Thursday, January 29, 2015

I'm Clear

Jake Doe, you're under arrest!
In today's episode Carly enlists Nathan's help, Fluke sabotages Dante and Jake brings a bomb onto the Haunted Star!

Here's What Happened - 

At the Haunted Star, Nathan calls Maxie to tell her he's on his way to the party. Lulu worries about where Dante is. Then Tracy and Michael arrive for the party and Tracy asks Lulu if she's seen Luke. Lulu grows concerned about Luke and Dante. In private, Lulu and Maxie discuss Dante wanting Lulu to sell her shares to Johnny. Maxie says Nathan doesn't like Johnny either. Nearby Michael thanks Tracy for talking Luke into agreeing to using Bill's house for AJ's clinic. Then Michael talks about the basement and says Luke is the only person who's been down there. Tracy tells Michael the story about Bill getting shot as a mistaken identity for Luke and Luke's subsequent alliance with Sonny.

Brad and Lucas continue their sexy fun at Brad's apartment before they start to get ready for the party. After Brad suggests that Lucas move in and tells Lucas that he loves him. Lucas gets teary eyed, but is interrupted by Sam and Patrick knocking on the door for their double date. Later Sam notices her phoenix on the counter and asks Brad where he got it. Lucas tells her that he gave it to Brad. Lucas explains that he found it on the docks. It leads to a conversation about Jake being found unconscious on the docks. At the end, Sam is convinced that Jake broke into her apartment and took the phoenix.

On Ava and Madeline's way out of Pentonville, Ava sees the guard driving the transport who tried to stab her. She freaks out and insists she's a dead woman if she gets on the van. She tries to run away, but the guard follows her with a knife in his hand. However Sonny appears in a guard's uniform to save her. Meanwhile Franco and Julian, also in guard's uniforms, take down the other guards by with Madeline standing by confused. Sonny tells Madeline they're escaping on her transport, but Madeline doesn't want to be a part of it and refuses to get on the van. Then more guards arrive so Julian, Ava, Franco and Sonny take off while getting fired at.

Jake looks at a bomb on the docks. After he chokes out the Haunted Star bartender and takes his place for the party. Jake wheels the liquor boxes onto the Haunted Star with the bomb inside and is pleasantly greeted by Lulu. He places the bomb under the bar and stacks bottles of champagne in front of it to cover the it up. Then Helena calls his cell phone and he tells her, "I'm clear!" After Jake hangs up, Lulu approaches him and he seems a little confused.

Carly goes to the PCPD looking for Dante to discuss Jake. Nathan offers to help her discreetly in Dante's absence. Carly decides to trust him and tells Nathan she thinks Jake is the one who helped Faison escape. She says she thinks Jake isn't in control of himself and gives Nathan Jake's black bag. She also tells him about Kevin Collins saying Jake never met with him. Nathan runs a trace on the gun in Jake's bag and gets confirmation that the bullet he got shot with matches it. Later Maxie calls Nathan to tell him to hurry and mentions that Jake is working the party. At the end, Nathan arrives on the Haunted Star and places Jake under arrest.

Fluke pushes Dante down the basement stairs at Bill Eckert's house. Then walks down the stairs and hovers over Dante's unconscious body while looking at Luke. He tells Luke that Dante dug up Bill's body. Luke assumes that means he really is Bill, but Fluke continues to avoid the subject. He insists that Luke should be more concerned with his family being blow up at the Haunted Star party. Luke screams that he's a "son of a bitch" as Fluke walks back up the stairs. At the end, Fluke returns in his tuxedo and knocks Dante on the head again just as he's coming to. Then Fluke puts a bomb on Luke's lap and says tick tock!

End of show!

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