Friday, January 9, 2015

Dr. Feelgood

In this episode Carly continues to attach herself to Jake, Julian and Sonny strike up an alliance and Fluke gets closer to being exposed!

Friday's Recap - 

Fluke arrives at Luke's childhood home, which looks like Carly's old house btw. He gets a call from Helena. They talk about Sam looking into Jake. Fluke panics that Sam will discover something, Helena says she'll handle Sam. Right then Nikolas walks in on Helena at Wyndermere. Nik grabs the phone from Helena, but Fluke hangs up. After, Fluke goes into the basement to torment Luke. Meanwhile Nik demands to know who Helena was on the phone with. He says he heard Helena talking about Sam and he won't let Helena hurt her. Helena suggests that he keep Sam out of her affairs. Nik realizes Helena was listening in on his conversation with Sam earlier. He accurately surmises that Helena was behind Faison's escape. Helena says Sam isn't a real Cassadine. Nik asks about Nathan saying he's Victor's son. Helena quickly corrects him and says Dr. O was lying about Victor being Nathan's father. Helena then admits to helping Faison escape saying she owed it to him. Helena warns Nikolas to steer clear of her plans or she'll leave he and Spencer penniless. At the end, she leaves him with some files on her plans and advises Nikolas to take charge like he was meant to. Nikolas looks at it and it's all about ELQ. 

Sam goes to speak with Dr. Obrecht. Dr. O assumes that she is there to talk about Patrick, who Dr. O refers to as Dr. Feelgood. She continues to advise Sam to keep her private life with Patrick out of GH. However Sam really wants to discuss Jake. Sam intrigues Dr. O when she says Jake may have shot Nathan, but Dr. O feels that Jake's injuries would have made it difficult for him to physically pull off Faison's escape. Sam asks about Dr. O seeing Jake on the docks when Faison escaped. She explains that Spencer told her about it and she will go tell Anna if Dr. O doesn't spill the beans. Dr. O decides to tell Sam a little information and says she ever saw his face, but the masked man was there.

At Pentonville, Sonny continues to grill Julian about him confessing to killing Anthony Z. Julian says telling him the truth will get him killed. Sonny replies that he's alone in prison and on the outside so he needs him. Right then, a couple of Johnny's goons walk up. They want to kill Julian and tell Sonny to take a walk. Sonny strolls off, but comes back shortly after and stabs one of the goons before he can kill Julian. Then more of Johnny's guys show up. Julian and Sonny have to fight their way free together. At the end, Julian and Sonny lie to the guards about what really happened and stick together. After Julian explains to Sonny that Johnny isn't really the one who wants Sonny dead. Julian says that he doesn't know who he is, but he has Luke Spencer's face. 

At the Metro Court, Carly and Jake continue to analyze his issues. Jake worries that Sam could be right about him. He tells Carly about his memory flashes. Jake feels that something doesn't make sense, but Carly passionately tries to convince him that Sam just put these thoughts in his head. Jake is adamant that Carly not pity him and take his concerns seriously. Jake mentions Patrick advising him to speak with Kevin Collins. Carly thinks talking to Kevin might be good idea and she offers to call Kevin for him. At the end, Carly and Jake head to GH. They run into Sam. Jake walks away leaving Sam and Carly alone to talk. Sam tries to warn Carly about Jake, but Carly strongly disagrees. Meanwhile, Jake walks into Kevin's office but finds Helena waiting for him.

Michael and Bobby talk more about Bill Eckert at ELQ. Michael asks if she is okay with him using the her childhood home. Bobby answers that she's okay with it, but Luke might not be. Michael asks why. Bobby thinks Luke is sensitive about their childhood. Michael asks if she wants to join him to go take a look at the place and Bobby agrees. Later they arrive and Bobby takes a moment on the porch to reflect and share with Michael some of her memories. Then they go inside and Bobby talks more about Luke. She goes through the house thinking about her various memories and brings up her sister, Patricia. Meanwhile down in the basement, Fluke tells Luke that Bobby is getting in the way, because she won't stop talk about Bill Eckert. Fluke picks up a baseball bat and slams it into a table. He says he's going crack Bobby's head open with it. Then he threatens to bash Luke's brains in as well. Upstairs Bobby and Michael hear the sound and Michael wants to check it out!

End of show!

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