Tuesday, December 2, 2014

An Unconventional Family

We'd make great parents!
In today's episode Nina and Franco talk parenting, Nikolas demands the truth from Britt and the Luke/Fluke drama continues!

Here's What Happened - 

Nina continues to work on softening Franco's resolve regarding Ava's baby at the cabin. Nina suggests that they could be her parents. Franco brings up kidnapping Elizabeth's baby in the past and giving Liz's baby to Betsy, his adopted mother. Franco also says Ava destroyed him when he found out Kiki wasn't his daughter. Nina says Ava is horrible and deserves to be paid back by losing her baby. Franco thinks it over and says okay. He says they'll be an unconventional family. 

Silas and Ava argue in their hotel room. Silas refuses to let Ava leave. He demands that Ava admit to killing Connie. She does so Silas puts a call out to Anna. He can't reach Anna so Ava begs him not to turn her in. She insists that Sonny will kill her. Ava cries and pleads with Silas to allow her to find her baby alone. At the end, Silas says he won't turn her in and he's going to join her in the search for her child.

Anna speaks to a reporter at Kelly's about Ava and her baby's disappearance. She assures them she's doing all she can. Anna also assures the reporter that she'll do her best to stop organized crime. Outside Lucy sees Duke about to walk into Kelly's. He tells Lucy that the charges were dropped and Lucy impulsively hugs him. Right then Anna walks out and sees them. She tells Lucy that Sonny's the reason Duke is free and that Duke has an interesting new job. Later Duke and Lucy chat alone inside Kelly's. Duke tells her he's taking over Sonny's business. Lucy isn't happy to hear that and thinks its a mistake. Duke tells Lucy that he and Anna are over and he owes Sonny his loyalty.

Nikolas hears Britt and Dr. Obrecht arguing at Wyndermere and insists that Britt tell him what's going on. He gets the feeling Britt is lying to him although she tries to deny it. Dr. Obrecht accuses Nikolas of being paranoid. Then Spencer walks in and Dr. O tells Spencer that Nikolas is yelling at Brita. Spencer jumps to the wrong conclusion. Nik takes Spencer aside and tells him that he needs to confess whatever he knows in the interest of father/son trust. Britt asks Nik to stop pressuring Spencer and says she'll tell Nikolas whatever he wants to know. At the end, Britt admits that she was behind Spencer's disappearance. 

At the Quartermaine's, Luke orders Dante to find his impostor and also says he's ready to go after Julian. Dante calls Anna and then takes off. After Olivia, Ned and Alexis talk about Julian. Alexis stands up for Julian, but Ned doesn't understand why Alexis is defending him. Alexis reminds Ned that Larry is likely involved and then takes off herself to avoid an argument. After Ned tells Olivia he needs to know what Larry is up to. Nearby Lulu and Tracy give Luke a drink and Lulu tells him about Rocco. Later Tracy and Luke are alone and Tracy gets upset. She's disgusted with herself for not seeing through Fluke's ruse. Luke holds her as Tracy cries and says she sorry to him.

Julian is stopped by Fluke with a gun at Ava's apartment. He speaks with an accent and tells Julian that he has to die. Julian tries to lobby for himself and wants to know Fluke's real name. Just as Fluke is about to tell him, Anna and Dante come storming in with their guns pointed. Anna and Dante are shocked to see Fluke. He says, "I am the real Luke Spencer!" Anna orders Fluke to put his gun down, which he does. Dante handcuffs Fluke and Anna decides to remove Fluke's mask. At the end, all of them stare at him, but we don't see his face. However in the preview it appears that it's Faison! 

End of show!

Enjoy tomorrow's preview below!

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