Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Your One Father Killed Your Other Father

Say What?
Here's What Happened - 

Madeline tells Dr. Obrecht that she sent Silas on a wild goose chase at GH. Dr. O thinks Madeline should stop shielding Nina, because she's out of control. Madeline says it's none of her business. Then Madeline returns Dr. O's prescription pad and Dr. O asks what prescriptions she wrote. Madeline claims she wrote Nina a script for sleeping medicine. Later Madeline calls Nina and tells her that Silas is suspicious of her.

At Sonny's house, Heather arrives in costume. Max opens the door and she shoots him. Sonny and Morgan come to his rescue and Sonny asks who shot him. Max says it was a woman, but passes out before he can speak the name. Then they rush Max to GH. Upon arrival, Dr. Obrecht orders Morgan and Sonny out of the exam room. After Dr. O gives Sonny a lecture about his choice of professions and says she can't guarantee that Max will survive. After Sonny thinks maybe Ava shot Max, but Morgan doesn't agree.

Shawn tells Jordan at the warehouse that Franco and Heather make a hell of a team. He's frustrated about being trapped. They talk about how crazy Heather is and then Heather walks in with a gun pointed at them. She tells them she just shot Max. Then Heather threatens to shoot them as well. Shawn tries to talk her out of it. At the end, we see Heather lock up the warehouse and say, "That takes care of that."

Ava demands that Nina call a doctor for her at The Brownstone. Nina refuses and fights Ava to the couch. She tells Ava she's not going anywhere and needs to cooperate. Then Nina shares a creepy story about helping to deliver her horses's baby as a child. Nina says she reached into the birth canal and pulled the baby horse out. Nina says, "I saw god!" Ava listens in terror. Then Ava goes in serious labor. She asks Nina to get her some drugs, but Nina refuses and says, "It's time!" After Ava has a baby girl. Ava demands that Nina give her the baby, but Nina says it's her baby. Then Madeline walks into the Brownstone. Madeline quickly tries to usher Nina out, but Ava begs Madeline not to let Nina take the baby.

Silas goes to Nathan's place looking for Nina, but Nathan answers instead. Nathan tells him that Nina's not there and Silas realizes Madeline lied to him. Nathan thinks Madeline is protecting Nina and is most likely in on whatever Nina is up to. They head to GH and Nathan asks Dr. Obrecht to tell them where Madeline is. Dr. O tells them she doesn't know where Nina and Madeline are now, but she knows they're up to no good.

At the Haunted Star, Franco plays Michael the video of Sonny admitting to killing AJ. Michael is shocked and asks Carly if it's true. Franco responds by saying, "Your one father killed your other father!" Carly is disgusted with Franco and tries to console Michael, but Michael tells her to stay away from him. Then Franco plays part of the video where Carly admits to helping Sonny cover it up. Michael can't believe Carly lied to him and demands the truth from her. Carly finally admits to him that AJ told her that Sonny shot him on his death bed. Michael is outraged. Carly tells Franco she's going to kill him for this. Michael says Carly is dead to him and storms out as Carly screams his name. Then she looks back at Franco and he winks at her.

End of show!

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ABC news will be airing daily segments about GH all month long!!! Go General Hospital!

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