Thursday, November 20, 2014

You Lying Scarecrow!

It's complicated!
In this episode Lucas gives Julian relationship advice, Nina and Franco grow closer and Anna tells Dr. Obrecht some shocking news!

Today's Show - 

Julian does prison cell sit ups in his jail cell at the PCPD when Olivia comes storming in. Olivia rants at him about Ava killing Connie and she demands to know where Ava is. Julian says the only person he knew that Ava shot was her. Olivia is disgusted and isn't sure she believes Julian. Right then Lucas walks in and says he believes Julian. Olivia decides to leave and after Julian tells Lucas that Alexis dumped him and won't help him get out of jail. Lucas advises him to come clean and get Alexis back. Julian replies that it's not that simple. Lucas says things are going so well with Brad that he wants Julian to feel the same thing. Lucas thinks Julian needs to fight for Alexis.

At Silas's apartment, Ava reads a scathing newspaper headline about herself. Silas comes up behind her and asks what's she doing. Ava says she's terrified about her situation and covers up the paper. She rants about Nina and Franco having her baby. Silas suggests that call Sam. He thinks Sam can use her private investigator skills to help. However Ava says no and thinks Sam might tell Sonny where she is. She begs Silas to help her look for the baby together. Silas agrees and at the end they take off together.

Franco and Nina continue to hide in their Canadian cabin. Nina wakes up in bed next to Franco and assumes they slept together. Nina starts ranting about how she feels that's cheating on Silas. Franco swears nothing happened and then just watches her unsure of what to do. He tells Nina that she needs to face reality and shows her Ava's newspaper headline. Nina is convinced that Ava's baby is hers so Franco explains what Nina did to Ava. Nina starts to remember it all correctly and gets emotional. Franco comforts her, but Nina is quick to say that she deserves the baby. Nina believes her and Silas can still be together, but Franco thinks otherwise. He advises Nina to let it go and move on. After Nina starts to realize that it's over between her and Silas. Nina says without Silas and the baby she has nothing. Franco tells her that she has him and they agree to stick together. At the end, Nina asks what they're going to do about the baby.

Lulu meets up with Sam and Patrick outside of Kelly's to discuss Lord Larry Ashton. They tell Lulu about overhearing Larry talking about Luke. Sam shows Lulu the copy of Larry's safety deposit box key. Lulu says she will go distract Larry so they can check it out. At the end, Lulu heads to the Quartermaine's and Samtrick goes to investigate the safety deposit box.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Larry assures Jerry on the phone that he will take care of Luke Spencer. After Tracy walks in and informs him they're having a family breakfast. Then Ned and Alexis walk in. Ned insists Larry stay put and eat with them. Later all four of them sit down to breakfast. They talk about Alexis's past pretending to be the Q's butler named Dodson. Later Olivia comes to the Q's to tell Ned about Ava shooting Connie and her. She also mentions that Julian's being held in jail. At the end, Alexis decides to go see Julian.

Nik notices Britt moping over breakfast at Kelly's and assumes she's thinking about Faison. Britt tells him that she's decided to cooperate with Agent Sloan. Britt says it's not personal against Anna and asks Nik not to think less of her. He says he'll support her, but asks what changed her mind. Britt says Nikolas influenced her to change her mind with his loyalty to his family. Britt claims that Faison is still her father and she wants to know what happened to him.

Anna finds Dr. Obrecht sitting in her desk chair when she walks into her office. Anna demands that she get out of her chair. Dr. O does so, but quickly tells Anna she's going down for Faison's death. Then Agent Sloan walks in. He tells Anna that he's investigating her. Dr. Obrecht says Anna is a "lying scarecrow" and tells Anna to believe they're coming after her. At the end, Anna says they don't need investigate her, because Faison is alive.

End of show!

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