Friday, February 20, 2015

Back to Cassadine Island

I'm proud of you, Nikolas!
In this episode Spinelli tries to stake a claim on Maxie, Tracy wants to track down Luke's sister Patricia and Jake wakes up from surgery!

Friday's Recap - 

Luke continues to freak out in his PCPD jail cell. He gets a visit from Tracy and tries to explain what's really going on to her. Luke says something is wrong with him and he doesn't know what it is. He asks Tracy for her help and Tracy says she believes him. She tells him about his working with Helena. Luke doesn't believe he'd ever work with Helena, but Tracy says he's not in control of himself. Tracy says they believe his split personality is because of something from his childhood home and asks what happened back then. Thinking of the past brings out his Fluke personality and he snaps at Tracy. She responds by saying she going to ask his sister Patricia about his their past. The mention of Patrick rattles him.

Lulu gets a visit from Maxie and Georgie at her apartment. They put Rocco and Georgie together and remark how cute they are. They wonder if they will date when their older. After Maxie tells Lulu about Spinelli telling her that he's still in love with her. Maxie also fills Lulu on on her helping Johnny escape and how angry it made Nathan. Lulu asks if Maxie and Spinelli have a chance. Maxie replies, "Spinelli and I are deader than disco!" Then Tracy storms in and asks to have a private conversation with Lulu. Maxie says her goodbyes and after Tracy fills Lulu on Luke turning at the mention of his childhood.

Nathan runs into Spinelli outside of Kelly's and Spinelli spills his hot chocolate on Nathan. In response, Nathan takes his shirt off and runs upstairs to change. When Nathan returns, they end up talking about Spinelli's break up with Ellie. Spinelli brings up Nathan's disagreement with Maxie over Johnny. Nathan is surprised that Maxie confided in Spinelli about that. Spinelli says it's because of the bond he and Maxie share. Then Spinelli tells Nathan that he wants Maxie back. Right then Maxie walks into Kelly's with baby Georgie and sees them talking. 

Ned claims responsibility for Olivia's baby at GH. Julian is skeptical, but Olivia confirms it. Alexis doesn't buy it and accuses Ned of making it up. She tells Julian about how Ned pretended to be Kristina's father years ago. Alexis is convinced that Julian is the true father. However Olivia and Ned remind Alexis about some moments in the recent past when they supposedly hooked up. Ned apologizes to Alexis for cheating on her. Alexis gets angry and calls Ned a son of a bitch. At the end, Julian tells Alexis he's a little disappointed that he's not going to be a father again.

Patrick tells Carly and Sam that he removed the device in Jake's brain at the hospital. He also tells them about Jake remembering who he was before surgery. Meanwhile at Wyndermere, Elizabeth drops by while Nikolas and Helena are having an argument. Liz tells Helena that the device she implanted in Jake's brain has been removed. Helena plays coy about whether or not that will truly release Jake from her control. After Nikolas tells Liz he didn't want her to know that Helena was in town and apologizes. Nik offers to pay for Jake's medical bills. Liz says that Jake remembered who he was right before he went under. Then Liz warns Nik to cut Helena out of his life and leaves to get back to the hospital. 

Later Jake wakes up in his hospital bed. At Wyndermere, Nik has his goons escort Helena back to Cassadine Island. He says he wants her out of his life for good. Helena is oddly impressed at Nik taking control like a true Cassadine. She says she has faith that Nikolas will continue their plans for ELQ even with her being gone. Back at the hospital, Carly is excited to find out who Jake might be. Sam feels apprehensive about what the truth could mean for her. In Jake's hospital room, Patrick and Liz check up on him and Liz asks if he knows who he really is. 

End of show!

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