Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Brain Game

Something is up!
In this episode Nikolas wants answers from Helena, Jocelyn declares her love for Cameron and Jake gets bad news about his frontal lobe!

Today's Show - 

At Wyndermere, Helena and Spencer practice the waltz. After he tells her that he heard some rumors about her. Spencer asks if she would hurt him, but Helena swears she never would. Nikolas walks in and Spencer reminds him that it's his birthday. Nik says he remembers and will give Spencer his present at his party later. Then Nik sends Spencer to school. After he and Helena chat about the information she gave the police. Nikolas demands to know why Helena targeted Jake. At the end, Lulu comes to visit and Nikolas insists that Helena tell her everything she knows about Luke. Helena gives an odd look to Nik and promises to tell Lulu the truth.

Later at Kelly's, Spencer sits with Jocelyn, Cameron and Emma. Spencer calls Jocelyn his girlfriend, but Emma and Cameron call them out for lying. Jocelyn decides to tell Cameron that she's in love with him. At the end, the kids get ready for school and Spencer gives them a list of things to get for his birthday party.

Lulu tells Tracy and Elizabeth about how cruel Luke was to her in Patrick's office. Liz hopes Patrick will bring news about what's really going on. Then Patrick walks in. All three women are anxious to know if he was able to find out anything. Patrick says he found something embedded in Jake's frontal lobe, but he found nothing in Luke's brain. Tracy and Lulu have trouble believing it, but Patrick insists there is nothing that prove's Luke under mind-control. 

Sonny calls about Spencer's birthday present at his house while holding Avery. After Sonny talks to the baby and wonders how Michael could sue him for her. Then Morgan stops by to visit. Sonny shows Morgan the papers Michael sent over for custody. Morgan is outraged and says he's on Sonny's side. Diane agrees to represent Sonny.

Carly barges into the Quartermaine's house to give Michael a piece of her mind. She's appalled at the way he is trying to hurt Sonny and says Michael is better then this. Michael says Sonny took AJ away so he's gonna take Sonny's child away from him. At the end, Carly tells Michael Sonny is best at being a father. However Michael doesn't budge and says Sonny will see him in court.

Fluke and Jake chat in prison about the way Fluke treated Lulu. Jake is disgusted that he hurt Lulu, but Fluke says it was just tough love. Jake says he wants to justify Elizabeth's faith in him and hopes Patrick can prove that Helena's been mind controlling both of them. Fluke insists that he's his own man and is responsible for all his own actions. Later Tracy comes to visit Fluke and Jake is taken to GH. Fluke tells her that Sonny took everything that he wanted during the Frank Smith days so he decided to get his power back. Tracy doesn't believe it and says she will get to the bottom of this one way or the other. Meanwhile, Patrick tells Jake at GH that if they remove the chip in his brain it will kill him!

End of show!

A large part of GH was interrupted on the east coast today by the news. Thankfully I was able see most of the beginning and end so I don't think much was missed.

Have a great night!


  1. Thank heavens for the recap. Thought I might have to watch the show LOL. I did enjoy yesterday's show but the comments on SZ and the spoilers for today made me decide to skip it if I could do so.

    1. I think the truth of what Helena knows about Luke is revealed today.


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