Friday, January 23, 2015

Louisville Slugger

I miss my baby!
In today's show Madeline and Ava have a prison chat, Fluke wants to throw a party and Shawn finally opens Bill Eckert's coffin!

Friday's Recap - 

Kiki takes baby Avery to visit Ava in jail. Ava is excited to see them, but then Kiki changes her mind and says she's Avery's mother now. However it turns out to be Ava's bad dream. When she wakes up, Madeline is standing over her. Madeline asks what's upsetting her. Ava responds it's because she can't be with her baby and it's Madeline's fault. Madeline pretends to be upset about her actions, but then tells Ava that's the performance she'll use for the jury to get released. Later one the guards comes to take Madeline back to her cell. Once alone with Ava, the guard pulls a knife on her. However before he can do anything, he gets called away by another guard.

Morgan meets up with Kiki and Avery at Kelly's. Kiki asks if Morgan has heard from Michael. He answers not lately. Morgan asks if he made things complicated when he kissed her. Then Dante and Lulu show up and are happy to meet Avery. Lulu asks Kiki how she's doing taking care of the baby. Kiki says it's been an adjustment. Dante asks Morgan what's new in his life and if he's been looking for a job. Morgan says it's been tough so Lulu offers him a job at The Haunted Star. Later Lulu leaves with Morgan to test him out as a bartender. After Kiki and Dante talk about Ava and Michael. Dante says he's never seen Michael act like this before. Then Kiki tells Dante about Morgan kissing her.

Shawn finds Jordan spying on him in the graveyard. Jordan wants to know what he's up to, but Shawn doesn't trust her. He starts asking her a lot of questions and then guesses that she might be an undercover cop. Jordan tries to convince him otherwise so Shawn says to forget it. After Jordan asks about Bill Eckert. Shawn tells her that he and Sonny think Bill might be her old boss. Jordan looks interested and then says, "Let's dig!"

Michael and Lucas meet up with Fluke at the Haunted Star. Fluke holds the baseball bat in his hand and tells them that it's a Louisville Slugger that he found in Bill Eckert's basement. They ask Fluke why he wanted to see them. He apologizes for being so negative about turning the house into AJ's clinic and says he's changed his mind. Fluke offers them his full support. He says he wants to throw a big party to get lots of donations for the new clinic. Then Lulu and Morgan walk in. Lulu tells Michael she's giving Morgan a job. Fluke tells Lulu about his idea for the party, but seeing Morgan gives Michael second thoughts. Michael says he wants another bartender to work the party and Morgan storms out.

Sonny tells Julian they need to break out to protect Lucas and Michael. Franco overhears them discussing escape. Franco says he spent 28 days in solitary because of Sonny and he wants to know their break out plans. When they refuse to give them to him, Franco starts yelling for the guard. One of the guards walks over asking what the problem is. Franco decides to tell him that he promises to behave from now on to avoid solitary. After Franco says he'll keep his mouth shut if Sonny let's him use his cell phone. Sonny reluctantly agrees and gives Franco his phone. After Sonny whispers to Julian that they're breaking out tomorrow.

Nina plays battleship with Heather Webber in the nut house, but loses her interest and says she'd rather talk. Heather says Nina is like her, not crazy just hurt. Heather asks who hurt Nina so Nina says her husband and his whore. Nina tells Heather the story of taking Nina's baby and Heather says she was betrayed by her son. Then Nina says she should have known that Franco was the only person she could trust. Heather's ears perk up and she asks for more information. Nina says Franco watched over her when no one else did. Heather lets Nina pour her heart out about her problems with Madeline. Heather says she can be Nina's mother in lock up. She introduces herself to Nina as Diana Taylor. At the end, Franco gets a call into Nina. He tells her that he's sorry he's not there for her, but Nina says she made a friend.

At the end, Morgan tells Kiki about his new job but says Michael won't let him work for him. At the Haunted Star Lucas is excited about Luke's party. Meanwhile Fluke goes to see Luke again in the basement. Luke asks if he hurt his sister. Fluke asks which one, but then says Bobby is okay for now. Luke demands to know if he's really Bill Eckert, but Fluke replies he should be more worried about the party he's throwing. In the graveyard, Shawn and Jordan begin to dig Bill Eckert up. They finally get to the coffin, but we don't get to see what, if anything, is in there.

 End of show!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. Apparently Kiki is being recast, ugh!! Read here -- > Hayley Erin Joins GH

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