Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Don't Come Around Here No More

I need to find the masked man!
In today's episode we see a snazzy new Metro Court, Fluke wants a job at ELQ and Sam gossips with Jake!

Wednesday's Recap - 

Sam chats on her cell phone at the Metro Court to Spinelli about getting the footage from the PCPD hostage situation. Then Jake walks in. Sam invites him to sit down and Jake asks how Sam is doing. He tells her that he and Elizabeth saw the news footage. Sam says she's okay, but wants to track down the masked gunman. Sam brings up that Faison killed Jason. Jake isn't sure that Sam will be able to find the masked man if the police can't. She replies that with Spinelli's help she's certain she'll uncover who tried to use her as a human shield. After they talk about Franco, Carly and Sonny. Sam fills him in on all their current drama.

Dante heads to the docks to question a boat captain about Faison. He tells the captain that Faison was posing as Luke Spencer. The boat captain insists he doesn't know anything, but Dante doesn't believe him. Dante pushes him into the wall and demands some information. He again swears he doesn't know about Faison, but says he does know something about Nina and Franco. However, the captain refuses to talk unless Dante makes him a deal and puts it in writing.

Ava dreams that Silas found her baby, but wakes up disappointed in their hotel room. She can't help but cry, but Silas promises they'll get her back. After they get dressed, Silas tells Ava that he found a gallery owner who might have a lead on Franco and they head off. Meanwhile. Kiki and Morgan head to Ryan's bar to see Delia. When Delia spots Kiki she's overjoyed to see her and pulls Kiki into a bear hug. Kiki introduces Morgan and tells Delia that she broke up with Michael. After they explain how Morgan might be Ava's baby daddy. Delia thinks they must assume she's been hiding Ava and swears she hasn't seen Ava. Right then Ava and Silas walk in. Kiki, Morgan and Delia are shocked to see them and Kiki realizes that Silas lied to her. Morgan decides to tell Ava that he gave her up to Sonny and says she betrayed him. Ava can't believe it. Later they all calm down and discuss Franco and Nina. Ava asks if they can all work together to find the baby. 

Nina wakes up in the cabin to find the baby missing and panics. Shortly after Franco walks in with baby "Jamie" and says he left her note that he took the baby for a walk. Franco assures Nina that he's in it to win it with her and she doesn't need to worry. Then someone knocks on the door. Franco answers the door with a frying pan ready to strike the person. He finds a blonde girl there who says he dropped the baby's mitten. The girl thinks she recognizes Franco, but he quickly shuts the door on her. At the end she returns. The girl says she remembers him and says his name is Franco.

Carly goes to the Pentonville to see Sonny and finds him badly beaten. She's outraged and demands that he tells her who beat him up. Sonny won't say and changes the subject to Ava's baby. Carly tells him there's no news and the baby's still missing. Carly explains that the police are spread thin, because of Faison. Sonny doesn't understand. Carly explains that Faison was posing as Luke Spencer. Sonny is considered for Luke, but assures Carly that despite Faison efforts his territory is safe. Later Carly starts to talk about Sonny getting beaten up again. Sonny tells her not to worry, because he knows how to gain and keep power. Then Sonny tells a shocked Carly not to visit him again.

Fluke reads about Faison in the newspaper in the Q's living room. Michael walks in and Fluke promptly apologizes for the trouble Faison caused him. Michael says he's had worst, especially from Sonny. Fluke says he thinks Sonny deserves to be in prison. Michael is taken aback, because he thought Luke and Sonny were friends. Fluke brings up many of Sonny's crimes over the years and drives home how AJ was innocent when Sonny shot him. Then Fluke apologizes for the way Faison treated Kiki so Michael explains that they broke up. After he asks Michael for a job at ELQ. Michael says he'll think it over and heads out. At the end, Fluke gets a phone call and arranges a mysterious meeting.

End of show!

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