Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Vindictive Ass

That judge is gonna pay!
Here's What Happened - 

Maxie comes to see Nathan at GH and tells him she was denied visitation of Georgie. Maxie starts to cry. Nathan doesn't understand how this is possible, but Maxie explains how the judge found out they had seen each other. Maxie says it's all her fault for not listening to the rules. Nathan says the judge is abusing his power and he won't let him get away with it. Nathan is ready to leave his hospital bed and tell Judge Walters off, but Maxie tells him not to. She climbs into bed with him and asks him to hold her instead. At the end, Maxie thinks about not seeing Georgie on Christmas. Nathan promises to find a way for her to see her baby for the holidays.

Silas comes to visit Ava in jail. Ava wants to know who's looking after her baby. Silas tells her the baby is with Morgan and Kiki. Ava doesn't think they will know how to care for an infant. Silas says Carly is helping them. Ava isn't thrilled, but says it's better then crazy Nina. After she thanks Silas for helping her and says she'll never forget what he did. Then they start talking about Connie's murder. Ava feels the evidence will certainly convict her. After Silas says they are running a DNA test on the baby. Then Silas says she's a tough cookie and he likes that. He promises to keep her posted on the baby and gives her one of the baby's socks.

Sonny gets a visit from Shawn at Pentonville. Shawn tells him that they finally found the baby. He also tells Sonny that Franco, Nina and Ava are all in jail. Shawn explains the baby is being looked after by Carly, Kiki and Morgan. After Shawn brings up Carly and asks if Sonny is sure about not seeing Carly anymore. Sonny says it's for the best. Then he brings up giving his territory to Johnny Z. Shawn doesn't like what he hears, but Sonny explains that Johnny has Ric. He says he wants Shawn to snatch Ric from Johnny. Shawn agrees and promises to bring Ric home.

Kiki and Morgan look over Ava's baby at the Brownstone with Carly's aid. Michael stops by and Carly shows him the baby. It's hard for Michael to resist, but he remains detached. Michael asks who the father is. Morgan explains that they are waiting on the DNA tests. After Michael tells them he's evicting them from the Brownstone. Morgan and Kiki are disgusted with him and Morgan accuses Michael of being a vindictive ass. Then Carly tells him that she's not with Sonny anymore. Carly explains that Sonny refused to see her, because he's hoping Michael will forgive her. Carly asks if Michael will please consider forgiving everyone. However Michael digs his heels in and says Kiki and Morgan need to be out by the end of the day.

Sabrina and Patrick meet at the Metro Court for lunch. Patrick lets Sabrina know that Victor was the one who really caused Gabriel's death. Patrick explains that it was all because of Robin and Jason. He then says Victor Cassadine is dead. Sabrina is emotional, but accepts the news. After Patrick talks about Sam and his hopes that she'll forgive him. After Sabrina tells Patrick she was fired from GH, because she tried to induce Ava's labor with faulty medicine. Sabrina says she feels like a monster for what she did. Patrick says he understands and offers to help her if she needs it. They hug and agree to stay friends. At the end, Sabrina goes to see Ava and apologizes to her. Ava accepts it and says she understands why Sabrina did what she did.

Sam thinks about the masked man at the PCPD. Then Jake walks in. Sam isn't happy to see him and asks what he's doing at the station. Jake teases that he's not returning to the scene of the crime. Sam realizes that Elizabeth told him about her suspicions. Jake gets defensive and asks what made Sam think this. She answers that he slipped up and she's knows he's the masked man. Jake denies it, but Sam tells him to save his lies. Then she walks off. At the end, Sam goes to the Metro Court to meet Alexis and runs into Patrick. He tries again to apologize and says he doesn't want to lose her. Sam says she doesn't want to lose their friendship either and says she will try to forgive him. Meanwhile Jake continues to think about what Sam said to him about being the masked man. He starts to have some memories of the hostage situation and wonders if Sam's right.

End of show!

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