Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bill Eckert is Dead

Let's break out!
In this episode Fluke threatens Lucas and Michael, Shawn wants to dig up Bill Eckert's body and Sonny is ready for a prison break!

Today's Show - 

Maxie and Nathan wake up in bed together and he's speaks French to her. After Nathan says he has to get back to work soon, because crime never sleeps in Port Charles. It leads to a conversation about Maxie's relationship with Johnny Z. Nathan asks about Maxie's history with him. Maxie gives him a little background and says they had a minor attraction. She says Johnny can be his own worst enemy. Nathan notices that she still cares about him. Maxie says only as a friend and tells Nathan she's all in with him.

Jordan meets with Duke and Shawn on the docks. In private, Shawn tells Duke that there is still a Luke impostor on the loose. Duke says he understands why Sonny is worried and Michael could be in danger. Shawn tells Duke that Sonny thinks he's Bill Eckert and wants him to dig up his grave. Duke says it's extreme, but worth a shot. Jordan listens in on their conversation. Later Shawn goes to dig Bill Eckert up and Jordan follows him.

Sonny gets a threatening call from Fluke in Pentonville. Fluke says he'll go after Michael and Lucas if Sonny and Julian don't back off. Sonny says he'll tell everyone that he's Bill Eckert if he's hurts anyone. Fluke replies, "Bill Eckert is Dead!" Sonny asks what he's after so Fluke answers that he's out for power! Then Fluke says he'll just take what he wants and there isn't anything Sonny can do about it.

Michael and Lucas chat at GH. Alexis calls Michael to tell him that his restraining order against Shawn was approved. After Michael fills Lucas in on why he wanted a restraining order against Shawn. After they decide to take a walk on the waterfront and discuss the plans for the clinic. On the way out of GH, they run into Carly. Michael tells her that Lucas will be running the clinic. Carly is thrilled and tells Michael that she's very proud of him. Michael quietly walks away. Lucas tells Carly not to give up on him and then goes after Michael. At the end, Michael and Lucas talk on the docks. Lucas tells Michael he shouldn't keep his anger inside and offers to listen if he needs it. 

Sam and Alexis have lunch at Kelly's and discuss her date with Patrick. Sam tells her that Patrick spent the night and it was wonderful. However Sam says her Phoenix is missing and it's distracting her. Alexis thinks it's more likely that it's just misplaced, but Sam insists it was stolen. Alexis thinks maybe Sam was fixating on the Phoenix because she felt guilty about Jason. Sam doesn't think that's the case so Alexis promises to help her look for it. Then Alexis tells Sam that she deserves to be happy and she likes her with Patrick.

Carly finds a gun in Jake's bag in his hospital room. Jake says someone else must have put that in his bag. Then she finds his black ski mask in the bag. Jake looks at it and swears he's never seen it before. Carly tells him, "It looks like you did it!" Jake swears he doesn't know how those things got into his bag and asks Carly to give him time to figure it out.

Patrick and Liz discuss Jake at the hospital. Patrick starts to wonder if Sam might be right about him. Elizabeth doesn't like what he's suggesting, but Patrick says Jake passing out on the docks is suspect. However Patrick promises Liz he'll do his best to be objective and find out what's wrong with Jake. After Patrick goes to diagnosis Jake in his hospital room. Carly takes his bag and says she'll keep it safe for him. At the end, Carly returns with his bag. Jake says he doesn't know what to do. Carly says they need to find out what happened and suggests they go back to Kevin Collins.

At the end, Fluke calls Michael and tells Michael to bring Lucas and meet him at the Haunted Star. Lucas finds Sam's Phoenix on the ground at the docks. Meanwhile Patrick calls Sam and asks her out to dinner. At the graveyard, Jordan exposes herself to Shawn right before he's ready to dig. Over at Pentonville, Sonny tells Julian they need to break out!

End of show!

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