Monday, January 12, 2015

You're Active!

Sam has to go!
Here's What Happened - 

Nathan and Maxie race to his bedroom for a lunchtime quickie. After Nathan tells her that he's getting caveman jealous about her noting that Jake is hot. Nathan says Jake might be the guy who helped Faison escape and shot him, according to Sam. Maxie replies that she wants the person responsible for shooting him arrested and should they be prosecuted for tarnishing Nathan's sexy body. Then Maxie talks about Sam and her relationship with Jason. She says she hopes Sam finds happiness.

Jake finds Helena in Kevin Collins chair in his office at GH. She tells him that he's "active" and claims his conditioning is coming along well. Jake doesn't remember her or the work he did for her, but he sits when she tells him to and finds himself unable to leave. Then Helena asks him about Sam's suspicions of him. Jake mentions his memory flashes and Helena tells him he's guilty as sin. She informs him that he will do whatever she says. Jake asks why she's doing this to him. Helena answers that he's the best and won't remember anything when he walks out of the door. Then Helena gives him another order, to kill Sam.

Sam and Carly argue about Jake at the Nurse's station. Sam says she thinks Helena is involved with Jake somehow and he might be acting on her orders. Carly thinks its ridiculous and tries to deny it. Sam tells her to use her brain. Carly thinks that Sam is mad at herself for Faison's escape and putting it off on Jake. Carly mentions Jake's false memories and says he's talking with Kevin Collins right now about it. At the end, Jake walks out and tells Sam and Carly that Kevin said there is nothing suspicious about his memories.

Nikolas reviews the contents of Helena's ELQ file at Wyndermere. Alexis stops by and notices stock certificates in the file. Nik tells her it's nothing he needs her help on. After they talk about Britt briefly. Nik says he's angry at himself for allowing Britt back in his life and says Spencer is still upset about it. Then they discuss Alexis's relationship with Julian. Alexis tells him about Olivia sleeping with Julian and claims she's dating Ned now. Alexis mentions that Ned is back at ELQ. She also mentions that Jerry swindled Tracy out of her ELQ stock. Nik is interested to know more so Alexis asks why he's so curious. He claims he's not more interested in ELQ than any other company.

Tracy and Lulu meet for lunch at the Metro Court. Tracy brings up Bobby and Luke's argument about Bill Eckert. Tracy mentions Luke's other sister Patricia. Lulu is surprised, because she never heard about her. Tracy says she didn't know about her either and Luke wouldn't tell her anything. After Tracy says things between her and Luke are pretty good, despite his being a little distant. Then Lulu mentions running into Johnny Z and says Dante is a bit jealous. Tracy thinks it was an ugly time in her life and Lulu should leave it all in the past.

At Pentonville, Julian tells Sonny that Faison was a decoy and there is still an impostor impersonating Luke. He explains that Fluke is after both of them and their true enemy. Sonny has a little trouble believing it and asks where the real Luke Spencer is. Julian says he doesn't know so Sonny thinks they should involve the cops. Julian doesn't think that's a good and says Fluke tried to kill Lucas.

At Bobby and Luke's childhood home, Michael and Bobby debate investigating the sounds coming from the basement. Meanwhile Fluke continues to torment Luke, who he refers to as "Puke" with the baseball bat in the basement. Fluke says he really wants to kill Bobby first. Then he decides to head back upstairs. When he does, he finds Bobby and Michael standing in the living room. Bobby asks what he's doing there. Fluke claims he wanted to confront his past and came for a visit. Later Michael mentions his plans for AJ's clinic. Fluke doesn't like the idea, but Michael says it's not up to him. Michael tells him the house is owned by Bill Eckert. At the end, Fluke decides to leave with them to discuss it more, but makes sure to lock the basement door before heading out!

End of show!

Helena really adds to the show and always has. GH is so much better with Connie!

Have a great night!

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