny is. Carlos says Johnny jumped out the window. Then he claims Sabrina was his hostage and not involved. Later Johnny comes knocking on Maxie's door when she's alone. He asks to borrow her car. Maxie says she can't be involved, but let's him swipe her cash and keys when she turns her back.

Olivia runs into Michael at GH. She can tell he's charged up about Sonny's pardon. Olivia tries to reason with Michael about his anger. However, Michael says he can't turn the other cheek. Later Olivia runs into Ned at the hospital. Ned is pissed off to hear that the governor pardoned Sonny. After Olivia says her stomach's been doing back flips and Ned says he came to the hospital to spy on Alexis. They agree that they miss each other's friendship and Olivia agrees to help him with Alexis. Ned explains that he thinks Alexis is with Julian. Olivia says Ned is a great guy and Alexis chose him so he should trust her. At the end, Olivia makes a doctor's appointment for her stomach issues.

Sonny knocks on Silas's door with Carly, surprising Morgan and Kiki. He says he's there to see Avery. Carly explains to them how Sonny got his pardon from the governor. Morgan is happy to hear it, but Kiki looks upset. Sonny says it's going to be hard for Michael with him out of jail. Sonny also says he happy that he can be part of Avery's life. He asks to hold Avery, but Kiki doesn't like the idea. Kiki insists that Sonny look her in the eye and swear that he tried to save Ava. Sonny does so and pleads with Kiki to let him hold his daughter. Kiki gives in and Sonny picks up Avery. Sonny promises Avery that she's part of the family and he'll do anything for her. After Sonny says he wants to pick Avery up tomorrow to live with him.

At Shadybrook Nina wants to see Franco, but the doctor tells her the man she knew is gone. Nina doesn't like what she hears and asks if there is anything that can be done. The doctor says Franco could just be an empty shell now. Nina wants to see Franco anyway so the doctor lets her in the room. Franco just lays in the bed staring into space when Nina first tries to talk to him. She asks for sign that he can remember her. Then he opens his eyes and says he does remembers her. Franco claims that he can remember falling and slipping in between two boulders for a 127 hours, which forced him to cut his arm off. Nina assures him that he didn't lose his arm and she holds his hands. After Franco thinks Nina is Anne Hathaway hosting the Oscars with the real life James Franco. At the end, despite his confusion, Nina promises to stand by Franco until he remembers her. He responds, "You Rock Anne!"

Julian finds himself handcuffed to his hospital bed at GH. Alexis stops by to see him and tells him they called off the search for Ava. Julian feels upset and remarks about Ava's unique qualities. After Alexis tell him that she's decided to represent him. She starts to tell him about Fluke when Michael walks in. He's angry about Sonny and asks Alexis to fight it. Alexis says she can do anything about it. Julian gets annoyed with Michael and calls him an ungrateful bastard. Julian says in prison all Sonny cared about was Michael being safe. Michael thinks Lucas might not like it to know that Julian agreed to a hit against him.Then Michael mentions Tony Jones. At the end, Michael finds Olivia again and swears he'll make Sonny pay.

End of show!

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