Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Luke Spencer Problem

Silly Putty!
In today's show Shawn and Jordan enlighten TJ about his father, Silas lends Ava a hand and Sonny decides to plead guilty!

Here What's Happened - 

Anna, Michael and Kiki find Ava's hospital room empty. Michael thinks Kiki helped Ava escape somehow. Kiki realizes that by telling Ava that Michael knows she killed Connie, Ava used her to make a break for it. Later Michael and Kiki argue alone and Morgan interrupts them. Morgan tells Michael to leave Kiki alone. Michael gets nasty with both of them and accuses Morgan of helping Ava escape as well. Morgan swears he hasn't helped Ava and says he even gave her up to Sonny. Michael storms off in anger. After Kiki tells Morgan that Michael has written them off for good. Then she tells Morgan about Michael and Rosalie sleeping together.

At Kelly's, Jordan and Shawn sit TJ down to talk to him about his father. Shawn explains that TJ's dad didn't die under friendly fire. Jordan says that Shawn shot his father in self defense. They tell TJ they had an affair behind his father's back. TJ gets upset and tears up. Shawn says the affair was over long before TJ's dad died. Shawn explains that TJ's father didn't find out until years later and tried to shoot him. TJ breaks down. Shawn and Jordan assure TJ that his father was hero and they comfort him. TJ asks why they wanted to tell him now. They answer that he deserved to know the truth. TJ asks if this means Shawn could be his father. Jordan says that they had a DNA test done year's ago and Shawn's not his father. It's all too much for TJ and he walks out.

Down at the courthouse, Carly is counselled by Diane to keep her mouth shut. Then Sonny is brought in. Carly and Sonny take a moment to talk. Diane tells them both to plead not guilty. Nearby Bobby slaps Scotty while reporters snap pictures. He orders the reporters to leave and after he and Bobby argue about Carly. Bobby tells him that they're over. Later court begins and Scotty lobbies to get Carly a reasonable bail. However, the judge denies Carly bail altogether. Sonny feels responsible and discusses his options with Diane. Diane thinks it will take a miracle, but swears she can get him off. Sonny decides to talk to Scotty. Later court adjourns and Sonny comes out with Scotty. Sonny decided to plead guilty so Scotty would drop the charges against Carly. Sonny explains to Carly that he loves her and wants to protect her. Then he's taken to jail and Michael sees him.

Anna has Julian brought to her office at the PCPD. She wants to talk to him about Ava. Anna thinks Julian must have aided Ava in fleeing the hospital. Julian swears that he hasn't heard from her. Julian says he's worried about Ava and her baby. He thinks Anna needs to find the baby. Anna says she's trying to find the baby, but has a recording of Ava admitting to killing Connie. Later Anna decides to keep Julian in jail for 48 hours. Meanwhile Ava knocks on Silas's door and begs him to hide her. She says Sonny is still after her. Silas is reluctant, but ultimately agrees.

Sam and Patrick eavesdrop on Larry at the Quartermaine's. They hear Larry on the phone with Jerry. Larry says they need to do something about the Luke Spencer problem. Larry talks about a safe deposit box. Sam and Patrick decide they need access to it. Sam tells Patrick to stall Larry long enough for her to get the key. Patrick gets nervous, but walks into the living room anyway. Patrick makes a pretend apology to Larry for thinking the worst of him. Patrick says they should drink on it, but then he sees Sam wave to him from outside. Patrick tells Larry he changed his mind and he's going to let him drink alone. At the end, Sam shows Patrick that she made an impression of Larry's safety deposit box key with Danny's silly putty!

End of show!

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