Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Missing Phoenix

I'm Dr. Jones!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Patrick and Sam wake up in her bed feeling fabulous about their night together. They decide to have a quick breakfast together before Patrick has to leave for work. Sam notices her Phoenix is gone. She explains to Patrick the significance of the Phoenix and says she's certain someone took it. Patrick isn't convinced and assures her it must just be missing or misplaced.

Michael talks to Alexis at the Quartermaine's about getting a restraining order on Shawn. Later he gets a call from Sonny. Michael says he's got the wrong number, but Sonny implores him to stay away from Luke. However, Michael won't listen and hangs up. After Sonny tells Julian at Pentonville about his failed conversation with Michael. Julian wonders how they can prove if Fluke is really Bill Eckert. They discuss a plan off camera and later Sonny tells Julian it's the best solution for them to work together.

Shawn does internet research at Kelly's about Bill Eckert. Carly walks up to him and asks what he's doing. She figures he's doing something for Sonny and wants to know what it is. Shawn tells her that he can't tell her anything. Then she asks how Sonny is doing in prison. Shawn tells her that Sonny wants her to move on. Carly doesn't want to hear it and begs Shawn to talk Sonny into allowing her to visit him. Shawn doesn't think it's a good idea. Then Alexis walks in and delivers a restraining order to Shawn. Alexis says he has to stay away from Michael and Luke's childhood home. Later Shawn gets a call from Sonny. He tells Shawn to dig up Bill Eckert's grave.

Tracy asks Fluke who he is furiously texting with in the Q's living room. Fluke claims he's playing Words with Friends, but it's really Helena. Then Michael storms in and says Sonny wanted to talk to him about Luke. Tracy wonders what for. Michael assumes it has to do with the Luke's childhood home and says Shawn tried to break into the basement. Fluke isn't happy, but then Michael tells him about the restraining order he's getting against Shawn. Fluke says the best solution is to board up the house, especially the basement. Michael says he'll think about it and walks out. After Tracy tells Fluke that Michael's conversion of the house could be good to help get rid of bad memories. Fluke responds that Bill Eckert owns the place and that will determine what finally happens with it. At the end, Fluke calls Sonny at Pentonville to warn him against conspiring with Julian or he'll go after Michael and Lucas.

Anna tracks Jordan down at the hospital to tell her that it might be the last time they see each other. Anna says she's been called to DC to give a detailed account of her actions against Faison. Jordan worries about how this will effect her undercover operation. Anna pleads with her to stay undercover to make things right. Jordan says okay as long as Anna warns her if things to bad in DC. At the end, Anna promises to keep Jordan posted and they say goodbye.

A cop finds Jake passed out on the docks with a bloody forehead. The cop calls the paramedics and they take Jake to the hospital. Meanwhile by the nurse's station, Liz thinks about her last conversation with Jake. Lucas walks up to her and tells her that he'll also be working at Michael's clinic. Lucas worries that Carly will be upset about him working for Michael. Liz thinks Carly should have been honest with Michael from the start. Then Jake comes into the ER. Liz and Lucas rush to his aid. Lucas tells him, "Jake I'm Dr. Jones."

Later Liz tends to Jake's wounds and asks him what happened. He remembers seeing Sam's Phoenix, but doesn't remember what he was doing on the docks. Liz takes Lucas aside and briefs him on Jake's previous head injury. After Liz decides to call Carly and tell her what happened to Jake. Carly runs to the hospital to check on him. Jake tells Carly that he remembers a figurine. Carly looks through his black bag to see if she can find it, but finds a gun instead. Meanwhile Sam takes a walk on the docks where Jake left the Phoenix!

End of show!

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