Friday, December 5, 2014

Jason Morgan is You!

Hi Sonny!
In this episode Sam turns on Patrick, Helena drops a bomb on Jake and Sonny gets a surprise in prison!

Friday's Show - 

Fluke 1 torments the real Luke in a mysterious basement. Fluke speaks unusually and tells poor Luke about Faison's involvement. Luke asks why Faison would risk being involved with all of this. Fluke replies that Helena is protecting Faison. He also tells Luke that he's been welcomed back into the Quartermaine fold. Luke demands to know who he really is, if he's not Faison or Larry Ashton. Fluke says he's not wearing a mask. Then he asks Luke how it could be possible that they have the same face. At the end, Fluke tells Luke he'll have plenty of time to figure it out while he's living Luke's life.

Anna and Faison have another round of banter in the interrogation room at the PCPD. Anna demands to know what his connection to Helena is. Faison starts bringing up Helena's kidnap and attempted brainwash of Lucky from years ago. He says, "I wonder if Helena ever perfected the technique." Anna has trouble concealing her emotions and tells Faison he failed to brainwash her to fall in love with him. Faison tells Anna the spell is broken and claims he's over his obsession with her. 

In the police station hallway, Patrick confirms to a distraught Sam that Jason didn't die when he was shot by Faison. He explains what he knew about Jason and Crichton-Clark. Sam demands to know when he found out about all of this. Patrick tells her he found out months ago, but Jason was already dead. Sam freaks out and calls Patrick a son of a bitch. She accuses him of robbing her of time with Jason. Patrick explains that Robin was being blackmailed and he wanted to spare her all the pain of losing Jason all over again. Then Patrick says he's sorry and asks for her forgiveness. However Sam can't get over it and tells Patrick leave her alone. At then end, Sam sees Anna take Faison back to his cell. Anna promises Sam that Faison won't get away with what he's done. Then a masked man grabs Sam from behind and covers her mouth.

Helena and Jake have a bizarre conversation on the docks. Jake says he knows who she is and wants to know why Helena came over on Thanksgiving. Jake warns her not to hurt Elizabeth or else. Helena replies that she's only interested in him. Helena starts to tell Jake about his time at Crichton-Clark. She talks about Robin's work with him and says he was her greatest triumph. Then Helena drops a bomb and says, "Jason Morgan is you." She explains that the accident that caused him to need facial reconstruction was random, but was beneficial none the less. Jake has trouble believing it all, but realizes if it's true Sam is his wife and Danny is his son. Jake wants Helena to prove it. She says a DNA test should prove it in addition to telling Jake that he works for her. Helena tells Jake that he was selected to be part of an elite force in the WSB and has been conditioned to do her bidding. Helena tells Jake that she has a job for him, but we don't get to hear what it is. At the end, Helena tells him to forget that he's Jason Morgan once the job is done.

Nik stops by Liz's house to tell her she was right about Britt. Later Liz informs Nikolas that Helena is back and came over to see Jake. Meanwhile at Kelly's, Britt and Dr. O discuss Britt's potential legal problems. Dr. Obrecht tells Britt to join her and Faison on a marvelous adventure. Dr. Obrecht thinks Britt has nothing to lose. At the end, Britt and Dr. Obrecht meet Helena on the docks with their bags.

Sonny thinks about Michael disowning him in the prison gym. Carlos strolls up to him and teases Sonny about being in jail. Sonny tells Carlos that he never asked Ava to make him confess to AJ's murder. Carlos says he's been rotting in prison to protect Sabrina, but not for long because he's getting out today. Then Carlos warns Sonny that a lot of people hate him in prison and he's going to get what he deserves.

Outside of Kelly's, Michael discusses plans for his clinic dedicated to AJ. Then Sabrina approaches him and apologizes for originally giving him bad intel on Carlos supposedly killing AJ. Michael says he understands and then he asks Sabrina if she wants to work at the clinic. Sabrina tells him she lost her job at GH, because she compromised her morals. At the end, Sabrina sees Carlos as she's coming out of Kelly's. Meanwhile back at the prison, Sonny runs into Johnny Z!

End of show!

The Fluke plot needs to wrap up soon. It's frying my brains! How do you feel?

Have a great weekend!

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