Monday, November 17, 2014

Michael Quartermaine

Arrest me or move on!
Today's Highlights:

Jake notices a picture of Liz and Jason together on her mantle. He assumes the man in the picture is Jason. Liz confirms it and then shows him a picture of Jake. Meanwhile, Sam and Patrick take Spencer, Josslyn, Emma and Cameron to Kelly's for milkshakes. Sam and Patrick discuss Larry Ashton and the kids discuss Sonny and Carly's arrest. Later Patrick takes Cameron home and they meet Jake. Patrick tells Jake that he had brain surgery before. Then Sam walks in and all four of them chat for awhile. At the end, Jake helps Cameron with his homework as Liz watches. Sam and Patrick head to GH to see if Patrick can get his job back.

Larry talks to Jerry on the phone on the Q's patio and tells him that he needs more time. Alice overhears him and asks what he was referring to. Larry pretends to be drunk again. Meanwhile, Monica sees red in the Quartermaine living room over Sonny killing AJ. Tracy and Ned think the upside is that Michael will finally see Sonny and Carly clearly. Later Larry talks to Ned and Tracy about ELQ. He wants to help them get Michael out and put Tracy in his place.

Anna and Dr. Obrecht run each other at General Hospital. They have a tense argument and Dr. Obrecht dares Anna to arrest her. Anna tells Dr. O that she's her shadow. Dr. O says Anna can't convict her of Victor's murder anymore then she can convict Anna of Faison's. Anna grows cold and torments Dr. Obrecht by mocking Faison's voice and tells her she'll never find him. Then Anna walks away.

At Wyndermere, Agent Sloan tells Britt and Nikolas that he wants to bring down Anna and the WSB. He asks Britt to help him bring Anna down for Faison's murder. Britt says no, because Faison was a terrible person. After Nik and Britt chat alone. Britt tells Nik that she wonders what really happened to Faison and looks at Agent Sloan's business card. Meanwhile Agent Sloan heads to GH and tries to enlist Dr. Obrecht in his quest against Anna. At the end, Anna runs into Agent Sloan on her way out of GH.

Michael pays Sonny and Carly a visit in jail. He tells them he couldn't leave things the way they were. Then he tells them that he plans on clearing AJ's name and wants Sonny's help to do so. Michael says he wants the recording of Ava confessing to Connie's murder. Carly says it will bury Sonny, but Sonny says he'll have Shawn bring it to him. At the end, Michael goes to the Q's and tells them that he's changing his name to Michael Quartermaine.

End of show!

Why didn't Liz have any pictures of Lucky on her mantle?

Have a great night!

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