Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bloody Mary's & The Golden Girls

I need a good lawyer!
In this episode Johnny is ready to get out of prison, Agent Sloan warns Anna of trouble coming to Port Charles and Fluke wants Julian dead!

Today's Show - 

Anna chats on the phone with Frisco from her office. Then Agent Sloan knocks on the door and wants to discuss Johnny Z. Agent Sloan says Johnny is innocent of killing his father. He shows Anna evidence that Johnny was coerced by Officer Padilla to confess. He insinuates that Anna was responsible since Padilla worked under her. Then Agent Sloan says Johnny is being released as they speak. He warns her that there's a storm headed to PC and says she is about to pay for every bad thing she's done.

Johnny and Sonny have another argument in the Pentonville workout yard. Johnny tells Sonny about his plans to take over his territory and says he's getting out of jail soon. Sonny asks how Johnny plans to accomplish this. Johnny says he's confident that he's going to be released and he plans on going to see Carly. Johnny also says he might look up Lulu and give Dante a run for his money. Sonny is ready to kill him, but then Johnny gets called by one of the guards to be released. On his way out, Johnny tells his goons to give Sonny special attention.

Olivia and Alexis have a tense conversation at the Metro Court about Olivia's one night stand with Julian. Alexis thinks Olivia did it on purpose to stick it her for sleeping with Ned. Olivia asks why Alexis would care unless she's just using Ned as a back up, because she really wants to be with Julian. It appears to hit a nerve with Alexis and Olivia says Alexis is making a fool out of a very good man. Then Olivia walks off in anger.

Carlos and Fluke meet on the docks to discuss offing Julian. Carlos says he'd rather kill Ava, but Fluke says Julian failed to kill Jordan so he needs to go. He also warns Carlos that it's his last opportunity to prove himself after botching the hit on Ric. Carlos asks who will run the organization if Julian is dead. Fluke answers that Johnny Z will. Fluke praises Carlos for having potential and asks if he's in or out. Carlos says he's in and Fluke can consider Julian dead. However Carlos looks a little unsure.

Ric and Liz chat with their kids on the phone from their Metro Court hotel room. Then they make some love and after Ric promises that 2015 is the start of a brand new year for them. He says his New Year's promise is to never hurt her again. Later Ric brings up Carly ripping into him and says that he thinks Jake is hung up on Liz. Ric asks her if she has any feelings for Jake. Liz says he's got nothing to worry about, but the look on her face indicates otherwise.

Carly comes to visit Jake in his hotel room just as he's getting out of the shower. She tells him to go have breakfast at the Metro Court buffet, but Jake doesn't want any charity. Carly talks him into it and Jake asks her to join him. Later they enjoy breakfast in his hotel room together and Carly talks about Sonny. She says she went to see Sonny in prison, but he refused to see her. Jake says he would be happy to get a visit from Carly if he was in prison. Carly thinks he'd probably prefer Liz and asks how Jake feels about Liz. Jake says it doesn't matter since she's with Ric now. At the end, they run into Liz and Ric in the hallway. They all say Happy New Year and Ric quickly pulls Liz away.

Julian gets a visit from Lucas at his apartment. They end up having some bloody Mary's and watch the Golden Girls to celebrate New Year's day. Julian says he needs a good lawyer and Alexis isn't an option. Julian admits to Lucas that Alexis can't get over him framing Ric. Lucas says he thinks Alexis should forgive him, but says he's worried about someone coming after Julian. Julian tells him despite his best efforts, he's back in the business. Lucas says his business is immoral and violent, but he doesn't want to lose his dad. At the end, Carlos pays Julian a visit with his gun in hand. Meanwhile, Fluke goes to visit the real Luke!

End of show!

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