Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Off the Record

I haven't seen Nathan!
Today's Show - 

Maxie waits at the courthouse for her visitation hearing to start. She gets a Skype call from Nathan. He wishes her good luck. Then Lulu walks in to offer moral support and they hang up. After Maxie gets a text from Diane saying she can't make it, but thankfully Alexis walks in ready to take Diane's place. Court begins and the judge immediately grills Alexis for now representing Maxie when she represented Dante and Lulu at the beginning of all of this. Then the judge brings up his order that Maxie stay away from Nathan. He says that he saw her visiting Nathan at the hospital. Maxie says she was just doing her volunteering duties, but then the judge brings up every other time Maxie saw Nathan recently. He ultimately denies her visitation for another six months.

Dr. Obrecht talks to Nathan in his hospital room about his feelings for Maxie. Nathan explains the situation with Maxie's hearing and his hopes they can see each other soon. Dr. O thinks the judge is wrong for keeping them apart and offers to tell him off on Nathan's behalf. Nathan thanks her, but says that's not needed. After they discuss Faison. Dr. O tells Nathan that Britt left town with Faison. She explains to him "off the record" that Nikolas wanted to have Britt arrested. Dr. O says she stayed behind to look after him.

Ned asks Olivia at the Metro Court what's been bothering her. Olivia hesitates to tell him, but finally Olivia admits that she has feelings for him. She asks Ned if there is any chance for them. Ned feels conflicted and says he really likes Olivia, but he wants to take a second chance with Alexis. Ned wants to stay friends with her, but Olivia says she can't do that. She explains that being around him is too hard and brings out petty anger toward Alexis. At the end, Ned walks away and Olivia sheds a tear.

Sam ignores a call from Patrick outside of the police station. Inside Dante looks over the footage of Faison's escape. Lulu walks up to him and Dante tells her about the various problems he's been encountering. They briefly chat about Felicia's mayoral recount. Later Sam walks in and tells Dante about her suspicions about Jake. Dante says she doesn't have any evidence to support this. He tells Sam that he did try to run Jake's fingerprints, but there was a glitch in the system. Sam decides to call Spinelli. At the end, Spinelli sends an enhanced picture of the masked man's eyes. Sam says she certain it's Jake. 

At the hospital, Jake runs into Dr. Obrecht. She thanks him for spending time with the sick kids, but says that won't omit his hospital bill. After he runs into Liz and offers to share a brown bag lunch with her. They decide to sit at the top of the steps and chat. Liz tells Jake about Sam's suspicions about him. Jake gets upset and asks if Liz thinks it's true. She responds that it's "unsettling" so Jake offers to move out of her house. At the end, Liz says she trusts him and wants him to stay.

At Wyndermere, Spencer gives Nikolas the cold shoulder when Nik asks him to decorate the Christmas tree with him. Nik tries to explain the danger he was in with Britt. Spencer says Britt left Port Charles and he saw Helena. Nik is concerned and goes to call security. However right then, Helena walks out of the secret door in the wall. Nik insists that Helena not speak to Spencer and has Spencer wait in his bedroom. After Nikolas warns Helena to stay away. Helena doesn't want to hear it. She says they are family and all she's ever wanted was to preserve the Cassadine future. She tells him to live up to his position as prince or she'll take everything from him!

End of show!

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  1. Love to see the Cassadines. Love the Prince's haircut looks fantastic, he looks ten years younger. He should stay with the look. I hope that Helena did not hypnotize Nikolas! That would be a terrible story line especially since there are no decent family members around Nikolas enough to notice and help him. He needs a permanent love interest. (And NO NOT Elizabeth). Someone who will truly love him and truly love Spencer. That little kid just want a Mom. The judge in the Maxie case is ridiculous. So off the charts with that.

    1. I agree Nik looked great with his haircut.He was acting off and I fear Helena did do something to him when they spoke.

      Also agree that Liz needs a new man and the judge plot is silly.However Spinelli will be back soon and I'm pretty sure he'll bring little Georgie.


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