Monday, January 26, 2015

The Coffin Was Empty!

Heart-shaped pancakes!
Monday's Recap - 

Bobby talks to Lulu and Lucas about Ruby at Kelly's. Lucas says he remembers her, because she used to make him heart shaped pancakes. Bobby responds that she'd like to honor Ruby and has the waitress bring all of them heart shaped pancakes. After they talk about Luke and Lulu tells Bobby about the party Luke's throwing. Lulu wonders why Luke didn't join them and says he'd never miss a chance to celebrate Ruby.

Ava wears a hoodie and sneaks into the men's unit to find Julian at Pentonville. She tells Julian that Sonny tried to kill her, but Julian doesn't think so. He says Sonny is busy dealing with Fluke. Julian explains Sonny's theory about Bill Eckert impersonating Luke. Julian also expresses his concern about Fluke going after Lucas. Ava thinks she knows of a way to get out of prison. Ava thinks she can use Madeline's transportation to the courthouse. Julian says he's coming with her. Then one of the guards comes to drag Ava back to her part of the prison.

Shawn visits with Sonny to tell him about what was in Bill's coffin. We get a flashback and Shawn says, "The coffin was empty!" Sonny says he's not surprised and he's gonna handle this bastard himself. Sonny tells Shawn that he and Jerome are breaking out today. Shawn explains Jordan's involvement in digging up Bill's grave. Sonny isn't happy to hear it and later tells Julian about the empty coffin. Meanwhile Jordan runs into TJ on the docks. TJ starts to rail on Jordan for her bad behavior so Jordan says she's turned on the Jerome's and is now working with Shawn. At the end, Shawn shows up and talks TJ into forgiving Jordan.

The guards at Pentonville search Franco's prison cell. They find phone Sonny's cell phone and threaten to put Franco back in solitary. Franco decides to reveal Sonny's plans to escape so the guard returns Sonny's cell phone to him.. Meanwhile Heather brings Nina a jelly donut in Shadybrook. Nina can't wait to tell "Diana" that Franco called her. Heather says the next time Franco calls she should say hello. Later Franco does call and Heather gets on the phone. In private, Heather tells Franco she's going to crush Nina. Then Nina wants the phone back, but Heather hangs it up before handing it to her. Franco tries to call back, but the guard at Shadybrook takes Nina's phone before they can connect.

Fluke brings Luke some breakfast in the basement. He callously tells Luke that he plans on blowing up the Haunted Star at the party killing everyone on board. Luke asks why he's doing this if he's Bill Eckert. Fluke screams, "I never said I was Bill Eckert!" Luke demands that he take his revenge out on him, not his family. However Fluke gets a call from Lulu and takes off leaving Luke wondering why this is happening.

Dante finds Bill Eckert's dug up grave and wonders what happened. Jordan shows up to take responsibility for the crime. She says Sonny ordered Shawn to dig up Bill, because Sonny thinks Bill is Luke. Jordan also tells Dante about Shawn finding Helena and Fluke talking at Bill Eckert's house. Dante decides to go investigate the house, especially the basement. On his way out of the graveyard, Dante runs into Fluke, Lulu, Bobby and Lucas who've come to visit Ruby's grave. Dante asks Fluke if Ruby was Bill Eckert's mother. Luke gets annoyed, but Bobby answers no. At the end once alone, Fluke sees Bill's empty grave and panics. Meanwhile Dante makes his way to Bill's house!

End of show!

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