Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Blogcation

I'll be taking a little holiday break from blogging and will return with new spoilers and recaps on Jan 5th 2015. In the meantime according to General Hospital Happenings here's what's on tap for the next two weeks!

Due to Friday the 19th's pre-emption, Friday's episode should air on Monday the 22nd. Some of the Daily Spoilers below will likely be off by one day.

Week of December 22nd

12/22 Jordan receives a warning from Carlos.
Alexis is surprised by an unexpected visitor.

12/23 Dr. Obrecht does a good deed, who benefits from her act of kindness?
Ric catches an eyeful of Liz and Jake kissing?

12/24 Scheduled to be Encore Episode (not sure if they will still air encore eppy or use this date to catch up a day missed due pre-empted episode; tune in just to be certain.)

12/25 No GH - Happy Holidays!

12/26 Fates conspire to keep this couple apart.
Liz gets asked out on a date.

Week of December 29th

12/29 Patrick asks Sam to spend New Year's Eve with him.
Anna tries to talk Jordan into doing something Jordan would rather not do.
Jordan finds herself in a precarious position.

12/30 PC citizens gather to celebrate the New Year, but are they all with the ones they love?

12/31 - Not sure if GH will air or not.

01/01 - No GH, Happy New Year!

1/02 Who will be bumping lips as the New Year rings in?
Alexis makes a deliberate move guaranteed to bring on Julian's jealousy.

Have a wonderful Holiday and a very Happy New Year GH fans!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jake is no Jason!

In this episode Anna sports a cute shorter hairdo, Liz and Sam have a heated conversation about men plus Alexis agrees to help Nina!

Thursday's Recap - 

Duke takes a mobular payoff in a box of tea bags at the Metro Court. Shawn sits down with him and they discuss Ric. Shawn explains Anna's involvement with Ric's fake death and Johnny's demands to take over Sonny's business. Shawn says Julian and Carlos are working for Johnny. Duke says at least Julian will distract Anna from their business. Duke tells Shawn they should give Julian and Carlos exactly what they want.

Carlos greets Julian at Johnny's garage and shows him Ric bound and gagged (although we don't see Ric) in the trunk of a car. Julian doesn't like that Carlos brought to the scene of a crime. Julian reminds Carlos that he works for him, not Johnny. Carlos says he's loyal to Julian, but thinks Julian is holding back because of Alexis. Julian says he and Alexis are over. Then Julian gets a call from Duke. Later Julian and Carlos come to the Metro Court to talk with Duke and Shawn. Duke tells Julian that they will get everything they deserve, if they hand over Ric. Julian refuses until he has confirmation that Johnny is controlling Sonny's territory.

Alexis chats with a shirtless Nathan in his hospital room about Maxie's visitation hearing. Alexis says legally Maxie doesn't have many options. Nathan is frustrated that he can't help Maxie more. Then he asks Alexis to help Nina. Nathan tells her that Nina is sick and he feels responsible for her. He brings up Alexis's sister and asks her what she would do in his place. Nathan also mentions that he and Alexis are family. Alexis eventually agrees and Nathan is very grateful. At the end, Nathan thinks about how he can help Maxie. He makes a call to unknown person asking for assistance.

Anna takes Nina to her cell in the PCPD. Franco is in the cell across the way and demands to know why Nina seems so quiet. Anna tells him they had to give Nina sedatives. Anna steps away and after Nina tells Franco he lied to her. He says he didn't lie to her, but admits that he did fail her. He pleads with Nina not to turn her back on him. Nina says they aren't going to make bail and won't be able to see each other anyway. She gets emotional and says, "It ends here!" Franco thinks the drugs are taking the fight out of her. He tells Nina not to give up, because he thinks they can still have a life together. Franco promises her that everything will be okay. Then Alexis shows up and tells Nina she's there on Nathan's behalf to help her. At the end, Nina asks Alexis to help her friend Franco as well.

Jordan and Anna talk in the interrogation room. Jordan assumes that her work in the investigation is done, but Anna asks Jordan to help her find Ric. Anna thinks Jordan should infiltrate Julian and Carlos to find out where Ric is. Jordan says she's burned out and her relationship with TJ has taken enough hits already. Anna advises her to come clean with TJ and says bringing Ric home to Molly will impress TJ. Anna's words work and Jordan agrees. Later Alexis comes to the PCPD. Anna assures her that they're doing everything they can to find Ric. Meanwhile Jordan finds Carlos and Julian at the Metro Court and says she's ready to get back to work.

Sam gets a visit from Elizabeth at her penthouse. Liz is worked up about Jake and Sam's suspicions of him. Sam doesn't understand why Liz isn't more concerned given that the masked man helped Faison escape. Sam says Faison is responsible for killing Jason. Liz says she hates Faison, but she's certain Jake is innocent. Sam asks why Liz is so sure and accuses Liz of falling for Jake. She tells Liz it's not the first time she's fallen for a psycho. She brings up AJ, Ric and Nikolas. Liz is humbled, but gets defensive. They bring up their mutual past failings and conclude that they've both made mistakes. Sam says, "Jake is no Jason!" At the end, Liz warns Sam to leave her and Jake alone or else. Sam replies that she'll do what she has to do.

Jake continues to have flashes of his masked man antics at GH. Patrick walks up to him and Jake assumes that Sam told him about her suspicions of him. However Patrick doesn't know. Jake decides to talk to him about his memory issues instead. Jake tells Patrick he thinks he's having false memories. Patrick advises him to speak with Kevin Collins. Patrick think it's very possible that Jake could be part of the Port Charles criminal element. Hearing that makes Jake take pause and he decides not to speak with Kevin. At the end, Jake runs into Liz at the hospital. He tells her he might never find out who he used to be.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Vindictive Ass

That judge is gonna pay!
Here's What Happened - 

Maxie comes to see Nathan at GH and tells him she was denied visitation of Georgie. Maxie starts to cry. Nathan doesn't understand how this is possible, but Maxie explains how the judge found out they had seen each other. Maxie says it's all her fault for not listening to the rules. Nathan says the judge is abusing his power and he won't let him get away with it. Nathan is ready to leave his hospital bed and tell Judge Walters off, but Maxie tells him not to. She climbs into bed with him and asks him to hold her instead. At the end, Maxie thinks about not seeing Georgie on Christmas. Nathan promises to find a way for her to see her baby for the holidays.

Silas comes to visit Ava in jail. Ava wants to know who's looking after her baby. Silas tells her the baby is with Morgan and Kiki. Ava doesn't think they will know how to care for an infant. Silas says Carly is helping them. Ava isn't thrilled, but says it's better then crazy Nina. After she thanks Silas for helping her and says she'll never forget what he did. Then they start talking about Connie's murder. Ava feels the evidence will certainly convict her. After Silas says they are running a DNA test on the baby. Then Silas says she's a tough cookie and he likes that. He promises to keep her posted on the baby and gives her one of the baby's socks.

Sonny gets a visit from Shawn at Pentonville. Shawn tells him that they finally found the baby. He also tells Sonny that Franco, Nina and Ava are all in jail. Shawn explains the baby is being looked after by Carly, Kiki and Morgan. After Shawn brings up Carly and asks if Sonny is sure about not seeing Carly anymore. Sonny says it's for the best. Then he brings up giving his territory to Johnny Z. Shawn doesn't like what he hears, but Sonny explains that Johnny has Ric. He says he wants Shawn to snatch Ric from Johnny. Shawn agrees and promises to bring Ric home.

Kiki and Morgan look over Ava's baby at the Brownstone with Carly's aid. Michael stops by and Carly shows him the baby. It's hard for Michael to resist, but he remains detached. Michael asks who the father is. Morgan explains that they are waiting on the DNA tests. After Michael tells them he's evicting them from the Brownstone. Morgan and Kiki are disgusted with him and Morgan accuses Michael of being a vindictive ass. Then Carly tells him that she's not with Sonny anymore. Carly explains that Sonny refused to see her, because he's hoping Michael will forgive her. Carly asks if Michael will please consider forgiving everyone. However Michael digs his heels in and says Kiki and Morgan need to be out by the end of the day.

Sabrina and Patrick meet at the Metro Court for lunch. Patrick lets Sabrina know that Victor was the one who really caused Gabriel's death. Patrick explains that it was all because of Robin and Jason. He then says Victor Cassadine is dead. Sabrina is emotional, but accepts the news. After Patrick talks about Sam and his hopes that she'll forgive him. After Sabrina tells Patrick she was fired from GH, because she tried to induce Ava's labor with faulty medicine. Sabrina says she feels like a monster for what she did. Patrick says he understands and offers to help her if she needs it. They hug and agree to stay friends. At the end, Sabrina goes to see Ava and apologizes to her. Ava accepts it and says she understands why Sabrina did what she did.

Sam thinks about the masked man at the PCPD. Then Jake walks in. Sam isn't happy to see him and asks what he's doing at the station. Jake teases that he's not returning to the scene of the crime. Sam realizes that Elizabeth told him about her suspicions. Jake gets defensive and asks what made Sam think this. She answers that he slipped up and she's knows he's the masked man. Jake denies it, but Sam tells him to save his lies. Then she walks off. At the end, Sam goes to the Metro Court to meet Alexis and runs into Patrick. He tries again to apologize and says he doesn't want to lose her. Sam says she doesn't want to lose their friendship either and says she will try to forgive him. Meanwhile Jake continues to think about what Sam said to him about being the masked man. He starts to have some memories of the hostage situation and wonders if Sam's right.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Off the Record

I haven't seen Nathan!
Today's Show - 

Maxie waits at the courthouse for her visitation hearing to start. She gets a Skype call from Nathan. He wishes her good luck. Then Lulu walks in to offer moral support and they hang up. After Maxie gets a text from Diane saying she can't make it, but thankfully Alexis walks in ready to take Diane's place. Court begins and the judge immediately grills Alexis for now representing Maxie when she represented Dante and Lulu at the beginning of all of this. Then the judge brings up his order that Maxie stay away from Nathan. He says that he saw her visiting Nathan at the hospital. Maxie says she was just doing her volunteering duties, but then the judge brings up every other time Maxie saw Nathan recently. He ultimately denies her visitation for another six months.

Dr. Obrecht talks to Nathan in his hospital room about his feelings for Maxie. Nathan explains the situation with Maxie's hearing and his hopes they can see each other soon. Dr. O thinks the judge is wrong for keeping them apart and offers to tell him off on Nathan's behalf. Nathan thanks her, but says that's not needed. After they discuss Faison. Dr. O tells Nathan that Britt left town with Faison. She explains to him "off the record" that Nikolas wanted to have Britt arrested. Dr. O says she stayed behind to look after him.

Ned asks Olivia at the Metro Court what's been bothering her. Olivia hesitates to tell him, but finally Olivia admits that she has feelings for him. She asks Ned if there is any chance for them. Ned feels conflicted and says he really likes Olivia, but he wants to take a second chance with Alexis. Ned wants to stay friends with her, but Olivia says she can't do that. She explains that being around him is too hard and brings out petty anger toward Alexis. At the end, Ned walks away and Olivia sheds a tear.

Sam ignores a call from Patrick outside of the police station. Inside Dante looks over the footage of Faison's escape. Lulu walks up to him and Dante tells her about the various problems he's been encountering. They briefly chat about Felicia's mayoral recount. Later Sam walks in and tells Dante about her suspicions about Jake. Dante says she doesn't have any evidence to support this. He tells Sam that he did try to run Jake's fingerprints, but there was a glitch in the system. Sam decides to call Spinelli. At the end, Spinelli sends an enhanced picture of the masked man's eyes. Sam says she certain it's Jake. 

At the hospital, Jake runs into Dr. Obrecht. She thanks him for spending time with the sick kids, but says that won't omit his hospital bill. After he runs into Liz and offers to share a brown bag lunch with her. They decide to sit at the top of the steps and chat. Liz tells Jake about Sam's suspicions about him. Jake gets upset and asks if Liz thinks it's true. She responds that it's "unsettling" so Jake offers to move out of her house. At the end, Liz says she trusts him and wants him to stay.

At Wyndermere, Spencer gives Nikolas the cold shoulder when Nik asks him to decorate the Christmas tree with him. Nik tries to explain the danger he was in with Britt. Spencer says Britt left Port Charles and he saw Helena. Nik is concerned and goes to call security. However right then, Helena walks out of the secret door in the wall. Nik insists that Helena not speak to Spencer and has Spencer wait in his bedroom. After Nikolas warns Helena to stay away. Helena doesn't want to hear it. She says they are family and all she's ever wanted was to preserve the Cassadine future. She tells him to live up to his position as prince or she'll take everything from him!

End of show!

Have a great night!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Today's Show

No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow! 

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Friday, December 12, 2014

I'm a Lover. Not a Fighter!

I'm innocent!
In today's show Sam and Liz disagree, Jake listens to Carly's many problems and Ava finally gets her baby back!

Here's What Happened - 

Alexis comes to visit Julian at the PCPD and finds him doing handstands shirtless. He puts a shirt on and Alexis tells him she's there for Molly's sake. She also tells him that Ric is alive. Julian is surprised and Alexis explains how Anna planned the whole thing. She says Ric is missing now and Alexis asks if Julian is behind it. Julian promises that he had nothing to do with hit. Alexis isn't sure she believes him, but Julian says he's been too busy trying to get out of jail. He asks her to help him, but Alexis refuses to be his lawyer. At the end, Carlos pays Julian a visit.

At GH, Sam tells Spinelli on the phone that she might have a suspect in the case of the masked man. She thinks of Jake and after talks to Elizabeth. Sam tells Liz that she thinks it's Jake and explains what happened with Jake repeating the same phrase as the masked man. Liz doesn't think that amounts to Jake being the gunman. Sam gets aggressive in her questions, but Liz feels certain that Jake is a good guy and tells Sam to drop the idea.

Jake listens to Carly at the Metro Court while she drinks and confesses her problems to him. Carly talks about how horrible a person AJ was and says Sonny is pushing her away. Carly insists that she won't give up on Sonny. Jake smirks at her and says he hears her. They start discussing Michael and Jake tells Carly about his encounter with Michael. Jake thinks Sonny is just clinging to whatever power he has left. Later Jake tells Carly that he's looking for a job. She says she needs a bartender and asks him to make her a martini. She tells him to make it dry as the Sahara and make it really dirty. However, before she takes her first sip Carlos walks in. Carlos gives Carly an earful for lying about AJ's murder. He grabs her arm and Jake quickly twists Carlos's arm behind his back. Jake forces Carlos to accept Carly's apology for lying and move on. Carlos does, but warns Carly he'll be seeing her. After Carly likes Jake's skills and wonders if he was a bodyguard before. Then she finally sips her martini, but says it's awful. Instead she's offers him a job on her security team. Jake says he's a lover, not a fighter. At the end, Jake heads to GH to see Liz and they go to lunch together while Sam watches. Meanwhile Alexis heads to the Metro Court and Carly gives her Jake's dirty martini.

Sonny gets verbally teased by Johnny at Pentonville. Johnny laughs about how Ava's baby might be his or Morgan's. Sonny gets pissed and puts a shank to Johnny's neck. Johnny's goons quickly walk over and Sonny lets Johnny free. Then Johnny says he could help him in prison if Sonny allows Johnny to run his organization. Sonny thinks that's ridiculous, but Johnny says that Ric's alive and he'll kill him if Sonny doesn't do what he wants.

Ava, Silas, Morgan and Kiki wait for news about the baby in Canada. Nearby Dante and his Mountie aid find Franco outside the cabin holding what appears to be Ava's baby wrapped in a pink blanket. Franco makes a run for it, but runs right into Ava, Morgan and Kiki. Dante comes up behind him with a gun and Ava pleads with Franco to give her the baby. Franco refuses and says the baby belongs to him and Nina. Then he tosses the blanket to the ground revealing it's just a bag of flower. Kiki begs Franco to do the right thing so he finally says the baby is upstairs with Nina. Morgan and Ava take off to get her and after Dante arrests Franco. At the end, Franco tells Kiki that he wanted to protect Nina.

Meanwhile Silas goes to find Nina and knocks on the cabin door. Silas tells Nina through the door that Franco's been apprehended and she needs to let him in. Nina listens and opens the door holding the baby. She says the baby might not be hers biologically, but it's hers nonetheless. Silas tells Nina that he wants her to be happy and asks if he can join her. Nina isn't sure if she can believe him or not, but Silas acts convincing. He asks if can hold their daughter. Nina is touched and gives Silas the baby. Then Ava and Morgan walk in. Morgan grabs Nina and Silas gives Ava her baby. Nina starts freaking out screaming, "It's my baby!" At the end, Silas holds Nina while Morgan and Ava take the baby away. Outside Ava and Morgan have a family moment. Then Dante comes over and arrests Ava!

End of show!

I still think Anthony Z is involved with Johnny and/or the Fluke storyline somehow!

Have a great weekend!

P.S. This is the 500th blog post I've done for GH. I must be nuts, but I love it!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

What About Us?

I love  you!
Today's Show - 

At Pentonville, Sonny tells Carly to not to come back again. Sonny says she needs to tell Michael that it's over between them to save her relationship with him. Carly asks, "What about us?" Sonny replies that he's in jail for life and has nothing to offer her. Carly says she only wants to be with him and she can't forget about him. Sonny tells Carly to walk away from him and says she needs to find someone else. Then he tells Carly he can chose who he'll see and if she comes again he'll refuse to see her. Then he hangs up the phone and turns away from her. Carly decides to walk away and Sonny breaks out in tears. At the end, Sonny has flashbacks of he and Carly's recent time together.

Ava, Kiki, Morgan and Silas continue their talk about working together at Ryan's bar. Delia tells Kiki and Morgan to help Ava. Then Betsy Franc walks in. Turns out she's the one who Silas was waiting to meet. Betsy talks about Ava stealing a child from Franco and calls her a harpy. Ava interjects and asks if they can concentrate on the baby. However when Betsy realizes that Ava is Ava she's not willing to help anymore. Morgan steps in, says he's the father and convinces Betsy to work with them. At the end, Betsy and Delia talk about their morally questionable children.

Nathan talks to Anna about Nina from his hospital bed. Anna tells him to focus on getting better. After Liz talks with him about getting well and then Maxie shows up dressed as a hospital volunteer. Maxie brings him flowers from Britt and tells him not to worry about the judge. Liz steps out and once alone Maxie kisses Nathan. Nearby Dante runs into Anna by the hospital elevators. He tells her he might have a lead on Nina and Franco. Dante tells Anna about the boat captain and Anna gets Scotty to authorize a deal to make the guy talk. Later they get the location of where Nina and Franco went and Dante takes off to find them.

Sam gets the footage she was waiting for from Spinelli at the Metro Court. Jake sits with her and they end up watching it together on Sam's laptop. Jake jokes that the man fits his basic description and maybe it's him. Sam starts asking where he was yesterday. Jake defuses her, but then says, "I haven't got all day," which reminds her of what the masked man screamed. Sam gets nervous, realizes Jake might be the guy and quickly heads off. At the end, Carly storms into the Metro Court emotional and ready to drink. Jake sees her and offers to help.

Fluke and Helena meet up on the docks. He speaks in an odd accent and they congratulate themselves on a plan well executed. However Fluke is concerned about Nathan being shot and the masked man Helena used to free Faison. Helena assures him that her henchman is well qualified. Fluke asks who he is, but Helena won't say. She explains that the masked man is under her complete control. At the end, they discuss ELQ. Helena says her "soldier boy" might be able to help.

Franco is recognized by the blonde girl at the cabin. He tries to convince her that she's mistaken, but she's certain he's her favorite artist, Franco. The baby starts crying so Nina allows herself to be seen. The girl says the baby doesn't look like either of them. She claims to be a big fan of his art and says her lips are sealed. Then she leaves and after Nina thinks they need to run. Franco says there's no where better then the cabin. Nina's not convinced and says they're family is in danger. Franco thinks about it and says he'll take care of the girl. At the end, Dante arrives with some Mounties and finds Franco holding what appears to be the baby wrapped in a giant pink blanket!

End of show!

Have a great night!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Don't Come Around Here No More

I need to find the masked man!
In today's episode we see a snazzy new Metro Court, Fluke wants a job at ELQ and Sam gossips with Jake!

Wednesday's Recap - 

Sam chats on her cell phone at the Metro Court to Spinelli about getting the footage from the PCPD hostage situation. Then Jake walks in. Sam invites him to sit down and Jake asks how Sam is doing. He tells her that he and Elizabeth saw the news footage. Sam says she's okay, but wants to track down the masked gunman. Sam brings up that Faison killed Jason. Jake isn't sure that Sam will be able to find the masked man if the police can't. She replies that with Spinelli's help she's certain she'll uncover who tried to use her as a human shield. After they talk about Franco, Carly and Sonny. Sam fills him in on all their current drama.

Dante heads to the docks to question a boat captain about Faison. He tells the captain that Faison was posing as Luke Spencer. The boat captain insists he doesn't know anything, but Dante doesn't believe him. Dante pushes him into the wall and demands some information. He again swears he doesn't know about Faison, but says he does know something about Nina and Franco. However, the captain refuses to talk unless Dante makes him a deal and puts it in writing.

Ava dreams that Silas found her baby, but wakes up disappointed in their hotel room. She can't help but cry, but Silas promises they'll get her back. After they get dressed, Silas tells Ava that he found a gallery owner who might have a lead on Franco and they head off. Meanwhile. Kiki and Morgan head to Ryan's bar to see Delia. When Delia spots Kiki she's overjoyed to see her and pulls Kiki into a bear hug. Kiki introduces Morgan and tells Delia that she broke up with Michael. After they explain how Morgan might be Ava's baby daddy. Delia thinks they must assume she's been hiding Ava and swears she hasn't seen Ava. Right then Ava and Silas walk in. Kiki, Morgan and Delia are shocked to see them and Kiki realizes that Silas lied to her. Morgan decides to tell Ava that he gave her up to Sonny and says she betrayed him. Ava can't believe it. Later they all calm down and discuss Franco and Nina. Ava asks if they can all work together to find the baby. 

Nina wakes up in the cabin to find the baby missing and panics. Shortly after Franco walks in with baby "Jamie" and says he left her note that he took the baby for a walk. Franco assures Nina that he's in it to win it with her and she doesn't need to worry. Then someone knocks on the door. Franco answers the door with a frying pan ready to strike the person. He finds a blonde girl there who says he dropped the baby's mitten. The girl thinks she recognizes Franco, but he quickly shuts the door on her. At the end she returns. The girl says she remembers him and says his name is Franco.

Carly goes to the Pentonville to see Sonny and finds him badly beaten. She's outraged and demands that he tells her who beat him up. Sonny won't say and changes the subject to Ava's baby. Carly tells him there's no news and the baby's still missing. Carly explains that the police are spread thin, because of Faison. Sonny doesn't understand. Carly explains that Faison was posing as Luke Spencer. Sonny is considered for Luke, but assures Carly that despite Faison efforts his territory is safe. Later Carly starts to talk about Sonny getting beaten up again. Sonny tells her not to worry, because he knows how to gain and keep power. Then Sonny tells a shocked Carly not to visit him again.

Fluke reads about Faison in the newspaper in the Q's living room. Michael walks in and Fluke promptly apologizes for the trouble Faison caused him. Michael says he's had worst, especially from Sonny. Fluke says he thinks Sonny deserves to be in prison. Michael is taken aback, because he thought Luke and Sonny were friends. Fluke brings up many of Sonny's crimes over the years and drives home how AJ was innocent when Sonny shot him. Then Fluke apologizes for the way Faison treated Kiki so Michael explains that they broke up. After he asks Michael for a job at ELQ. Michael says he'll think it over and heads out. At the end, Fluke gets a phone call and arranges a mysterious meeting.

End of show!

Have a great night!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Find That Masked Man!

Here's What Happened - 

Ned and Olivia watch a 3D movie at the Quartermaine's while munching on popcorn. Olivia gets spooked by the movie and jumps on Ned. After Olivia starts to work up the nerve to tell Ned how she feels about him, but Alexis walks in and interrupts her. Olivia feels awkward and decides to excuse herself to make more popcorn. Once alone, Alexis apologizes to Ned. She says she's sorry for defending Julian. Alexis tells Ned about Julian framing Ric, Ric being alive afterall and Molly being angry at her. Ned assures her that Molly will come around and they kiss. Olivia comes back in and sees them. At the end, Olivia and Ned continue their "friend" night alone. Olivia says she was going to see if he wanted to spend New Year's Eve together, but understands he'd rather be with Alexis. Much to Olivia's disappointment, Ned tells her that she'll find the right guy sooner or later.

At Kelly's, Alexis runs into Maxie while looking for Molly. Maxie promises to let Alexis know if she sees Molly. Then Alexis takes off. After Maxie worries about whether or not she'll hear from Nathan. Patrick walks in and sits down. He mentions that he's having troubles with Sam. Maxie tells Patrick about her upcoming hearing to get visitation with Georgie. Nearby Molly and TJ talk about their parent issues in the kitchen. Later Molly hangs out and shows TJ an article she's writing about Ric being wrongly accused. At the end Alexis returns to see Molly, but Molly won't speak to her.

Anna and Dante search the docks looking for Faison and the mysterious masked gunman. They find Jordan instead and all three of them wonder who helped Faison. Anna tells Dante to check on Nathan and after Jordan worries that her department chief will be angry. Right then her chief, Bob, walks up to her and Anna. He tells Jordan that Faison's escape is on her and fires her. Jordan is outraged. Anna tries to defend her, but Bob says Anna's in trouble as well. Bob says Anna was kept out of the loop about Ric Lansing because of her troubles. However we don't get to hear what happened with Ric.

Nathan is taken to the hospital and is immediately treated for his gun shot. Dr. Obrecht rushes in and wants to take over her son's care. Nathan loses a lot of blood and goes in and out of consciousness, but manages to call out for Maxie. Meanwhile Sam and Lulu come to the hospital to check on Nathan. One of the nurse's tells Sam only immediate family can visit him. While Sam and Lulu wait for news, Sam tells Lulu about the masked man who shot Nathan. Then Lulu gets a text from Maxie asking if she's seen Nathan. Lulu debates telling her about Nathan being shot. Sam advises her to tell Maxie the truth so Lulu calls her. 

Later Dante arrives and Dr. Obrecht walks out. She tells them that Nathan will be fine. Then Patrick and Maxie show up and Maxie rushes to see Nathan. Dr. O follows her and agrees to let Maxie spend a few minutes with him. Once alone, Nathan tells Maxie she shouldn't be visiting him but she refuses to leave. Meanwhile Patrick tries to talk to Sam outside. He worries about her dust up with the masked man and says he can't stop caring about her, even if she's mad at him. At the end, Sam tells Dante she's going to find the masked man no matter what she does.

Liz is anxious to hear how Jake's job hunt went at her house. She notices that Jake seems exhausted, but Jake insists he's fine. Liz advises him to take a shower while she makes him soup. Then they turn on the TV and hear a news story about he masked gunman who helped Faison escape. Jake watches as the news replays the hostage situation from the police station, which shows Nathan being shot. Then they announce that Ric was cleared as head of the Jerome crime family. Hearing the news report makes Liz feel guilty about Ric.

At the end, Anna calls Alexis and tells her that Ric's missing!

End of show!

Have a great night!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Pentonville Blues

Hard Knock life!
No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow! In the meantime, according to General Hospital Happenings, here's a few spoilers for today's episode.

Sonny learns that Johnny Z. holds the power at Pentonville.

Nikolas questions Liz about Jake.

Britt has a gift and a bit of news for Spencer.

Maxie has Lulu's support as she prepares for her custody hearing. Will Maxie endanger her chances due to her irresistible pull towards Nathan?

Have a great night!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Jason Morgan is You!

Hi Sonny!
In this episode Sam turns on Patrick, Helena drops a bomb on Jake and Sonny gets a surprise in prison!

Friday's Show - 

Fluke 1 torments the real Luke in a mysterious basement. Fluke speaks unusually and tells poor Luke about Faison's involvement. Luke asks why Faison would risk being involved with all of this. Fluke replies that Helena is protecting Faison. He also tells Luke that he's been welcomed back into the Quartermaine fold. Luke demands to know who he really is, if he's not Faison or Larry Ashton. Fluke says he's not wearing a mask. Then he asks Luke how it could be possible that they have the same face. At the end, Fluke tells Luke he'll have plenty of time to figure it out while he's living Luke's life.

Anna and Faison have another round of banter in the interrogation room at the PCPD. Anna demands to know what his connection to Helena is. Faison starts bringing up Helena's kidnap and attempted brainwash of Lucky from years ago. He says, "I wonder if Helena ever perfected the technique." Anna has trouble concealing her emotions and tells Faison he failed to brainwash her to fall in love with him. Faison tells Anna the spell is broken and claims he's over his obsession with her. 

In the police station hallway, Patrick confirms to a distraught Sam that Jason didn't die when he was shot by Faison. He explains what he knew about Jason and Crichton-Clark. Sam demands to know when he found out about all of this. Patrick tells her he found out months ago, but Jason was already dead. Sam freaks out and calls Patrick a son of a bitch. She accuses him of robbing her of time with Jason. Patrick explains that Robin was being blackmailed and he wanted to spare her all the pain of losing Jason all over again. Then Patrick says he's sorry and asks for her forgiveness. However Sam can't get over it and tells Patrick leave her alone. At then end, Sam sees Anna take Faison back to his cell. Anna promises Sam that Faison won't get away with what he's done. Then a masked man grabs Sam from behind and covers her mouth.

Helena and Jake have a bizarre conversation on the docks. Jake says he knows who she is and wants to know why Helena came over on Thanksgiving. Jake warns her not to hurt Elizabeth or else. Helena replies that she's only interested in him. Helena starts to tell Jake about his time at Crichton-Clark. She talks about Robin's work with him and says he was her greatest triumph. Then Helena drops a bomb and says, "Jason Morgan is you." She explains that the accident that caused him to need facial reconstruction was random, but was beneficial none the less. Jake has trouble believing it all, but realizes if it's true Sam is his wife and Danny is his son. Jake wants Helena to prove it. She says a DNA test should prove it in addition to telling Jake that he works for her. Helena tells Jake that he was selected to be part of an elite force in the WSB and has been conditioned to do her bidding. Helena tells Jake that she has a job for him, but we don't get to hear what it is. At the end, Helena tells him to forget that he's Jason Morgan once the job is done.

Nik stops by Liz's house to tell her she was right about Britt. Later Liz informs Nikolas that Helena is back and came over to see Jake. Meanwhile at Kelly's, Britt and Dr. O discuss Britt's potential legal problems. Dr. Obrecht tells Britt to join her and Faison on a marvelous adventure. Dr. Obrecht thinks Britt has nothing to lose. At the end, Britt and Dr. Obrecht meet Helena on the docks with their bags.

Sonny thinks about Michael disowning him in the prison gym. Carlos strolls up to him and teases Sonny about being in jail. Sonny tells Carlos that he never asked Ava to make him confess to AJ's murder. Carlos says he's been rotting in prison to protect Sabrina, but not for long because he's getting out today. Then Carlos warns Sonny that a lot of people hate him in prison and he's going to get what he deserves.

Outside of Kelly's, Michael discusses plans for his clinic dedicated to AJ. Then Sabrina approaches him and apologizes for originally giving him bad intel on Carlos supposedly killing AJ. Michael says he understands and then he asks Sabrina if she wants to work at the clinic. Sabrina tells him she lost her job at GH, because she compromised her morals. At the end, Sabrina sees Carlos as she's coming out of Kelly's. Meanwhile back at the prison, Sonny runs into Johnny Z!

End of show!

The Fluke plot needs to wrap up soon. It's frying my brains! How do you feel?

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Queen of the Damned

Too Funny!
Thursday's Recap - 

Spencer demands to know where Britt is at Wyndermere. Nikolas coldly tells Spencer that he kicked out Britt for what she did to him. Spencer says running away was his idea, but Nikolas says it doesn't matter, because Britt's an adult and should have known better. Nikolas says he can't be with someone who would use his son. Spencer says he can't lose his mother all over again. Nikolas says Britt is nothing like Courtney, because Britt is a terrible person. Spencer yells that he loves Britt and he hates Nik for making her go away.

Anna attempts to interrogate Faison at the PCPD, but they end up having an intense conversation. Anna tells him that Dr. Obrecht is desperate for him and it's disgusting. Faison torments Anna for putting him in a hole. Anna says he had it coming, because of what he did to Robin. Faison hints that they should go to Paris to find Robin. Anna ignores him, but allows Sam and Patrick to come in. After Patrick and Sam question Faison alone and Sam asks why he killed Jason. Faison says he enjoys his work and shows no remorse. Then Faison tells Patrick it was Victor who arranged the car accident that killed baby Gabriel. Faison says Victor didn't want Patrick to know what Robin was up to at Crichton-Clark with Jason. Sam thinks Faison is lying, but Faison says Jason lived and Patrick knows it's true. At the end, Sam runs off but Patrick chases her down and tells her it's true and he knew all along.

On the docks, Dr. Obrecht cries alone about what she's going to do about Faison. Helena walks up to her and offers a handkerchief. Helena says she's the only Cassadine around to avenge Victor, but she was never terribly fond of him. Then Helena tells Dr. Obrecht that she's going to make Faison a free man. Dr. O is delighted and asks how she can thank Helena. Helena says she'll think of something.

Britt runs into Brad at Kelly's. She tells him that Nikolas kicked her out. Britt says Nikolas acted like she didn't mean anything to him. She also tells Brad that Nik wants to press charges against her. Brad offers to help Britt pay for a lawyer and says it's because they're besties. Britt thanks him and they say I love you to each other. At the end, Dr. O comes to see Britt when she's alone and tells her everything will work out just fine.

Jake shows Liz a picture of Helena in the newspaper and says that's the woman who came to her house on Thanksgiving. Liz freaks and gives Jake background on Helena and the Cassadines. Jake asks why Helena would want to speak with him. Liz wonders the same thing and refers to Helena as the Queen of the Damned. Later Jake says he needs to get a job asap and Liz calls Anna to tell her about Helena's visit. At the end, Nikolas stops by to see Liz. Meanwhile Jake runs into Helena on the docks.

Fluke sees a "Fluke" newspaper headline at the Quartermaine's. Then Alice comes in and tells him that she felt something was off about the previous Fluke. He asks why she didn't act on her instinct and try to save him. Alice tells him about her heart transplant and says she didn't know what to do. Fluke says he's just messing with her and that he's glad she's going to be okay. Later Anna drops by with Tracy to visit with Luke. Anna apologizes for Faison wearing the "Luke" mask. Tracy doesn't want to hear it and screams at Anna, but Luke accepts Anna's apology. At the end, Fluke goes to an unknown basement and we see the real Luke tied up to a chair.

End of show!

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Faison, Faison, Faison

At it again!
No official recap today. I'll be back tomorrow! 
In the meantime you can watch today's episode here --- > GH 12/03/14

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

An Unconventional Family

We'd make great parents!
In today's episode Nina and Franco talk parenting, Nikolas demands the truth from Britt and the Luke/Fluke drama continues!

Here's What Happened - 

Nina continues to work on softening Franco's resolve regarding Ava's baby at the cabin. Nina suggests that they could be her parents. Franco brings up kidnapping Elizabeth's baby in the past and giving Liz's baby to Betsy, his adopted mother. Franco also says Ava destroyed him when he found out Kiki wasn't his daughter. Nina says Ava is horrible and deserves to be paid back by losing her baby. Franco thinks it over and says okay. He says they'll be an unconventional family. 

Silas and Ava argue in their hotel room. Silas refuses to let Ava leave. He demands that Ava admit to killing Connie. She does so Silas puts a call out to Anna. He can't reach Anna so Ava begs him not to turn her in. She insists that Sonny will kill her. Ava cries and pleads with Silas to allow her to find her baby alone. At the end, Silas says he won't turn her in and he's going to join her in the search for her child.

Anna speaks to a reporter at Kelly's about Ava and her baby's disappearance. She assures them she's doing all she can. Anna also assures the reporter that she'll do her best to stop organized crime. Outside Lucy sees Duke about to walk into Kelly's. He tells Lucy that the charges were dropped and Lucy impulsively hugs him. Right then Anna walks out and sees them. She tells Lucy that Sonny's the reason Duke is free and that Duke has an interesting new job. Later Duke and Lucy chat alone inside Kelly's. Duke tells her he's taking over Sonny's business. Lucy isn't happy to hear that and thinks its a mistake. Duke tells Lucy that he and Anna are over and he owes Sonny his loyalty.

Nikolas hears Britt and Dr. Obrecht arguing at Wyndermere and insists that Britt tell him what's going on. He gets the feeling Britt is lying to him although she tries to deny it. Dr. Obrecht accuses Nikolas of being paranoid. Then Spencer walks in and Dr. O tells Spencer that Nikolas is yelling at Brita. Spencer jumps to the wrong conclusion. Nik takes Spencer aside and tells him that he needs to confess whatever he knows in the interest of father/son trust. Britt asks Nik to stop pressuring Spencer and says she'll tell Nikolas whatever he wants to know. At the end, Britt admits that she was behind Spencer's disappearance. 

At the Quartermaine's, Luke orders Dante to find his impostor and also says he's ready to go after Julian. Dante calls Anna and then takes off. After Olivia, Ned and Alexis talk about Julian. Alexis stands up for Julian, but Ned doesn't understand why Alexis is defending him. Alexis reminds Ned that Larry is likely involved and then takes off herself to avoid an argument. After Ned tells Olivia he needs to know what Larry is up to. Nearby Lulu and Tracy give Luke a drink and Lulu tells him about Rocco. Later Tracy and Luke are alone and Tracy gets upset. She's disgusted with herself for not seeing through Fluke's ruse. Luke holds her as Tracy cries and says she sorry to him.

Julian is stopped by Fluke with a gun at Ava's apartment. He speaks with an accent and tells Julian that he has to die. Julian tries to lobby for himself and wants to know Fluke's real name. Just as Fluke is about to tell him, Anna and Dante come storming in with their guns pointed. Anna and Dante are shocked to see Fluke. He says, "I am the real Luke Spencer!" Anna orders Fluke to put his gun down, which he does. Dante handcuffs Fluke and Anna decides to remove Fluke's mask. At the end, all of them stare at him, but we don't see his face. However in the preview it appears that it's Faison! 

End of show!

Enjoy tomorrow's preview below!

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Monday, December 1, 2014

Anna's Not Worthy

It's really me...maybe?
Monday's Recap - 

Morgan and Kiki talk about Ava's baby over Thanksgiving dinner at Kelly's. Morgan suggests that Kiki reach out to Silas for information on Nina. Meanwhile in a hotel room in NYC, Ava tries to keep Silas from calling Kiki. However Kiki calls him and beats him to the punch. Kiki tells Silas that Ava killed Connie and is wanted by the cops. At the end, Silas keeps Ava from running away.

At the Canadian cabin, Nina and Franco discuss what to do with Ava's baby. Franco wants to return the little one, but Nina says she wants to keep the baby. They end up having an argument, but ultimately Franco softens. He feeds the baby and grows fond of her.

Luke makes an surprise entrance at the Q's. Alexis and Luke explain that Luke was at Miscavige and someone else was impersonating him. Tracy isn't happy when she realizes she was sleeping with the enemy. Everyone turns their attention to Larry and starts to question him regarding his relationship with Jerry. Larry makes a run for it so Dante puts an APB out on him. 

Faison surprises Liesl at Wyndermere. He explains that he had to keep out of sight for the last year and claims he's finally over Anna. He tells Dr. Obrecht that Anna's not worthy. He kisses Dr. O and says she's the one for him now. Later Britt finds them kissing and isn't pleased to see Faison. Dr. O threatens to ruin Britt's relationship with Nikolas if she doesn't keep quiet about Faison. Britt reluctantly agrees. At the end, Nik walks in on Britt and Dr. Obrecht talking.

Julian finds Jordan waiting for him at Ava's apartment. Jordan wants to know who the boss is so Julian finally tells her it's Fluke Spencer. Jordan is confused about who the ringer is, but Julian says he needs to get going before the cops find him. At the end, Fluke finds Julian alone and points a gun at him.

End of show!

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GH December 2014 News, Rumors & Spoilers

According to General Hospital Happenings here's what coming up for December. As always, take with a grain of salt!

Some News - 

Robin will be back and likely for a longer stint this time around.

Rick Hearst (Ric) is back taping as is Brandon Barash (Johnny Z).

Betsy Franco (James Franco's real life mother) is making another appearance as Franco's mom.

Ava's mother Delia (Ilene Kristen) is making another appearance.

A Few Rumors - 

Maxie may get to see Georgie before the years end. Word is that Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) brings her by for the holidays. What will he think when he meets Jake?

Sabrina and Michael team up to see to Carlos' release.

Liz is uncomfortable with Sam's interest in exploring who Jake really might be.

Emma jumps to the conclusion that Sam and Paddy are a couple.

Nathan and Maxie come close to love-making.

Lulu gets an odd message.

Could James Franco be reprising the role of Franco? And if so, where will that leave Franco/Todd?

New Spoilers - 

Jake/Jason actively pursues a job.

Sonny and Johnny encounter each other in Pentonville.

Kiki and Morgan continue to fret about Ava's baby.

Nina and Franco decide on a "name" for the baby.

Ava is under pressure from Silas. Will he continue to protect her?

Dr. O threatens Britt and stops her from calling the police on Faison.

Britt receives advice from Brad.

Julian has info for Jordan regarding his boss.

Ned and Alexis may not see eye to eye. 

Luke makes an accusation towards Larry.

Nikolas is surprised by what Liz shares with him.

Madeline blackmails Dr. Obrecht in order to get her help.

Dr. Obrecht turns to Britt for help after encountering a potential threat.

Sabrina sees someone she did not expect.

Patrick comes clean to Sam.

Happy December!

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) as Santa!