Thursday, December 11, 2014

What About Us?

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Today's Show - 

At Pentonville, Sonny tells Carly to not to come back again. Sonny says she needs to tell Michael that it's over between them to save her relationship with him. Carly asks, "What about us?" Sonny replies that he's in jail for life and has nothing to offer her. Carly says she only wants to be with him and she can't forget about him. Sonny tells Carly to walk away from him and says she needs to find someone else. Then he tells Carly he can chose who he'll see and if she comes again he'll refuse to see her. Then he hangs up the phone and turns away from her. Carly decides to walk away and Sonny breaks out in tears. At the end, Sonny has flashbacks of he and Carly's recent time together.

Ava, Kiki, Morgan and Silas continue their talk about working together at Ryan's bar. Delia tells Kiki and Morgan to help Ava. Then Betsy Franc walks in. Turns out she's the one who Silas was waiting to meet. Betsy talks about Ava stealing a child from Franco and calls her a harpy. Ava interjects and asks if they can concentrate on the baby. However when Betsy realizes that Ava is Ava she's not willing to help anymore. Morgan steps in, says he's the father and convinces Betsy to work with them. At the end, Betsy and Delia talk about their morally questionable children.

Nathan talks to Anna about Nina from his hospital bed. Anna tells him to focus on getting better. After Liz talks with him about getting well and then Maxie shows up dressed as a hospital volunteer. Maxie brings him flowers from Britt and tells him not to worry about the judge. Liz steps out and once alone Maxie kisses Nathan. Nearby Dante runs into Anna by the hospital elevators. He tells her he might have a lead on Nina and Franco. Dante tells Anna about the boat captain and Anna gets Scotty to authorize a deal to make the guy talk. Later they get the location of where Nina and Franco went and Dante takes off to find them.

Sam gets the footage she was waiting for from Spinelli at the Metro Court. Jake sits with her and they end up watching it together on Sam's laptop. Jake jokes that the man fits his basic description and maybe it's him. Sam starts asking where he was yesterday. Jake defuses her, but then says, "I haven't got all day," which reminds her of what the masked man screamed. Sam gets nervous, realizes Jake might be the guy and quickly heads off. At the end, Carly storms into the Metro Court emotional and ready to drink. Jake sees her and offers to help.

Fluke and Helena meet up on the docks. He speaks in an odd accent and they congratulate themselves on a plan well executed. However Fluke is concerned about Nathan being shot and the masked man Helena used to free Faison. Helena assures him that her henchman is well qualified. Fluke asks who he is, but Helena won't say. She explains that the masked man is under her complete control. At the end, they discuss ELQ. Helena says her "soldier boy" might be able to help.

Franco is recognized by the blonde girl at the cabin. He tries to convince her that she's mistaken, but she's certain he's her favorite artist, Franco. The baby starts crying so Nina allows herself to be seen. The girl says the baby doesn't look like either of them. She claims to be a big fan of his art and says her lips are sealed. Then she leaves and after Nina thinks they need to run. Franco says there's no where better then the cabin. Nina's not convinced and says they're family is in danger. Franco thinks about it and says he'll take care of the girl. At the end, Dante arrives with some Mounties and finds Franco holding what appears to be the baby wrapped in a giant pink blanket!

End of show!

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