Monday, January 19, 2015

Dream Patrick

I don't want to hurt anyone!
Today's Highlights - 

Michael walks in on Shawn trying to break into the basement. Michael deduces that Sonny sent him and calls Dante to report an intruder. Meanwhile Dante pressures Lulu to sell her half of the Haunted Star to Johnny. Lulu doesn't want to and Johnny goats Dante into a fight about it. Lulu stops them and then Dante leaves to help Michael. After Lulu accuses Johnny of leading Dante into a fight on purpose. Johnny assures her that he wants a fresh start and isn't up to no good. Dante heads over to see Michael who tells him that Shawn was trying to break in because of Sonny. Dante says there isn't much he can do. Michael says he wants a restraining order.

Helena and Fluke discuss how Luke gave Laura the Haunted Stars years ago on the docks. Then Helena talks about killing Sam. Fluke says its a shame because Sam is attractive. It leads to an odd conversation about Fluke's sexual appetites. Helena warns him to stay away from Kiki. He changes the subject and asks who she has taking care of Sam. Helena replies, "Soldier boy!" Later Helena wonders why she hasn't heard from Jake yet about Sam and decides to call him.

Carly and Elizabeth talk about Jake at GH. Carly asks if Liz has seen him. They end up talking about Liz's encounter with Jake on the docks. Liz says that she got a weird feeling with Jake when she ran into him on the docks. They both agree that they hope he's okay.

Julian and Sonny differ on how they think Fluke should be dealt with at Pentonville. Sonny trusts Shawn to do his job. Julian says Shawn is no Jason. Then one of Johnny's goons walks over to tell them that Johnny wants both of them dead. Then more of Johnny guys come and once again Sonny and Julian fight their way to victory. They take the cell phone of the last man standing and Sonny calls Shawn. Shawn tells Sonny that Fluke was meeting with Helena. Julian listens nearby impatiently. Shawn also tells Sonny that Fluke has something in the basement, but Michael interrupted him. Shawn says the house belongs to Bill Eckert. 

Jake breaks into Sam's place while she's upstairs with Patrick. As he looks around the apartment things seem familiar. Jake looks at a picture of Sam, Jason and Danny and seems to feel a connection. Then he imagines that Robin is there, freaks and points his gun at her. Robin tells him that she's a memory who came to stop him from killing Sam. Helena calls him to see if Sam is dead yet and Robin disappears. Jake says Sam is with Patrick and he hasn't killed her yet. Helena orders him to kill them both.

Sam takes Patrick into her bedroom and they both have a few jitters. Nonetheless they start to fool around anyway. Sam sees Jason's picture in the background and stalls. Patrick says they can stop if she's not ready, but Sam decides they should keep going. Patrick undresses her and they finally have sex on her bed. After Patrick asks if her "dream Patrick" was better in bed than him. Sam promises him he was better. Then they agree that it's okay for them to think/talk about Jason and Robin, but they're happy together. At the end, Jake makes his way up to Sam's bedroom!

End of show!

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Happy Martin Luther King day!

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