Monday, December 1, 2014

Anna's Not Worthy

It's really me...maybe?
Monday's Recap - 

Morgan and Kiki talk about Ava's baby over Thanksgiving dinner at Kelly's. Morgan suggests that Kiki reach out to Silas for information on Nina. Meanwhile in a hotel room in NYC, Ava tries to keep Silas from calling Kiki. However Kiki calls him and beats him to the punch. Kiki tells Silas that Ava killed Connie and is wanted by the cops. At the end, Silas keeps Ava from running away.

At the Canadian cabin, Nina and Franco discuss what to do with Ava's baby. Franco wants to return the little one, but Nina says she wants to keep the baby. They end up having an argument, but ultimately Franco softens. He feeds the baby and grows fond of her.

Luke makes an surprise entrance at the Q's. Alexis and Luke explain that Luke was at Miscavige and someone else was impersonating him. Tracy isn't happy when she realizes she was sleeping with the enemy. Everyone turns their attention to Larry and starts to question him regarding his relationship with Jerry. Larry makes a run for it so Dante puts an APB out on him. 

Faison surprises Liesl at Wyndermere. He explains that he had to keep out of sight for the last year and claims he's finally over Anna. He tells Dr. Obrecht that Anna's not worthy. He kisses Dr. O and says she's the one for him now. Later Britt finds them kissing and isn't pleased to see Faison. Dr. O threatens to ruin Britt's relationship with Nikolas if she doesn't keep quiet about Faison. Britt reluctantly agrees. At the end, Nik walks in on Britt and Dr. Obrecht talking.

Julian finds Jordan waiting for him at Ava's apartment. Jordan wants to know who the boss is so Julian finally tells her it's Fluke Spencer. Jordan is confused about who the ringer is, but Julian says he needs to get going before the cops find him. At the end, Fluke finds Julian alone and points a gun at him.

End of show!

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