Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Crazy Trip

Far out, man!
Here's What Happened - 

Nathan tells Lulu and Maxie at the Haunted Star that Luke attacked Dante. Bobby and Michael join the conversation and Nathan explains that he saved Dante from the house explosion. Lulu takes off for the hospital. Nearby Lucas and Brad discuss Julian's prison escape. Meanwhile, Dante tells Liz in the ER that there's a bomb on the Haunted Star. He tries to get out of bed, but quickly falls. Later Lulu arrives and hugs Dante. Then Dante tells her about the Bill Eckert theory and that he thinks the real Luke has been dead for a long time.

Sonny confronts Fluke on the docks with a gun. Sonny says he wouldn't hurt Luke, but Bill Eckert or whoever he is won't be a problem. Fluke quickly tells Sonny that Michael will soon be dead so Sonny takes off. Meanwhile, Jake tells Sam in the interrogation room that Helena made him put a bomb on the boat. He insists that Sam call someone to get the boat evacuated. Sam tries to call Patrick, but unbeknownst to her Ivy borrowed Patrick's phone on the Haunted Star and ignores her call. She tries Lucas instead and when he answers Jake tells Lucas the bomb is under the bar. Michael sees it, grabs the bomb and decides toss it into water. However Sonny arrives, grabs the bomb and runs. After we see a big BOOM!

After Lucas tells Sam over the phone that everyone is okay. Patrick gets on the phone and assures her he's fine. Nearby Michael worries about where Sonny is. He tells Nathan what happened. Maxie worries about Nathan risking his life for his job. Then she advises Michael to look for Sonny. Over at GH, Lulu gets word about Sonny and tells Dante Sonny was the hero. Later Patrick goes to the PCPD and attacks Jake. Sam explains to Patrick that she thinks Jake was brainwashed by Helena.

Julian frantically calls for Ava on the bridge where she fell. Then a new Agent Sloan approaches with a team of police and grills Julian about what happened. Agent Sloan refuses to look for Ava unless Julian tells him where Sonny is. Julian wants Sonny to save Lucas so he gives up Franco's whereabouts instead. Agent Sloan send guards to find Franco and says they can shoot to kill. After they see the explosion from a far and Julian pleads with Sloan to check on Lucas. At the end, Julian is taken to GH and Lucas meets up with him there. 

Franco injects himself with Heather's LSD syringe at Shadybrook. Nina asks why he did that. He says if he's truly insane he can stay in Shadybrook with her. Nina is touched and says he's the only one who stood behind her. She worries that the LSD will send him over the edge, but Franco promises he'll find his way back. Then he asks Nina to promise to stand by him no matter how crazy he gets. Nina agrees to never leave him. Then they share a passionate kiss. After Franco starts to trip out. Agent Sloan's guards arrive and point their guns at Franco. 

At the end, Nina kisses Franco as he is taken away on a stretcher. Fluke is alone on the docks and Nathan sees him. Nathan orders Fluke to stay put, but Michael interrupts and Fluke takes off. After Michael shares his grief about Sonny with Nathan. Meanwhile Fluke takes a stroll on the bridge where Ava fell and seems very pleased with himself. 

End of show!

Umm....Sam you're at a police station so why not say tell the police about the bomb on the Haunted Star instead of wasting time dialing various numbers?? Just sayin'

Have a great night!

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