Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Open the Basement Door!

You're not Luke!
Wednesday's Recap - 

Brad gives Patrick Jake's medical records at GH. Then Sam comes over to check on Patrick and says she hasn't found her Phoenix yet. After she invites Patrick to join her for the party on the Haunted Star. Patrick agrees and then wonders if Lucas might know where the Phoenix is. Sam says it's worth asking and then tells Patrick they're going to the party on a double date with Brad and Lucas. Meanwhile, Lucas looks at the Phoenix figurine at Brad's apartment. Brad comes home and Lucas invites him to the party on the Haunted Star. Brad is flattered and they end up having sex. After Brad notices the Phoenix and asks what it is. Lucas says he found it and thought it was cute. Brad says there are a ton of them in the Asian Quarter and they're usually sold in a pair with a dragon.

A Kevin Collins stand in finds Carly waiting in his office. Carly asks about Kevin's previous visit with Jake, but Kevin tells her that he never met with Jake. Carly insists that Jake claimed he met with him. Kevin answers, "then your friend was lying!" Kevin says maybe Jake met with someone else that day. Carly is confused, but insists her instincts tell her Jake is a good guy. At the end, Carly tells Kevin Jake needs her help and she needs to turn him into the police.

Jake meets Helena at Bill Eckert's grave. Helena asks why Sam and Patrick are still alive. Jake tells Helena that he was stopped by a hallucination. Helena figures out that it must have been Robin and asks what else he remembered. He says he remembered Sam giving him a figurine so he took it from her place and left. Helena says she was tempting fate by asking him to kill Sam and orders Jake to completely forget that she wanted Sam dead. At the end, Helena gives Jake a new order and tells him Carly is not his friend.

Franco interrupts Julian and Sonny's conversation at Pentonville to tell them he wants in on their escape plan. Franco says he needs to save Nina from Heather and he'll tell the guards about their plan if they don't include him. Julian thinks they should work with Franco so he doesn't mess up their plans. Sonny reluctantly agrees. Then Julian tells Franco that Ava and Madeline are part of their break out plan. Franco doesn't like the idea of working with them, but Julian insists its the only option. At the end, all of them take down some guards when they come to do a cell search. Nearby, Ava tells Madeline in the women's ward that she's leaving the prison with her. Madeline thinks Ava might be losing it, but Ava says she plans on testifying for Madeline. Ava claims she's going to do Madeline a favor, because then Madeline can do her a favor in return. At the end, the guards come to take Ava and Madeline to the courthouse.

Fluke finds Dante trying to get into the basement at Bill's house and asks what he's doing. Dante insists that he unlock the basement door. Fluke says the only thing down there is rotting supports and it's dangerous. Dante ignores him and tries to pry the door open with a crow bar. Fluke asks why he's so determined. Dante says he thinks Luke is down there and asks Fluke if he's Bill Eckert. Fluke furiously denies it so Dante pulls his gun and demands Fluke open the door. At the end, Fluke finally unlocks the door. Dante makes him handcuff himself to the railing, but somehow Fluke gets free and pushes Dante down the stairs.

End of show!

How silly was it to have someone else playing Kevin, especially when he looks 15 years younger than the real Kevin Collins! 

Have a great night!

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