Wednesday, January 7, 2015

You're Bill Eckert!

Are you Bill or not?
In today's show Johnny returns to Port Charles, Carlos and Julian cook up a plan together and Luke thinks Fluke is Bill Eckert!

Wednesday's Recap - 

Michael looks over the plans for AJ's memorial clinic when Bobby stops by for a visit. She talks to him about changing his name and cutting off his family. She asks why he has to write off Carly. Michael says Carly betrayed him. Bobby promises to always be honest with him. She thinks he should give Carly another chance. Michael says he feels like if he forgave Carly it would feel like he was betraying AJ. Michael mentions that he's renovating Bobby's childhood home for AJ's memorial clinic. Bobby is taken aback, but says it would be nice to see it turned into something pleasant. Michael says it belongs to Bill Eckhert. Bobby finds it very odd. She tells Michael that Bill passed away 20 years ago and was her cousin.

Lulu runs into Johnny Z at the Metro Court. She's shocked to see him and asks how he got out of prison. Johnny says his conviction was overturned and he's a free man. He tells her about supposedly being pressured to confess by the cops. Lulu feels guilty that she didn't believe him. He tells her it's fate they ran into each other and they hug.

Carlos points his gun at Julian in Ava's apartment. Julian is shocked, but Carlos explains that the big boss wants him dead for not killing Jordan. Carlos tries to explain what he's about to do, but Julian says the boss is wrong. Carlos says he'll be next if he doesn't kill him. Julian argues that the boss is insane and he's dead anyway. Julian thinks there must be a way to save both of them. Carlos has an idea about how to use Johnny, but we don't get to hear what it is. After Julian heads out.

Tracy leaves a message for Luke while enjoying some Pickle Eddie at the Q's. After Ned comes by and eats some of the Pickle Eddie Tracy was saving for Luke. Tracy asks who he ended up spending NYE with. Tracy questions his true interest in Alexis and refers to Olivia as Mama Celeste. Ned says things with Olivia got complicated when she slept with Julian Jerome. Tracy thinks Olivia likes criminals. Ned changes the subject and brings up Luke. He tells Tracy that he saw Bobby and Luke arguing at the Metro Court about Bill Eckert. Tracy wonders why that would bother Luke so much since he barely knew Bill. 

Anna argues with Scotty on the phone in her office when Dante walks in. Anna lets Dante know that Johnny Z is getting released. She explains how Officer Padilla supposed pressured Johnny to confess. Dante doesn't believe it and he's not happy about Johnny's connection to Lulu. Dante brings up Lulu killing Logan Hayes and Johnny taking the rap for her. Dante also mentions Johnny dating his mother. Anna doesn't think Dante has anything to worry about, but Dante isn't so sure. At the end, Anna is alone in her office. Julian walks in and confesses to killing Anthony Z.

Carly and Olivia chat at the Metro Court bar. They talk about their New Year's Eve plans and Carly asks why Olivia comped a room for Julian. Olivia claims she didn't want Julian to get a DUI. Carly picks up on Olivia acting weird and figures out that she slept with Julian. Olivia admits that she did it to make Ned jealous. They rag on Alexis and accuse her of being a hypocrite. Then Johnny walks in with Lulu. He tells Olivia he's sorry about what happened to Connie. Then he takes a moment to chat with Carly. She asks if Johnny knows something about Sonny being beaten up in prison. Johnny denies it and says Sonny has a lot of enemies. At the end, Johnny wants to do a shot. Lulu is the only one who is up for it. They wax poetic about their past together and just as they take their shot, Dante walks in.

Fluke goes to see Luke in the mystery basement. He tells Luke he stinks and Luke asks how long he plans on keeping him there. Fluke asks if Luke recognizes the place he's in. He shows him a baseball bat. Something connects and Luke says he knows where he's being held. Fluke says he's surprised it took him so long to recognize his childhood home. Then Fluke brings up Luke's oldest sister, Patricia and Luke's parents. Luke asks how he knows all this and demands to know who he is. Fluke asks if he ever considered that he's part of his family. It finally dawns on Luke and he says, "You're Bill Eckert!" However much to Luke's frustration, Fluke won't confirm if he's Bill or not. Then he tapes Luke's mouth again, turns the light off and walks out.

End of show!

Have a great night!

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