Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Silver Bullet

You need a shirt or not!
In today's episode Sonny asks Duke for a favor, Michael officially changes his name and Helena makes a surprise visit to see Jake!

Tuesday's Recap - 

Duke gets a visit from his prison mate, Sonny, in jail. Sonny tells Duke that he plead guilty so Carly would go free. Sonny also tells Duke that he appreciates his loyalty and he's going to be released as well. Then Sonny asks Duke to take over his business for him. Duke says his relationship with Anna is over so he's got nothing left to lose. Duke agrees and promises to keep the business running soundly until Sonny gets out of jail. Sonny's not sure he'll be free anytime soon. At the end, Carly goes to see Sonny.

Jake wakes up from a bad dream at Liz's house and unintentionally grabs her wrist. He immediately apologizes and Liz quickly forgives him. Then she talks about Thanksgiving and asks if he's good at carving meat. Later Jake emerges from the shower shirtless, which catches Liz's attention. She surprises him with a nice new shirt and pants to wear for Thanksgiving. He's reluctant to accept. Liz talks him into it saying he can consider it a birthday present, since they don't know when his real birthday is. Later Jake shows off his new clothes to Liz and she likes what she sees.

Michael debates signing papers at the Q's to change his name. Then Carly stops by to visit him. He's not pleased to see her and they end up arguing. Michael orders her to get out before he calls the cops. Carly tries to reason with Michael and tells him that everything she did was about protecting him. However Michael doesn't want to hear it and tosses the papers to change his name at her. Carly tells him the story of how Jason gave him the name Corinthos when he was a baby. It gets to Michael, but he stands firm in his anger and signs the papers in front of her. At the end Michael screams for Carly to get out again and she finally leaves.

Alexis tells Sam over the phone that she won't make it for Thanksgiving, because of one of her clients. After Patrick stops by Sam's place to discuss Larry and the mask situation. Sam mentions that she's alone for Thanksgiving. Patrick invites her and Danny to spend Thanksgiving with him at Elizabeth's house. Sam doesn't think its a good idea, but Patrick decides to call Liz and ask anyway. Liz graciously agrees, which delights Patrick. At the end, Patrick says Sam can use her PI mojo to find out more about Jake.

Anna gets a visit from Alexis in her office. Alexis asks Anna to release Julian for Thanksgiving. Anna isn't happy with the request, but agrees. Then Agent Sloan drops by to see Anna. Alexis quickly leaves and after Sloan wants to discuss Faison. He blames Anna's ruse with Robert for allowing Faison to get away again. Agent Sloan tells Anna when the dust settles she's going to jail for a long time. After he leaves, Anna gets a visit from Duke, Meanwhile Alexis and Julian chat after he's released. Julian says he wants to go with Alexis to confront Luke.

Luke wakes up in his cell at Miscavige to Helena standing over him. Luke thinks he's hallucinating, but Helena assures him that when he shot her it wasn't a silver bullet. She touches his face and assures him she very much alive. Luke wonders if she's actually Faison wearing a mask of Helena, but she swears that's not the case. Luke demands to know who is pretending to be him. Helena won't say, but she does put a knife to his chin. Later Alexis and Julian find Helena walking out of Luke's room with a knife in her hand. Helena verbally torments Alexis and tells Julian he's way over his head with "Natasha." Then Helena leaves. At the end, Alexis and Julian find an unseen surprise in Luke's cell. Meanwhile Helena knocks on Elizabeth's door and Jake answers.

End of show!

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