Wednesday, January 14, 2015

It's Time to Be A Cassadine

Thought's on the Election Episode (01/13/15) - 

Before I get to yesterday's recap I just wanted to say that I really didn't like Tuesday's episode. I try very hard to keep my blog recapping neutral, because my goal is just to share the events of the episode not spout my opinions. Although I do at times make jokes and assumptions. However Monday night my dog was attacked by my neighbor's German Sheppard and seriously injured. He should make a full recovery, but it's been an emotional couple days for me. With that said, I might not have been in the best mood when I finally caught up on GH this am. Regardless I'm certain Tuesday's episode sucked! 

I appreciate the way they tried to structure the episode in a different way, giving it a stand alone feel, but the back and forth, all over the place flashbacks about the election were mostly bad. First of all we've really had no Felicia sightings or much talk of the election for months so why did it need an entire episode devoted to it? Also the chopped up storytelling was more annoying than clever. I kept thinking, "WTF?" 

So what did you think? Am I being bitchy? lol

Now onto yesterday's show...

Hot to trot!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Nathan and Maxie chat in bed about the election debacle. Nathan is upset about Lomax firing Anna and thinks Agent Sloan is behind it. Maxie thinks the election was fixed. Later Nathan thinks they're wasting time discussing politics and should have more sex. After Nathan asks Maxie to move back into the apartment with him. Maxie gets nervous and thinks they should take things slow. Nathan is disappointed, but takes it in stride. At the end, he agrees to move out for the time being so she can move back in and have space for Georgie.

Anna packs up her office at the PCPD when Agent Sloan strolls in and asks why she's still in his office. Anna gets upset and accuses him of setting her up. Anna thinks Lomax and him are working together. Agent Sloan halfheartedly denies it, but can't resist lecturing Anna again about what she did to Faison. Anna gets annoyed and pointedly asks him who's he really working for. Agent Sloan just stares at her and says nothing. At the end, Anna promises to find out what he's up to.

At Wyndermere, Nikolas burns the election votes in the fireplace. Helena walks in and Nik wants to talk about ELQ. He asks what Helena plans on doing with Jerry's ELQ stock. Helena says she wants to take over the company and wants Nik to help. Helena thinks Nik should seduce Brooklyn again to acquire more shares. Then Helena questions Nik about fixing the election. He says Emily was his only shot at happiness and he's sick of trying to be good. Nik says, "It's time to be a Cassadine!" Helena likes what she hears. She promises she won't hurt Sam so Nikolas agrees to work with her. At the end, Helena says she's working on getting an ally inside ELQ.

Carly sees Michael walk into the Metro Court and hopes he's there to see her. He coldly tells her no he's there for a business meeting. After he runs into Rosalee. She tells him she's there looking for a job. Michael offers her a job as a nurse at AJ's clinic. Rosalee looks uncomfortable and says no. Michael says if them sleeping together is making her say no he doesn't want her to think he expects anything. Rosalee says that's not it, she's not really a nurse. She explains it was part of her ruse with Nina. Michael offers to help her detach from Nina, but Rosalee is afraid to confess her secret. At the end, Michael's ELQ assistant quits so he offers that job to Rosalee. She accepts and they shake on it.

Sam breaks into Kevin's office at GH and tries to pull up Jake Doe's medical file. She hears someone about to walk in and hides under the desk. Thankfully it's Patrick. He asks what she's doing. Sam explains how Carly told her Jake was seeing Kevin Collins and Kevin supposedly told him it was Sam suggestions that made Jake have false memories. Sam wants Patrick to help her, but Patrick wonders if she might be barking up the wrong tree. Sam thinks about it and agrees she's been a little consumed. Then they kiss. At the end, they arrange to go out and pick up where they left off on New Year's Eve.

Jake has dreams of Helena ordering him to kill Sam in his hotel room. When he wakes up he seems to be in mission mode and begins to pack up his black bag. Then Carly knocks on the door looking to vent about Michael. Jake lets her in and Carly hugs him in tears. They have a heart to heart about Michael's rejection of her. Jake offers to talk to Michael on her behalf, but Carly thinks Michael would resent it. At the end, Jake is alone and takes out his gun while thinking of Helena orders for him to kill Sam. 

End of show!

Have a great day!

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