Friday, January 30, 2015

Party Bomb

In this episode the Haunted Star party begins, Jake is taken to the police station and Dante finds a big surprise in Bill's basement!

Today's Show - 

Nathan arrests Jake on the Haunted Star. Michael doesn't think Jake could be be the gunman and tells Tracy Jake seemed like a good guy. Lulu asks Nathan where Dante is, but Nathan says he hasn't seen him all day. Then Nathan takes Jake to the police station and tells Maxie he's going to have to miss the party. Later the party begins. Carlos and Sabrina have a chat with Michael. Johnny arrives and tells Lulu and Maxie they look hot. Bobby arrives with Brad and Lucas on each arm.

Helena and Fluke meet on the docks. They hide as Nathan passes by with Jake and aren't pleased to see him arrested. After Fluke says he's going to check the bomb on the Haunted Star and Helena says she'll wait for him to pop the champagne. Later Nikolas walks by with his date, Ivy. Helena calls out to Nikolas. He tells her they're late for the party at the Haunted Star. Helena asks to speak with Nikolas in private and Ivy says she'll meet him at the party. Once alone, Helena insists he stay off the boat. Nikolas refuses to listen so Helena has her goons stop him.

Fluke arrives at the Haunted Star just as Tracy is panicking about his whereabouts. Then he tells Lulu that Dante isn't going to make the party. Fluke lies and claims Dante told him he didn't want to come to the party, because of Lulu's partnership with Johnny. Lulu is enraged and leaves Dante a nasty voice message. Johnny sees that she's upset and decides to make her a martini. Meanwhile Tracy notices blood on Fluke's shirt cuff. Later Fluke tells Johnny to get Carlos and stop Julian and Sonny. After Bobby comes to hug Fluke and thanks him for supporting AJ's clinic.

Carly tells Sam and Patrick at the PCPD that she turned Jake into the police. Carly apologizes to Sam for not believing her and tells them about her finding Jake's bag. She also tells them about Jake's gun matching the bullet that shot Nathan. Later Jake arrives with Nathan. Carly asks why he lied about meeting with Kevin Collins. Jake believes he did meet with him, but Carly says who ever it was, it wasn't Kevin. Then Jake has a memory flash of meeting Helena. After Nathan gets interrupted by the news of a break out at Pentonville and Jake gets taken into the interrogation room. Sam tells Patrick to go to the party without her so she can get answers from Jake. Then Sam walks in to see Jake and shows him the phoenix.

Julian, Sonny, Franco and Ava ride in the transport van to freedom. Ava isn't happy that Franco joined in, but Franco insists that he's got to save Nina from Heather. Ava says she hopes Nina gets gets what she deserves. Franco calls Ava a poisonous bitch who never really wanted her baby. Sonny tells them both to shut up. Then Julian tells Ava that Bill Eckert sent someone to kill her. Sonny says they need to warn Michael as soon as possible. Julian calls Lucas and asks where he is. Lucas says he's at the Haunted Star with Luke. Julian tells Lucas to get Michael and get away from Luke, but the cell phone dies before Lucas hears him. After Franco insists they have to get Nina first, but Julian and Sonny ignore him. At the end, someone starts to chase them down and the van swerves off the road.

At Shadybrook, Heather comes to visit Nina and brings her a surprise. She gives Nina a manicure and apologizes for getting their phone privileges taken away. Nina says it's okay, because she didn't do it on purpose. Then Heather tells Nina her name isn't really Diana. Heather tells Nina the story of how she sold her baby, Steven Lars, on the black market to a woman named Diana. She also says she had another son who she sold and that son grew up to be a famous artist. At the end, Heather says outright that Franco is her son.

Dante starts to wake up in Bill's basement. His vision is blurry and his head bloody. He sees the back of a chair and notices someone sitting in it wearing an orange shirt. He thinks it's Luke and calls out to him. Luke doesn't answer. At the end, Dante manages to get up and look for himself. He first notices a bomb. Then Dante sees the head and it's not Luke, it's a skeleton!

End of show!

So it appears the theory of Luke having multiple personalities was right. Unless there is another explanation for this crazy stuff! What do you think?

Have a great weekend!

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