Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Find That Masked Man!

Here's What Happened - 

Ned and Olivia watch a 3D movie at the Quartermaine's while munching on popcorn. Olivia gets spooked by the movie and jumps on Ned. After Olivia starts to work up the nerve to tell Ned how she feels about him, but Alexis walks in and interrupts her. Olivia feels awkward and decides to excuse herself to make more popcorn. Once alone, Alexis apologizes to Ned. She says she's sorry for defending Julian. Alexis tells Ned about Julian framing Ric, Ric being alive afterall and Molly being angry at her. Ned assures her that Molly will come around and they kiss. Olivia comes back in and sees them. At the end, Olivia and Ned continue their "friend" night alone. Olivia says she was going to see if he wanted to spend New Year's Eve together, but understands he'd rather be with Alexis. Much to Olivia's disappointment, Ned tells her that she'll find the right guy sooner or later.

At Kelly's, Alexis runs into Maxie while looking for Molly. Maxie promises to let Alexis know if she sees Molly. Then Alexis takes off. After Maxie worries about whether or not she'll hear from Nathan. Patrick walks in and sits down. He mentions that he's having troubles with Sam. Maxie tells Patrick about her upcoming hearing to get visitation with Georgie. Nearby Molly and TJ talk about their parent issues in the kitchen. Later Molly hangs out and shows TJ an article she's writing about Ric being wrongly accused. At the end Alexis returns to see Molly, but Molly won't speak to her.

Anna and Dante search the docks looking for Faison and the mysterious masked gunman. They find Jordan instead and all three of them wonder who helped Faison. Anna tells Dante to check on Nathan and after Jordan worries that her department chief will be angry. Right then her chief, Bob, walks up to her and Anna. He tells Jordan that Faison's escape is on her and fires her. Jordan is outraged. Anna tries to defend her, but Bob says Anna's in trouble as well. Bob says Anna was kept out of the loop about Ric Lansing because of her troubles. However we don't get to hear what happened with Ric.

Nathan is taken to the hospital and is immediately treated for his gun shot. Dr. Obrecht rushes in and wants to take over her son's care. Nathan loses a lot of blood and goes in and out of consciousness, but manages to call out for Maxie. Meanwhile Sam and Lulu come to the hospital to check on Nathan. One of the nurse's tells Sam only immediate family can visit him. While Sam and Lulu wait for news, Sam tells Lulu about the masked man who shot Nathan. Then Lulu gets a text from Maxie asking if she's seen Nathan. Lulu debates telling her about Nathan being shot. Sam advises her to tell Maxie the truth so Lulu calls her. 

Later Dante arrives and Dr. Obrecht walks out. She tells them that Nathan will be fine. Then Patrick and Maxie show up and Maxie rushes to see Nathan. Dr. O follows her and agrees to let Maxie spend a few minutes with him. Once alone, Nathan tells Maxie she shouldn't be visiting him but she refuses to leave. Meanwhile Patrick tries to talk to Sam outside. He worries about her dust up with the masked man and says he can't stop caring about her, even if she's mad at him. At the end, Sam tells Dante she's going to find the masked man no matter what she does.

Liz is anxious to hear how Jake's job hunt went at her house. She notices that Jake seems exhausted, but Jake insists he's fine. Liz advises him to take a shower while she makes him soup. Then they turn on the TV and hear a news story about he masked gunman who helped Faison escape. Jake watches as the news replays the hostage situation from the police station, which shows Nathan being shot. Then they announce that Ric was cleared as head of the Jerome crime family. Hearing the news report makes Liz feel guilty about Ric.

At the end, Anna calls Alexis and tells her that Ric's missing!

End of show!

Have a great night!

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