Friday, November 14, 2014

Love Isn't Enough

Remember this face?
Friday's Recap - 

Nik and Britt enjoy breakfast and newspaper headlines at Wyndermere. Britt sees headlines about her mother helping Nina and Madeline kidnap Ava's baby. After Nik feels randy and wants to take Britt to the bedroom, but they're interrupted by a knock at the door. Nik opens the door and meets Special Agent Kyle Sloan who wants to discuss Victor Cassadine. Agent Sloan comes in and says he wants to know what Britt knows about Faison. The agent says that Victor's files suggest that Faison was murdered by Robert and Anna. He says he plans on charging Anna with murder and he wants Britt's help to do so.

Lucy comes to the PCPD and tells Anna she needs to see Duke. Anna tells her that Duke is busy with Alexis right now. Lucy is anxious to tell Anna that she hired Alexis to represent Duke. Anna asks why she did that. Lucy says because Duke's her friend and was supportive of her in the past. Meanwhile, Alexis tells Duke in the interrogation room that his best option is to testify against Sonny. Duke responds that he willingly gave Sonny a false alibi and he won't turn on him. Alexis says that she admires his convictions, but that will probably result in him going to jail. Later Duke and Alexis emerge from the interrogation room. Lucy runs up to Duke and hopes Alexis can help him. Alexis says that Duke won't help her. Anna gets disgusted and walks off. At the end, Duke is taken to his arraignment. 

Carly and Sonny have an emotional chat while sharing jail cells across from each other at the PCPD. Sonny says Michael hates him and tried to kill him. Carly can't get over Franco's deception. Sonny responds that it's not Franco's fault, it's all his fault. Carly tells him she knows he wanted to kill Franco and she wishes he had succeeded. After they tell each other that they love one another, but Sonny says love isn't enough. Carly says she betrayed him when she told Franco that Sonny killed AJ. She says that after losing Jason she foolishly hoped Franco could bring a sliver of Jason back into her life and she apologizes to Sonny for it. Carly then tells Sonny it appears Franco helped Nina take Ava's baby. At the end, they speculate whether Duke will stay loyal or not.

Kiki is devastated to find Rosalie and Michael in bed together. Michael isn't the least bit remorseful and tells Kiki to get out. Kiki gets angry and refuses to leave. Michael says Kiki has no one to blame for him sleeping with Rosalie, but herself. Rosalie runs into the bathroom to get dressed and after Kiki and Michael argue. Michael tells Kiki that he doesn't love her anymore. He says Kiki lied to him and was controlling his emotions. Then he tells Kiki it's over between them. Michael also suspects that Kiki and Morgan are fooling around. Kiki swears that everything she did was because she loves him. Then she storms out. After Michael decides to go see Sonny and Carly at the PCPD.

At GH, Dr. Obrecht questions Liz and Jake about why he's still in the hospital. Liz tells her that they're on the way to get his discharge papers. Then Liz says that Jake is coming home with her. Dr. O and Liz end up exchanging some colorful words with each other and then Dr. Obrecht gets on the elevator. Later Dr. O runs into Anna at the hospital. Meanwhile Liz wheels Jake around the hospital and tells him her boys will love having him at her house. They pass by a wall of photographs and Jake notices Alan's picture. He asks Liz about him and Liz tells Jake that Alan was Jason's father. Jake looks at all the Quartermaine's and says Alan, Edward and Lila seem familiar to him. At the end, Liz finally takes Jake to her house and he notices a picture of Jason and Liz together.

End of show!

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  1. Way OT! Who is starting THE WHO rumour?? If anyone comes back from the dead it better be Emily/Rachel!! Did you see Alicia stint on DOOL? still rubbing her head as she speaks. I know I am dreaming, as was stated before on my last comment:)

    1. I haven't seen Alicia on DOOL, but you never know what can happen in Port Charles!

    2. I think it would be nice to bring Alicia back as Courtney. The writing for her under the old regime wasn't very good. Bring her back as Spencer's Mother and let her and Nik rekindle their relationship. Tired of him being stuck chasing after Liz or mooning over Emily. At least Courtney had a little spunk. Bring her back with a little more class and polish and I really think pairing Nik and Courtney back together with their son would be a great story. It can play out that she didn't die but that Helena froze her and tried to implant Starvos and Lulu's baby in her and she got away. Love to see the Prince on screen. Wish they would give him more story he is a good actor and good to look at. Fans want a stable relationship for him and his son.

  2. I wasn't a Courtney fan, but I would love Nik on screen more.


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