Thursday, January 8, 2015

Less MOMish

Johnny's a breath of fresh air!
Today's Show -

Sam goes to visit Nikolas at Wyndermere. Sam asks if Nik can help her identify the man who held her hostage. She wonders if Britt could have left town with Faison. Sam also wonders if Helena could have been involved. Nikolas says he doesn't think so and he hopes Spencer isn't keeping anything from him. Later Sam explains why she came to be suspicious of Jake. She wonders if Helena planted Jake in town to do her dirty work. Nikolas promises to let her know if he finds a connection between Jake and Helena, but he appears a little uncomfortable with the subject.

Carly and Jake talk about Sonny and life at the Metro Court. Carly asks if Jake thinks Sonny really wants her to move on. Jake advises her that he would want any hypothetical loved ones in his past to move on so she should find a way to happy without Sonny. After Carly shows Jake how to make a good martini. Then Carly looks at the newspaper and says she can't believe they haven't caught the guy who took Sam hostage. Jake ends up having a memory flash of attacking Sam. Carly sees how it effects him so Jake tells her that Sam thinks he's the guy. Carly thinks it must be a mistake, but Jake says he's not so sure. 

Sonny runs into Julian in the yard at Pentonville. Sonny wants to know what landed him in prison. Julian says he killed Anthony Z. Sonny doesn't buy his story and thinks it's a little too convenient. Later Johnny's goons try to rough Julian up for murdering Anthony. Sonny watches and when it's over, he starts grilling Julian about his confession. Sonny asks if Johnny asked him to take the fall for him. Julian appears to want to tell Sonny who threatened him, but doesn't say anything.

Ned stops by ELQ. Michael tells him about his plans for the AJ's memorial and mentions that Bill Eckert owns Luke's childhood home. Ned thinks it sounds odd. Michael asks if Ned can contact his ex-wife Jenny on his behalf, since she's Bill's sister. Ned says he hasn't talked to her in years, but has her old phone number. He gives it a try and manages to reach her. After Ned tells Michael that Jenny doesn't know anything about Bill owning the house. She claims everything went to his son, Sly. Later Ned tells Michael that grandfather would have been very proud to see him running the company. Then Jenny calls Ned back and says she reached out to Sly, but he doesn't know anything about the house either.

Fluke leaves a nasty voice message for Carlos at the Q's about why Julian is still alive. Tracy hears him and asks who he's talking to. He claims he was yelling at Scotty over Julian's arrest. Tracy remembers that they were convinced Johnny was guilty for Anthony Z's murder. She thinks there is something suspicious about the whole thing. Luke tells her they have nothing to worry about, because they are stronger than ever. Later Tracy asks Fluke about his argument with Bobby over Bill Eckert. Fluke says it was no big deal. Tracy asks why he never talks about his sister Patricia and his parents. Fluke gets upset and says he needs to be alone for awhile.

Maxie and Lulu chat at the Metro Court about Johnny's return. Lulu tells Maxie about running into Johnny and them doing shots together. She also shares that Dante saw them. Maxie asks if Dante has anything to worry about. Lulu says seeing Johnny was like a, "breath of fresh air." Maxie thinks Johnny just made her feel "less MOMish", but Lulu says Maxie was always a better fit for Johnny. Lulu admits that it's a little fun to see Dante get worked up. Maxie wonders if Nathan's the jealous type. At the end, they both notice how hot Jake is. Then Dante and Nathan walk in. Dante tells Lulu she can look at anyone she wants as long as it's not Johnny.

Johnny looks over the newspaper headline about Julian's arrest in his apartment. Dante stops by with Nathan for a visit. Dante warns Johnny to stay away from Lulu. Nathan also warns Johnny to steer clear of Maxie as well. Johnny makes some jokes so Nathan grabs him and warns him heed their warning or he's going back to jail.  At the end, Johnny is alone and gets a visit from Fluke. Johnny says he looks just like Luke and touches his face. Fluke pushes him away and asks how he got Julian to confess. Johnny says Julian acted alone. Fluke swears that Julian won't be safe in prison!

End of show! 

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