Thursday, December 4, 2014

Queen of the Damned

Too Funny!
Thursday's Recap - 

Spencer demands to know where Britt is at Wyndermere. Nikolas coldly tells Spencer that he kicked out Britt for what she did to him. Spencer says running away was his idea, but Nikolas says it doesn't matter, because Britt's an adult and should have known better. Nikolas says he can't be with someone who would use his son. Spencer says he can't lose his mother all over again. Nikolas says Britt is nothing like Courtney, because Britt is a terrible person. Spencer yells that he loves Britt and he hates Nik for making her go away.

Anna attempts to interrogate Faison at the PCPD, but they end up having an intense conversation. Anna tells him that Dr. Obrecht is desperate for him and it's disgusting. Faison torments Anna for putting him in a hole. Anna says he had it coming, because of what he did to Robin. Faison hints that they should go to Paris to find Robin. Anna ignores him, but allows Sam and Patrick to come in. After Patrick and Sam question Faison alone and Sam asks why he killed Jason. Faison says he enjoys his work and shows no remorse. Then Faison tells Patrick it was Victor who arranged the car accident that killed baby Gabriel. Faison says Victor didn't want Patrick to know what Robin was up to at Crichton-Clark with Jason. Sam thinks Faison is lying, but Faison says Jason lived and Patrick knows it's true. At the end, Sam runs off but Patrick chases her down and tells her it's true and he knew all along.

On the docks, Dr. Obrecht cries alone about what she's going to do about Faison. Helena walks up to her and offers a handkerchief. Helena says she's the only Cassadine around to avenge Victor, but she was never terribly fond of him. Then Helena tells Dr. Obrecht that she's going to make Faison a free man. Dr. O is delighted and asks how she can thank Helena. Helena says she'll think of something.

Britt runs into Brad at Kelly's. She tells him that Nikolas kicked her out. Britt says Nikolas acted like she didn't mean anything to him. She also tells Brad that Nik wants to press charges against her. Brad offers to help Britt pay for a lawyer and says it's because they're besties. Britt thanks him and they say I love you to each other. At the end, Dr. O comes to see Britt when she's alone and tells her everything will work out just fine.

Jake shows Liz a picture of Helena in the newspaper and says that's the woman who came to her house on Thanksgiving. Liz freaks and gives Jake background on Helena and the Cassadines. Jake asks why Helena would want to speak with him. Liz wonders the same thing and refers to Helena as the Queen of the Damned. Later Jake says he needs to get a job asap and Liz calls Anna to tell her about Helena's visit. At the end, Nikolas stops by to see Liz. Meanwhile Jake runs into Helena on the docks.

Fluke sees a "Fluke" newspaper headline at the Quartermaine's. Then Alice comes in and tells him that she felt something was off about the previous Fluke. He asks why she didn't act on her instinct and try to save him. Alice tells him about her heart transplant and says she didn't know what to do. Fluke says he's just messing with her and that he's glad she's going to be okay. Later Anna drops by with Tracy to visit with Luke. Anna apologizes for Faison wearing the "Luke" mask. Tracy doesn't want to hear it and screams at Anna, but Luke accepts Anna's apology. At the end, Fluke goes to an unknown basement and we see the real Luke tied up to a chair.

End of show!

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