Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Hug It Out

Adorable family!
In today's episode Maxie and Johnny catch up, Nikolas wants to know what Fluke and Helena are up to and Jake can't bring himself to kill Sam!

Here's What Happened - 

Maxie runs into Johnny at the Haunted Star when she goes there looking for Lulu. Johnny asks if she wants to, "hug it out" and tells her that he's now in business with Lulu. Maxie tells him about having a baby named Georgie with Spinelli. Johnny says he used to dream of having a baby girl named Harper (which is their real life baby's name). Then Maxie brings up her new boyfriend. Johnny says he met Nathan and Nathan didn't like him. Johnny says that it's because Dante doesn't like him. Maxie asks if he wants Lulu back. Johnny says no he'd rather see if he's got a chance with Maxie. She tells him no, because Nathan is the best guy ever. However Maxie says they can be friends.

Julian tells Sonny that he knew Helena and Fluke were involved at Pentonville. Sonny says he knows the real Luke would never work with her. Julian thinks Shawn didn't learn anything they didn't already know. Sonny says that's not true, because Shawn learned about Bill Eckert. He gives Julian some background on Bill and explains how he and Luke are identical. Julian says it makes sense, but wonders why Bill would want to go after Sonny. Sonny thinks it probably has to do with his past involvement with Frank Smith. At the end, Johnny calls his goon's phone and Sonny answers. Sonny toys with him. After he tells Julian Fluke must be Bill Eckert.

Dante and Nathan chat at Kelly's about Michael's suspicions about Shawn. Dante feels caught in the middle and says he can understand Sonny's impulse kill AJ and Michael's anger. After Dante tells Nathan about Johnny owning part of the Haunted Star. Nathan advises Dante to back off for now and see how things play out. Then Nathan tells Dante that he and Maxie decided not to move in together, but it's all good. Dante leaves to face the music with Lulu. After Maxie comes to meet Nathan and he tells her that he's staying at Kelly's. However they decide to go back to her place together.

Lulu comes home to find Olivia asleep on the couch while babysitting Rocco. Lulu tells her about the fight she and Dante had over Johnny. Lulu says she can't believe that Dante doesn't trust her. Olivia thinks that Dante probably only wants to protect her. After Olivia tells Lulu about sleeping with Julian on New Year's Eve. At the end, Dante comes home with roses for Lulu while she pretends to be asleep. Dante wakes her and apologizes. Lulu accepts it and says that Johnny swore to her that he's out of the mob.

Fluke and Helena discuss Jake on the docks. Fluke isn't sure having him kill both Patrick and Sam is a good idea. Helena thinks Sam probably told Patrick about her suspicions of Jake so he needs to go. Then Nikolas sees them. He asks Luke why he's changed his mind about Helena all of the sudden. Fluke answers that there is a thin line between love and hate. Nik thinks that sounds crazy and asks what Lulu would think about him working with Helena. Fluke sternly tells Nikolas to butt out and keep his mouth shut so they can all take over ELQ. At the end, Helena wonders if Jake did his job successfully or not.

Jake enters Sam's bedroom as she and Patrick are in bed together. He points his gun at them, but has disturbing thoughts and lowers his gun again. He listens as Sam and Patrick discuss how great their sex together was. Then they decide to take a shower. After Jake looks at Sam's bed and has a memory of being on top of her. Then he finds Sam's wedding ring in a can next to the bed and notices the Phoenix dragon on Sam's dresser. Jake goes back and forth between his conflicting memories and Helena's orders to kill her. Ultimately he decides not to shoot and runs out of Sam's place, taking the Phoenix with him. At the end, Jake heads to the docks, has a memory flash and then passes out!

End of show!

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