Monday, November 24, 2014

Two Luke's

Escape Artist!
Today's Highlights - 

Shawn and Jordan talk on the docks about TJ. Jordan worries how the news about his father is going to effect TJ. Later when Jordan is alone she's approached by her division chief, Bob, who isn't happy with her connection to Shawn/Sonny. Jordan tries to explain that Shawn looks after her son, but her chief says they have an innocent man in protective custody (Ric) who is waiting to come home. Bob pressures her to step up her investigation.

TJ goes to Sam's house to see Molly in tears. He tells her about what Shawn and Jordan told him about his father. TJ thinks that seeing his father as a jealous nutcase changes everything for him. Molly says a man's death doesn't define his life and she talks about her situation with Ric. Later Shawn shows up and wants to talk to TJ. They decide to leave and go chat privately. After Molly rereads Ric's goodbye letter to her.

In the Wyndermere stables, Nikolas, Britt, Dr. O, Agent Sloan and Anna find the trap door empty with Faison no where to be found. Anna insists that Faison was there. Nik thinks Faison must have escaped, but Dr. Obrecht and Agent Sloan think Anna is lying. Anna says she hasn't physically seen Faison in a year. Dr. O freaks out and then attacks Anna. Nik and Britt pull Dr. O off. Anna says Robert arranged for a stable hand to look after Faison. Later Nik brings the stable hand in for them to question. He tells them that he was filing fake reports to Robert about Faison for a year.

Tracy and Lulu wait for news at the Q's about Larry. Sam and Patrick show up and tell them they found a flash drive and a picture of Faison in Larry's safety deposit box. They plug the flash drive into Tracy's laptop and find out that Faison was at Wyndermere. They also find a series of pictures of Faison's fake Duke mask. Tracy thinks the file is out of date and reminds everyone that, 'Robert Scorpio threw hot oil on that mask!" (That line really made me laugh. It just goes to show you how silly soaps can be at times. I love it though) Sam notices that someone wanted to make another mask and they wonder if it's a mask of Luke. At the end, Tracy gets word that Larry is on his way back to the Quartermaine's. Sam and Patrick quickly head off and after Larry walks in on Tracy and Lulu.

Julian tells Alexis from his jail cell that there are two Luke Spencer's. He tells her about his years in witness protection and meeting a guy named, Peter Caspin. Julian says Peter Caspin told him he had a lookalike in Port Charles. Then Julian tells her that he wanted to get out of the business, but Fluke ordered the hit on Lucas. Hearing this, Alexis realizes that Ric was innocent. Julian confirms that Ric was indeed innocent. Alexis is outraged at what he did to Ric. Julian swears it was all to protect her and Molly. At the end, Julian tells Alexis if she can get him out of jail he'll take her to Luke.

Fluke greets Luke at Miscavige with a gun when he tries to escape. They have a tense conversation and Fluke orders Luke back in his cell. Then Fluke recounts his evil plan to Luke and explains Jerry's involvement. Fluke also tells him about Larry's return to Port Charles and hints that Ned is somehow involved. Luke wonders if Fluke is Larry in a mask, but Fluke won't confirm or deny it. Then he locks Luke in and takes off. After Luke wonders whose behind this. Then we cut to scene of Faison smoking a cigar!

End of show!

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