Friday, January 16, 2015

Basement Paranoia

Sell to Johnny!
In today's show Lulu annoys the crap out of me. Also Patrick and Sam take things to the bedroom while Jake prepares to kill her!

Friday's Recap - 

Patrick and Elizabeth briefly chat at GH about their mutual dinner plans. Patrick mentions he's meeting Sam so Liz quickly gives him her opinion on Sam's quest against Jake. She worries that Sam's not over Jason yet. Patrick assures her not to worry about it. Meanwhile. Sam prepares for her date at her penthouse with Patrick. She gets distracted looking at a picture of her and Jason. Then Alexis walks in unexpectedly. Sam explains that Patrick is coming over for dinner, but she's still thinking about Jason. Alexis tells her it's perfectly normal. Patrick knocks on the door. Alexis promises to clear out and leaves them alone. After they sit down to dinner and Patrick approves of Sam's cooking. He asks if she's going to stop her investigation into Jake. Sam replies that yes she has decided to drop it. At the end, they make out and go up to her bedroom.

Michael brings Rosalie to the hospital so someone can look at her ankle. Lucas is there and tells Michael he interning at GH. Michael asks if he can look at Rosalie. Lucas decides to order some x-rays. Rosalie reluctantly goes along giving Lucas and Michael time to chat alone. Lucas gives Michael some perspective on his anger toward Sonny, Carly and Morgan. Michael tells him to back off and they start talking about AJ's medical clinic. Michael offers Lucas a job there and Lucas seems interested. At the end, Rosalie returns and Lucas reviews her x-rays. He finds nothing wrong and Michael takes her home.

Julian and Sonny talk more about Fluke & Luke at Pentonville. Sonny tells him that he told Shawn about Fluke. Julian thinks that will cause Fluke to put a hit out on Michael or Lucas again. Sonny assures Julian that Shawn can be discreet. Julian doesn't feel that confident about the idea and worries that Sonny's plan will backfire. Julian says both their sons will end up paying the price. 

Fluke goes to check on Luke while Shawn follows him. Fluke goes into the basement. Shawn tries to follow, but Helena comes over before he can unlock the basement door. Shawn hides instead. Then Fluke walks out of the basement and Shawn listens to a conversation between Fluke and Helena. Shawn hears all about Fluke's plans to kill Julian and his paranoia that someone might be after him. Helena calms him down and they decide to leave together. After they leave, Shawn decides to break open the basement door.

Dante walks in on Lulu and Johnny at the Haunted Star. Lulu is all worked out, because Johnny told her that Dante warned him to stay away from her. Dante immediately yells at Johnny which makes Lulu scold him. Dante tells her that he's not trying to control her he just wants to protect her. Lulu says Johnny came to the Haunted Star, because he's half owner now. Dante isn't pleased and tells Lulu to sell Johnny the other half of her shares. Johnny watches with delight.

Jake thinks about Helena's orders for him to kill Sam on the docks. He hold his gun in his hand and stares at it. Then Liz passes by and asks what he's doing. He quickly hides the gun in his black bag and they make small talk. Liz asks what's in his bag. Jake says it's his gym bag. Elizabeth asks if he'd like to have dinner at her place since Ric is out of town. Jake thinks Ric wouldn't like it and appears distant. He tells her that he doesn't want to spend time with her, because it will make him want more. Then Jake says goodbye and walks away. At the end, Jake puts on his black mask and breaks into Sam's place while she and Patrick are upstairs.

End of show!

Have a great weekend!

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