Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jake is no Jason!

In this episode Anna sports a cute shorter hairdo, Liz and Sam have a heated conversation about men plus Alexis agrees to help Nina!

Thursday's Recap - 

Duke takes a mobular payoff in a box of tea bags at the Metro Court. Shawn sits down with him and they discuss Ric. Shawn explains Anna's involvement with Ric's fake death and Johnny's demands to take over Sonny's business. Shawn says Julian and Carlos are working for Johnny. Duke says at least Julian will distract Anna from their business. Duke tells Shawn they should give Julian and Carlos exactly what they want.

Carlos greets Julian at Johnny's garage and shows him Ric bound and gagged (although we don't see Ric) in the trunk of a car. Julian doesn't like that Carlos brought to the scene of a crime. Julian reminds Carlos that he works for him, not Johnny. Carlos says he's loyal to Julian, but thinks Julian is holding back because of Alexis. Julian says he and Alexis are over. Then Julian gets a call from Duke. Later Julian and Carlos come to the Metro Court to talk with Duke and Shawn. Duke tells Julian that they will get everything they deserve, if they hand over Ric. Julian refuses until he has confirmation that Johnny is controlling Sonny's territory.

Alexis chats with a shirtless Nathan in his hospital room about Maxie's visitation hearing. Alexis says legally Maxie doesn't have many options. Nathan is frustrated that he can't help Maxie more. Then he asks Alexis to help Nina. Nathan tells her that Nina is sick and he feels responsible for her. He brings up Alexis's sister and asks her what she would do in his place. Nathan also mentions that he and Alexis are family. Alexis eventually agrees and Nathan is very grateful. At the end, Nathan thinks about how he can help Maxie. He makes a call to unknown person asking for assistance.

Anna takes Nina to her cell in the PCPD. Franco is in the cell across the way and demands to know why Nina seems so quiet. Anna tells him they had to give Nina sedatives. Anna steps away and after Nina tells Franco he lied to her. He says he didn't lie to her, but admits that he did fail her. He pleads with Nina not to turn her back on him. Nina says they aren't going to make bail and won't be able to see each other anyway. She gets emotional and says, "It ends here!" Franco thinks the drugs are taking the fight out of her. He tells Nina not to give up, because he thinks they can still have a life together. Franco promises her that everything will be okay. Then Alexis shows up and tells Nina she's there on Nathan's behalf to help her. At the end, Nina asks Alexis to help her friend Franco as well.

Jordan and Anna talk in the interrogation room. Jordan assumes that her work in the investigation is done, but Anna asks Jordan to help her find Ric. Anna thinks Jordan should infiltrate Julian and Carlos to find out where Ric is. Jordan says she's burned out and her relationship with TJ has taken enough hits already. Anna advises her to come clean with TJ and says bringing Ric home to Molly will impress TJ. Anna's words work and Jordan agrees. Later Alexis comes to the PCPD. Anna assures her that they're doing everything they can to find Ric. Meanwhile Jordan finds Carlos and Julian at the Metro Court and says she's ready to get back to work.

Sam gets a visit from Elizabeth at her penthouse. Liz is worked up about Jake and Sam's suspicions of him. Sam doesn't understand why Liz isn't more concerned given that the masked man helped Faison escape. Sam says Faison is responsible for killing Jason. Liz says she hates Faison, but she's certain Jake is innocent. Sam asks why Liz is so sure and accuses Liz of falling for Jake. She tells Liz it's not the first time she's fallen for a psycho. She brings up AJ, Ric and Nikolas. Liz is humbled, but gets defensive. They bring up their mutual past failings and conclude that they've both made mistakes. Sam says, "Jake is no Jason!" At the end, Liz warns Sam to leave her and Jake alone or else. Sam replies that she'll do what she has to do.

Jake continues to have flashes of his masked man antics at GH. Patrick walks up to him and Jake assumes that Sam told him about her suspicions of him. However Patrick doesn't know. Jake decides to talk to him about his memory issues instead. Jake tells Patrick he thinks he's having false memories. Patrick advises him to speak with Kevin Collins. Patrick think it's very possible that Jake could be part of the Port Charles criminal element. Hearing that makes Jake take pause and he decides not to speak with Kevin. At the end, Jake runs into Liz at the hospital. He tells her he might never find out who he used to be.

End of show!

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