Friday, December 12, 2014

I'm a Lover. Not a Fighter!

I'm innocent!
In today's show Sam and Liz disagree, Jake listens to Carly's many problems and Ava finally gets her baby back!

Here's What Happened - 

Alexis comes to visit Julian at the PCPD and finds him doing handstands shirtless. He puts a shirt on and Alexis tells him she's there for Molly's sake. She also tells him that Ric is alive. Julian is surprised and Alexis explains how Anna planned the whole thing. She says Ric is missing now and Alexis asks if Julian is behind it. Julian promises that he had nothing to do with hit. Alexis isn't sure she believes him, but Julian says he's been too busy trying to get out of jail. He asks her to help him, but Alexis refuses to be his lawyer. At the end, Carlos pays Julian a visit.

At GH, Sam tells Spinelli on the phone that she might have a suspect in the case of the masked man. She thinks of Jake and after talks to Elizabeth. Sam tells Liz that she thinks it's Jake and explains what happened with Jake repeating the same phrase as the masked man. Liz doesn't think that amounts to Jake being the gunman. Sam gets aggressive in her questions, but Liz feels certain that Jake is a good guy and tells Sam to drop the idea.

Jake listens to Carly at the Metro Court while she drinks and confesses her problems to him. Carly talks about how horrible a person AJ was and says Sonny is pushing her away. Carly insists that she won't give up on Sonny. Jake smirks at her and says he hears her. They start discussing Michael and Jake tells Carly about his encounter with Michael. Jake thinks Sonny is just clinging to whatever power he has left. Later Jake tells Carly that he's looking for a job. She says she needs a bartender and asks him to make her a martini. She tells him to make it dry as the Sahara and make it really dirty. However, before she takes her first sip Carlos walks in. Carlos gives Carly an earful for lying about AJ's murder. He grabs her arm and Jake quickly twists Carlos's arm behind his back. Jake forces Carlos to accept Carly's apology for lying and move on. Carlos does, but warns Carly he'll be seeing her. After Carly likes Jake's skills and wonders if he was a bodyguard before. Then she finally sips her martini, but says it's awful. Instead she's offers him a job on her security team. Jake says he's a lover, not a fighter. At the end, Jake heads to GH to see Liz and they go to lunch together while Sam watches. Meanwhile Alexis heads to the Metro Court and Carly gives her Jake's dirty martini.

Sonny gets verbally teased by Johnny at Pentonville. Johnny laughs about how Ava's baby might be his or Morgan's. Sonny gets pissed and puts a shank to Johnny's neck. Johnny's goons quickly walk over and Sonny lets Johnny free. Then Johnny says he could help him in prison if Sonny allows Johnny to run his organization. Sonny thinks that's ridiculous, but Johnny says that Ric's alive and he'll kill him if Sonny doesn't do what he wants.

Ava, Silas, Morgan and Kiki wait for news about the baby in Canada. Nearby Dante and his Mountie aid find Franco outside the cabin holding what appears to be Ava's baby wrapped in a pink blanket. Franco makes a run for it, but runs right into Ava, Morgan and Kiki. Dante comes up behind him with a gun and Ava pleads with Franco to give her the baby. Franco refuses and says the baby belongs to him and Nina. Then he tosses the blanket to the ground revealing it's just a bag of flower. Kiki begs Franco to do the right thing so he finally says the baby is upstairs with Nina. Morgan and Ava take off to get her and after Dante arrests Franco. At the end, Franco tells Kiki that he wanted to protect Nina.

Meanwhile Silas goes to find Nina and knocks on the cabin door. Silas tells Nina through the door that Franco's been apprehended and she needs to let him in. Nina listens and opens the door holding the baby. She says the baby might not be hers biologically, but it's hers nonetheless. Silas tells Nina that he wants her to be happy and asks if he can join her. Nina isn't sure if she can believe him or not, but Silas acts convincing. He asks if can hold their daughter. Nina is touched and gives Silas the baby. Then Ava and Morgan walk in. Morgan grabs Nina and Silas gives Ava her baby. Nina starts freaking out screaming, "It's my baby!" At the end, Silas holds Nina while Morgan and Ava take the baby away. Outside Ava and Morgan have a family moment. Then Dante comes over and arrests Ava!

End of show!

I still think Anthony Z is involved with Johnny and/or the Fluke storyline somehow!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. This is the 500th blog post I've done for GH. I must be nuts, but I love it!

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