Monday, November 3, 2014

This Wedding's a Bust!

I have a video for you to watch!
In today's show Anna questions Duke's truthfulness, Liz steps up for Jake and Franco's wedding antics continue!

Monday's Recap - 

Dr. Obrecht tells Jake and Liz that she's kicking him out of the hospital. Liz isn't happy and says he's not ready to be discharged. Jake tells Liz it's okay and he understands if this is hospital policy. Liz thinks Dr. Obrecht is mad because Jake mocked her, but Dr. O denies it. Liz says Jake doesn't even have a place to go, but Dr. Obrecht isn't moved and leaves. After Jake and Liz look over his hospital bill and are overwhelmed. Liz asks where he's going to stay. Jake says he'll figure it out. but Liz doesn't like that. Then she says, "Come home with me!"

Silas orders a rush on Danny's blood test at GH, but learns that Dr.O put a stop to rush jobs. Silas decides to go talk to Dr. O about this and storms off to her office. However he finds Madeline inside. Silas asks if Madeline knows where Nina is. Silas brings up Nina's list and says she needs help. Madeline thinks about it and says she'll tell him where to find Nina. At the end, Madeline's alone and Dr. Obrecht returns. Madeline tells her that Silas wanted to see her.

In Anna's office at the PCPD, one of her deputy's brings her the file on AJ's murder. Anna reviews it and thinks of Duke providing an alibi for Sonny the night of AJ's murder. She calls Duke and asks to see him. Later Duke arrives and Anna is clearly upset. She tells Duke that she has some questions about Sonny. Anna explains that she's reopening AJ's case and Sonny is a suspect. She shows Duke his initial statement and says she giving him a chance to change it. Duke acts surprised. Anna says it's possible that Sonny asked him to lie, but Duke says it's the truth. Anna isn't happy and says if she finds evidence against Sonny she'll take Duke down with him.

Morgan tells Sonny at this house that Ava is at The Brownstone. Morgan also tells Sonny about the problems Ava's been having with the baby. Sonny says he has to kill Ava so Connie can rest in peace. He asks if Morgan will try to stop him. Morgan says he won't, but no harm can come to the baby. Meanwhile, Nina tells a terrified Ava that she's inducing labor at The Brownstone. Ava says Nina could get caught by Morgan. Nina isn't phased and sticks Ava with the needle. After Nina gets some things together for the birth. Once alone, Ava tries to move and manages to crawl to the door. However Nina comes back and says she's glad the drugs are wearing off so Ava can help with the delivery. Back at Sonny's house, gun shots go off and Max gets shot!

At the Haunted Star, Franco refuses to marry Carly and calls her a lying cheating whore. He announces that Carly is sleeping with her ex. Everyone watches in horror. Josslyn asks if Carly is getting back with Jax. Franco quickly calls her a brat and says it's not Jax, it's Sonny. Franco starts laying out the chronology of lies starting with Bobby covering for Carly and Kiki knowing the truth. Franco says he has a video for everyone to watch. Felix, Lucas and Brad watch in shock. Lucas decides it's best if he takes Josslyn and Spencer away. Brad joins him. After Carly asks why Franco is doing this. He plays the video of Sonny and Carly post sex and her admitting to their affair. Scotty supports Franco. Then Franco explains that he put a camera in her evil eye necklace. Felix says, "This wedding's a bust" and decides to leave with Lucy. Meanwhile Michael lays into Franco for his behavior and says Sonny is better for his mother. At the end despite Carly begging him not to, Franco plays Michael the video of Sonny admitting to having sex with Ava in the crypt. Then Franco says, "You'd think killing AJ was bad enough!" Then Franco continues the video and Michael hears Sonny admitting to shooting AJ!

End of show!

Have a great night!

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