Monday, January 5, 2015


A kiss can be just a kiss...sometimes!
In today's show Maxie and Nathan can't get enough of each other, Julian is pleased to have made Alexis jealous and Bobby discusses Bill Eckhart with Fluke!

Here's What Happened - 

Maxie wakes up next to Nathan and they discuss how happy they feel. They end up kissing and have another round of sex. After Nathan makes breakfast in his undies and an apron. Maxie is very impressed and is ready for more sex, this time on the couch. Later they continue to discuss how happy they feel again and how great the sex was. Nathan remakes breakfast since the previous breakfast got cold. Maxie starts talking about sexy things and they end up going at it on the floor before getting to eat.

At Pentonville, Sonny gets a visit from Morgan. Morgan fills him on some of the family news. Morgan says Michael wrote he and Kiki off as well. Then they talk about Carly. Morgan tells Sonny that Carly didn't lie to Michael like he asked. Morgan explains that Michael is with the Quartermaine's. Sonny hates the idea of Michael blowing his family off for the Q's instead. Then Morgan brings up the DNA test for Ava's baby and says it's Sonny's baby. Sonny tells Morgan he would have been a better father and asks if Morgan is okay with being her brother. Morgan says it worked out the way it was supposed to. Morgan shows Sonny a picture of the baby. Sonny tells Morgan he loves him and at the end, Morgan leaves.

Olivia has a dream that she's having sex with Ned and Alexis interrupts, Meanwhile Julian dreams he's having sex with Alexis and Ned interrupts. They both wake and realize they really had sex with each other. Julian teases an embarrassed Olivia about their tryst. Olivia isn't happy and is ready to run out of the room. Nearby in another room, Alexis and Ned wake up in bed together and remark how good their night together was. Despite both thinking of Olivia and Julian, they tell each they have no regrets. Later they get dressed and head downstairs. On their way out, they see Julian and Olivia bickering in the doorway. Ned is furious to learn that Olivia slept with Julian. Alexis is disgusted with Julian and heads off to get breakfast. Ned follows her. Later Olivia returns to Julian's room to retrieve her shoe. Julian remarks that he thinks they really got to Ned and Alexis. Olivia says she wants no part of that and walks out.

Kiki and Silas wait with the baby outside of Anna's office. Ava arrives with a police guard and begs the guard to allow her to hold her baby. He agrees and Kiki puts the baby in Ava's arms. Silas tells Ava that Sonny is the father. Ava isn't thrilled and wonders how Morgan took it. Kiki says not well. Ava worries that having Sonny as a father won't be good for the baby, but Kiki thinks it's more important that Ava name her. Ava decides to name the baby Avery so she has something from her. Kiki and Silas like it. Ava promises Kiki that she and Avery will always be her girls. At the end, the guard returns to take Ava away. Ava says a teary goodbye to baby Avery and after is taken away in handcuffs. She tells Kiki not to let the baby forget her. After Kiki worries about Sonny trying to kill Ava in prison. Meanwhile Ava and Sonny cross paths in the prison hallway. He warns Ava not to feel safe, despite them having a child together.

Bobby runs into Fluke at the Metro Court. She accuses him of being a wannabe who is running around with Luke's face. However she's only kidding him. After they sit down for breakfast and Bobby apologizes for not realizing Faison was impersonating him before. Bobby says when she first heard about all of this, she thought it must be Bill Eckhart. Fluke tries to say that he and Bill don't really look that much alike and blames himself for Bill's death. He says he feels guilty, because Bill died because he was mistaken for Luke. Bobby defends him and claims that Bill wasn't an angel. Luke says Port Charles saw a lot worst. Bobby says Bill was an abusive womanizer who hit his son. Luke gets upset and screams at Bobby to leave it alone. Right then, Alexis and Ned walk in. Bobby asks if Ned remembers Bill. Ned says yes. He explains that they didn't get along that well, because Bill wanted ELQ. He also says Bill looked just like Luke. Fluke gets tired of the conversation and walks off. Alexis walks away as well and after Ned sits down with Bobby.

At the end, Fluke finds Julian to discuss their partnership. Julian says he expects to do business with him for a long time to come. Then Luke calls an unknown person and says they have a problem to deal with. Olivia runs into Alexis and tries to explain her sex romp with Julian. Olivia apologizes, but Alexis doesn't seem interested. Meanwhile Bobby tells Ned that Luke acted odd when she mentioned Bill. In their apartment, Maxie and Nathan finally have their breakfast in bed.

End of show!

Have a great night!

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