Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Threat Is Not Over

Wanna look in the basement?
In this episode Agent Sloan wants to know everything that Anna's has been up to, Rosalie finds herself now under Helena's thumb and Fluke gains a tail!

Here's What Happened - 

Jordan and Anna have a secret meeting on the docks. They discuss Agent Sloan and Anna's suspicions that he's working with Lomax. Jordan wonders where this will leave her. Anna tells Jordan to keep quiet about their investigation. Jordan feels like Anna is hanging her out to dry. Anna assures her that's not the case. She tells Jordan Agent Sloan can't be trusted. She advises Jordan to work with Nathan and Dante. Anna promises she wouldn't ask Jordan to stay involved if it wasn't important and Jordan reluctantly agrees.

Agent Sloan has a chat with Nathan and Dante at the PCPD. Dante thinks Sloan getting Anna's job is a little convenient. Agent Sloan asks if they're going to have a problem reporting to him. Both Nathan and Dante agree they can make it work. After Sloan asks them who Anna's confidential informant is. Dante and Nathan claim they don't know. Agent Sloan gets upset and warns them that they're jobs are on the line if they won't work with them. At the end, Sloan speaks with Nathan privately to apologize for his tone earlier. Anna calls Nathan right then and tells him that Jordan is still on board. Nathan tells her that Sloan is asking about her informant.

Michael takes Rosalie to Luke and Bobby's childhood home. He tells her that he wants to explore the house more and they decide to explore the basement first. However the basement door is locked when Michael tries to open it. Meanwhile, Helena tells Nik that she's planting Rosalie at ELQ. Helena tells him that she knows Rosalie's secret and has her under her thumb. As they're speaking, Rosalie calls Helena to tell her she was hired by Michael. Rosalie also tells Helena that she's about to go into the basement of Luke's home with Michael. Helena orders her to stop Michael from going in there or else. After Rosalie fakes a broken ankle to keep Michael from entering the basement. Back at Wyndermere, Helena reveals to Nikolas that Luke is working with her.

Shawn visits Sonny at Pentonville. Sonny tells him about Julian's dealings with Fluke. Sonny says, "the threat is not over" and asks Shawn to keep an eye on Fluke. Shawn wonders if this could mean that Luke's dead. Sonny says they need to find out one way or the other. Shawn says he'd like to bring Jordan in on the plan. Sonny says okay, but advises him to be careful.

Johnny tells Fluke on the Haunted Star that Julian is still alive because Sonny saved him. Fluke gets pissed and says he wants to kill Julian himself to be sure it gets done. Johnny asks Fluke to let him handle it, but Fluke says he messed up and isn't sure Johnny can be trusted. Right then Lulu walks in. She thinks Fluke is yelling at Johnny because of her and immediately rushes to Johnny's defense. Then Helena calls Fluke and tells him about Michael tying to get into the basement. Fluke takes off to deal with it and once alone, Johnny tells Lulu that he bought back half of the Haunted Star. Johnny also mentions that Dante warned him to stay away from her. Meanwhile Fluke heads to his childhood home and Shawn follows him. Back at the Haunted Star, Dante walks in as Lulu and Johnny are discussing him.

End of show!

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